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I really liked the 2021 birthday event and the Realm of Memories and wanted it expanded more

My idea is this:

  • what if the realm was instead multi floored, each floor follows the same floor plan as the current
  • each floor would contain more old school monsters in 4 pens for players to see as they were in 2004-2005 and even fight
  • additionally 3-4 more removed or unused npcs would reappear on each floor and explain what they used to do or what they were meant for before being unused or changed or removed completely
  • in the middle of the realm where the gnome child is, i suggest adding a new portal or ladder to there, it lets you go up or down to the various floors and see the npcs and monsters
  • the gnome child could be moved to where the exit from the realm is
  • an alternative idea, there's a different gnome child on each floor who explains various different things

  • For the old randoms, like river troll, tree spirit, ents, rock golem, there could be fake trees of every type that when chopped randomly spawn either a swarm, an ent or tree spirit, there could also be fake rocks that spawn the rock golem or exploding rocks and a fake fishing spot that has the big fish or whirlpool appear randomly
  • the concept is similar to what enchanted valley has but more expanded
  • the realm could have plenty of fun and retro floors to explore and discover for players
  • this lets players see the far past of rs history