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In hunter, the various birds that can be caught with hunter are often considered for the most part to be useless and boring as with the exception of tropical wagtails they are basically just like chickens and have no unique uses, i aim to give them new uses and to be more useful by making their feathers worth collecting and using

Concept[edit | edit source]

  • the feathers collected from the birds would now be able to be used in herblore to create new and useful potions for various skills and other uses
  • this expands both herblore and hunter and gives the birds more uses and more worth while to catch
  • players would take preexisting potions and combine them with feathers and maybe a second ingredient to create new ones
  • additionally players should be able to use all feathers from hunter for fly fishing not just tropical wagtails
  • i will leave herblore requirements and xp rates to devs, this is just to give an idea of the potions
  • some potions would require the player to buy the recipe from slayer masters in order to make them and have the right slayer level

Potions[edit | edit source]

  • By using 10 red feathers from crimson swift on an agility potion along with chocolate dust, you create a new potion called agile mix, when drunk this boosts agility by 4-6 instead of 3 levels and restores 20% run energy, idea is based off the swift name from the bird

  • By using 15 yellow feathers on a defense potion along with silver dust and the player having at least 20 slayer, players can create a silence potion, when drunk it protects players from banshee's and screaming banshee's attacks for a time which negates the need to wear earmuffs or a slayer helmet
  • by using 30 yellow feathers on a super defense potion as well as silver dust and having 60 slayer, players can create a super silence potion, this also protects from twisted banshee's screams, cave horror's and cave abominations' screams and callisto's roar attack for a time, this also negates needing a slayer helm or witchwood icon
  • the protection from those monster's is based off how the golden warbler is said to be noisy

  • by using 15 orange feathers and 1 white fruit on an agile mix, you create a new potion called super agile mix, when drunk this boosts agility by 5-8 for a time, heals 4 hp and restores 50% run energy
  • this is based off the description of the copper longtail Although its appearance is unremarkable it is a graceful and successful bird that continues to fend well for itself.

  • by using 35 blue feathers on a super defense potion along with an uncut sapphire and having 65 slayer, players can create a new potion called icy defense potion, when drunk for a time it helps protect against wyvern's icy breath and kbd icy breath as well much like antidragonfire potions do. note this does protect from kbd icy breath unlike regular or super antifire potions, if used with the right shields it protects you completely from wyvern's icy breath and freezing and kbd icy breath
  • the idea is based off the cerulean twitch's examine and description say how it lives in cold areas

  • by using a rogue's purse herb with 5 Stripy feathers and a vial of water, players can create a thieving potion, when drunk it boosts thieving by 3-5 for a time
  • Players can further improve thieving potions by adding a crushed gem , 15 stripy feathers and 3 gold nuggets or 3 regular nuggets
  • this creates a super thieving potion which when drunk increases thieving by 4-8 for a time, it also has 50% chance if you are stunned while pickpocketing or stealing wire to not take damage, you still get stunned though
  • the theme is based off the tropical wagtail examine description saying It blends in very well with its surroundings., thieves generally want to avoid notice during their actions