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In rs 3 and osrs imo there's too much focus on fun weapons that are melee or swords. the only non melee fun weapons currently are mud pies and snowballs, here's a list of possible ideas for new fun weapons and what they could do, they still would be for jokes only not real combat though f2p would ideally get to use them


  • the candy blowpipe, appearance is a long red and white pipe with a gold or green christmas bow at the end, has an unlimited supply of darts that look like tiny christmas trees, is unique in that it has a special attack called exchange, when used it uses 100% of the special attack bar, the effect is in pvp and only pvp when used you either drain 12 run energy from the target or give 12 run energy to the target, idea is you exchange re with the target or receive it, gives amusing messages like "In the spirit of christmas you give 12 run energy to player x" or "What a lovely gift from player x, you gained 12 run energy"
  • Snowflake throws: a throwing weapon that looks like snowflakes when thrown there's 12 different appearances the throw snowflakes can have, notably this thrown weapon never runs out
  • Christmas tree Javelin/spear: Remember the old throwing javelins? well they return in the form of a javelin that is decorated and shaped like a christmas tree, never runs out of ammo, additionally players can wield it as a spear or maybe a hasta instead of throwing it
  • tinsel whip: a whip that comes in 5 colors red, green, silver, gold and blue, functions like the other whips
  • candy cane staff: a magic staff is shaped like a Sheppard's crook that is red, white and green, can be used in melee but has a built in endless spell which when used fires a strike spell that flashes red, green, gold and silver
  • christmas sling: a sling made of christmas lights with endless ammo, when used it fires red, green, gold silver and blue round ornaments , you can also load it with snowballs


  • Jack o lantern bombs: a wieldable jack o lantern, never runs out and when thrown it explodes like chins do
  • Tongue whip: a whip that looks like a big tongue, has a special attack that uses 100% of the bar, when used, the target is ensnared with a tongue in the style of snares spells though this does nothing in battle
  • Femur Wand: A femur like wand that can be used in melee but has an endless spell that when cast looks like a skull hitting the target
  • bone Bow: a bow that looks like a spine, fires endless arrows that look like the magic bow specials but when you look at the arrows you see the arrowheads are gnome child heads or candy corn
  • intestine sling: a bloody sling made of intestines, can fire endless ammo that looks like eyes and has a special that uses 100% of the bar, when it hits a target creates a blood effect like ruby bolts but does nothing


Carrot Darts: an endless thrown weapon that when used has the player throw carrots at the foe

  • Easter bow: a bow that looks like a woven basket type of bow, when used it fires endless arrows but the arrowheads are easter eggs
  • easter egg hammer: a warhammer with a colorful easter egg as the hammer part
  • Egg Grenades: An endless supply of easter eggs that when thrown explode like chins, has 6 different types that can be seen when thrown