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Concept[edit | edit source]

  • mages lack alot of offhand options to help them in combat at low levels and for f2p they really lack anything good, currently the best thing for f2p is the Anti-dragon shield which also requires the start of dragon slayer, otherwise wooden shield is the best
  • When warding was proposed, there was surprisingly very few offhand options suggested for f2p or p2p
  • in rs3 with eoc they did add some offhand items for mages in the form of orbs and books but they were imo rather odd or too strange or rather cringe worthy
  • in alot of games tbh magic users often lack any really interesting offhand items, often staves are just two handed rather then one
  • i propose a new craftable type of magic offhand item for f2p and p2p known as the mystic periapt

Mystic Periapt Basics[edit | edit source]

  • the mystic periapt is partially based off the rl item know as witch's ladder, this is to fit in with the theme of witches and wizards and the pointy hat old wizards or witch theme in osrs
  • players can make these from an assortment of natural items found in the game and clay
  • players would carry them in offhand and they would look similar to whips or possibly like a windchime
  • mystic periapt unlike other offhand magic items usually have no special effects and are more meant for the magic bonuses
  • mystic periapt also do not give any melee or ranged bonuses, this is due to them basically being nothing but a magic empowered rope, the mystic periapt does give penalties to melee attack and strength as well as a penalty to ranged strength, this is explained as the periapt makes attacking and defending more awkward due to the shape, also a piece of glorified rope would protect you as well as you would expect irl from a warhammer aimed at your skull or a group of arrows flying at you
  • due to this, they only require magic to use, not defense, they do give nice magic defense bonuses though but no melee or ranged defense bonuses or penalties
  • i am somewhat hesitant to make them give penalties to melee and ranged offensive and melee/ranged defense since if you have nothing in off hand slot you don't take penalties either, this could be discussed later
  • players would use crafting to make the mystic periapt and then use magic to empower them
  • non empowered periapt can not be held, only when empowered, similar to unstrung ranged items
  • this item uses magic and crafting to create and gives experience in both, i did debate runecraft being a method but runes are very different then what i propose
  • mystic periapt are intended for magic users to fill the gap until they reach the great magic offhand items at around 50-60 magic, it also lets them have an item to use for their magic and gives f2p something
  • there is elemental and mind shields but those are meant for wyvern more and require a quest to make, mystic periapt do not
  • the idea of a offhand item that boosts magic attack and defense only but not melee or ranged defense does fit the theme of magic users having poor physical defense but high damage potential and magic defense

Creation[edit | edit source]

  • the general idea is players first must find organic things to use as the cordage basis, next they need to have the required 3 glyphs which are made from clay, once they have the parts, just use one of the glyphs on the cordage to create the unempowered mystic periapt
  • When doing this, there is a small chance based off crafting level that you ruin the cordage, the clay glyphs are not lost but the cordage is and you must get another
  • once you have successfully created the ladder you must empower it to get the bonuses
  • unlike jewelry or bolt gem tips, the act of empowering a mystic periapt does not require runes
  • this is for a few reasons; when empowering the periapt, you are not giving the periapt a specific purpose like you do when enchanting a ruby ring or a diamond necklace or opal bolts, you simply are giving it magical stats and power, second this offers new players or poor players a non rune option to make gear, third it offers some more interesting options for training magic
  • When the periapt is ready to be empowered, a new option appears on the periapt item called empower, when you empower a periapt you drain some of your own magic levels to empower it, this also gives magic experience when you empower a periapt, this also offers a non combat way to train magic from the start
  • the Empower option is similar to how mind shields and ancient wyvern shield are made, they drain magic to make them
  • higher level periapt require more magic levels to empower them, you can also boost your magic to empower the periapt if you don't meet the requirements, so for example one periapt requires 11 magic to empower, you have 9 magic, you drink a item to get 13 magic, you can then empower the periapt
  • You can still empower periapts even if magic is drained as long as you could normally empower it, you only can't empower periapts if magic levels are too low for the required levels
  • so if a periapt requires 10 magic to be able to empower it and it drains 5 magic and you have 10 magic normally, you can empower 2 periapts before being unable to empower more due to running out of magic levels
  • this is partially based off how mind helms/shields and ancient wyvern shield are made by draining the player's own magic levels
  • With the loss of magic being temporary but still an issue, there's a few solutions for that
  • the sheared ram in lumbridge would now also sell mind bombs for players for 7 coins so they can empower mystic periapt more easily at the start if they don't know that falador sells mind bombs for 3 coins
  • the magic tutor in lumbridge will also empower periapt for a fee up to say level 40 ladders and mentions how the sheared ram sells mind bombs as well as the rising sun inn in falador
  • Professor Imblewyn in the wizard's guild will sell to players mind bombs for 10 coins each, he has a stock of 80, this makes it less tedious then going through bartender dialogue for each drink you need
  • Sedridor in the wizard's tower will also sell mind bombs for 25 coins each, he has a stock of 30, this is meant for f2p players
  • if p2p was willing, restore potions could be made f2p as well and the apothecary makes them for players

Alternative Empower[edit | edit source]

  • if the draining of magic is an issue or would be too tedious, one alternative idea is you use your hp to empower it
  • basically you just need to meet the magic requirements, then when you want to empower a periapt you sacrifice a certain amount of hp in a ritual, to do so, you must have a knife or dagger in your inventory, you then use your own blood to empower it, you can then easily heal the damage done
  • so say a periapt requires 10 magic to empower, you then sacrifice say 4 hp to empower it as long as you have 10 magic
  • the issue though with this method is it is rather uncomfortably similar to self harm, though this is a ritual not a form of depressive self harm, irl some rituals did use blood
  • alternatively both methods of empowering could exist, the magic levels one could give more exp then the hp one due to magic levels being harder to restore

New Cordage Items[edit | edit source]

  • to help promote more searching and effects, some new items would exist meant for mystic periapt items
  • new types of Cordage would be able to be made from collected items in the wild, players would take the collected item to a spinning wheel to turn into the appropriate cordage for the periapt like flaxes are for bowstring
  • the various plants i am suggesting were and are used irl for different things like fabric or cordage when living in the wild, the plants would respawn in 1-2 minutes much like flax
  • bulrushes now are more then just decoration, they can be harvested by players for their leaves, once collected players can turn the leaves into bulrush cordage at 10 crafting
  • the various ferns around the game can now be picked like fern, players pick them for the leaves, players can turn the picked ferns into fern cordage at 20 crafting
  • thistles can be picked as well by players now, players should wear gloves of some type or they will take 1-3 damage, though they can still pick it and get an item, can be turned into thistle cordage at 30 crafting
  • nettles now have more use then just tea, again wear gloves when collecting them or take damage, turned into nettle cordage at 40 crafting, irl nettles were used for making fabrics until cotton took over, it was used in ww1 when cotton was running low for uniforms, for this cordage nettles would need to be made f2p and possibly also tradable, nettles are otherwise only used in ghosts ahoy so it shouldn't be an issue them being tradable and f2p
  • Moss Giants and Bryophyta now can drop as a common drop, Mossy Hair, this can be turned into mossy cordage at 50 crafting, note it's not 100% drop rate though
  • Bryophyta can now as a uncommon drop give bryophyta's superb hair, this can be turned into bryophyta cordage at 60 crafting
  • cordage is not stackable

Mystic Glyph[edit | edit source]

  • The second major part of the mystic periapt after the cordage, are the mystic glyphs
  • Players first need to take a piece of soft clay and use a knife on it to create 4 clay glyphs of the same type, the player basically splits the clay into 4 pieces, then uses the knife to carve the glyph into the clay, these are an item used for the mystic periapt, once the clay glyphs are made, players can bake them in a pottery kiln, there is a chance the glyph might break in the kiln when baking, once baked the glyphs are stackable but not before much like rune essence is not stackable but is once charged
  • different periapt would use different glyphs that are only creatable at a certain crafting and magic level, once the cordage and clay glyphs are made, players would use the correct cordage on one of the correct clay glyphs to create an unpowered periapt of that type, then they just need to have the ladder empowered
  • glyphs are magic symbols used to infuse an object with magic, this may seem strange but in osrs there's different scenery that says about gylphs, carvings or symbols being used for magic like witch ones or imprisoning evil and so on as seen here

Glyph Types[edit | edit source]

  • the different periapt would require different glyphs to be used with the correct cordage
  • making the glyphs would require different crafting levels to make them, both for carving them and baking them
  • all glyphs are made from soft clay, then put in a kiln to bake them
  • rough glyphs can be made at 1 crafting and are used for rough mystic periapt
  • Novice glyphs require 5 crafting and are used for novice mystic periapt
  • Orphic glyphs require 10 crafting, used for Orphic mystic periapt
  • Abstruse glyphs require 20 crafting, used for abstruse mystic periapt
  • Vexatious glyphs require 30 crafting, used for vexatious mystic periapt
  • recondite glyphs require 40 crafting, used for recondite mystic periapt
  • Thaumaturgic glyphs require 50 crafting, used for Thaumaturgic mystic periapt
  • Anagogic glyphs require 60 crafting, used for Anagogic Mystic periapt

Creation of Mystic Periapt[edit | edit source]

  • creating the mystic periapt has different item requirements based off type, you use the correct cordage with the right glyphs in your inventory then empower them to make the empowered mystic periapt
  • the rough mystic periapt requires a ball of wool and 3 rough glyphs this can be made at level 1 crafting and requires 1 magic to empower, unlike all other types, empowering the rough mystic periapt does not drain magic
  • the novice mystic periapt requires a ball of wool and 3 novice glyphs, made at 5 crafting and magic, drains 2 magic levels
  • Orphic Mystic periapt requires 1 bulrush cordage, 3 Orphic glyphs, made at 10 crafting and magic, drains 3 magic levels
  • Abstruse Mystic Periapt requires 1 fern cordage, 3 Abstruse glyphs, made at 20 crafting and magic, drains 4 magic levels
  • Vexatious Mystic periapt requires 1 thistle cordage, 3 vexatious glyphs, made at 30 crafting and magic, drains 8 magic levels
  • Recondite Mystic periapt requires 1 nettle cordage, 3 recondite glyphs, made at 40 crafting and magic, drains 10 magic levels
  • Thaumaturgic Mystic periapt requires 1 mossy hair, 3 thaumaturgic glyphs, made at 50 crafting and magic, drains 12 magic levels
  • Anagogic Mystic periapt requires 1 bryophyta's fine hair, 3 Anagogic glyphs, made at 60 crafting and magic, drains 16 magic levels
Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png Strength icon.png Ranged Strength icon.png Magic Damage icon.png Prayer icon.png
Rough Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +3 0 0 0 0 +3 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Novice Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +7 0 0 0 0 +7 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Orphic Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +10 0 0 0 0 +10 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Abstruse Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +13 0 0 0 0 +13 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Vexatious Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +16 0 0 0 0 +16 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Recondite Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +19 0 0 0 0 +19 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Thaumaturgic Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +25 0 0 0 0 +25 0 -3 -3 0% 0
Anagogic Mystic Periapt -5 -5 -5 +31 0 0 0 0 +31 0 -3 -3 0% 0

Requirements to Wield[edit | edit source]

  • unlike most offhand items, mystic periapt do not require defense to wield, only magic to wield due the fact they only protect from magic really
  • here's a list of requirements suggestions for the magic level required to wield
  • rough 1, novice 5, orphic 10, Abstruse 20, vexatious 30, recondite 40, thaumaturgic 50, anagogic 60
  • f2p would ideally be able to wield all types of mystic periapt up to anagogic, it's intended as a nice reward for beating bryophyta and to help at higher levels with f2p magic skilling and pvp and for p2p magic using players until they get to the really good magic offhand items for offer nice defense bonuses

Store Obtainment[edit | edit source]

  • for players who don't want to or can't make the mystic ladders, there are a few other ways to obtain them
  • the wizard who makes splitbark armor in the wizard's tower will now also sell mystic Periapt to recondite to players in exchange for coin, players don't need to bring items
  • an alternative is hetty who is currently only used for the witch's potion quest now sells mystic periapt to players up to recondite, if you haven't completed witch's potion she only offers one of each for sale, if you do the quest, she now offers 10 of each and gives a 5% discount
  • past recondite mystic periapt, players must make the ladders themselves

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

  • The following foes would have a chance to drop certain types of mystic periapt when slain
  • rough, novice and orphic: goblins, imps, skeletons, zombies, thief, mugger, wizard, dark mage, chaos druid, gnome child
  • vexatious and recondite:wizard, dark mage, chaos druid, hill giant, moss giant, lesser demon, greater demon, elemental wizards, shade

Mage Book Issue[edit | edit source]

  • One issue with the mystic periapt i can see is the mage's book becomes pointless
  • The mage's book is surprisingly disappointing for the effort needed to obtain it as it is right now so i have a few solutions so it's not left behind with mystic periapt
  • it could now give a 5% magic damage boost
  • another option is when wielding it and casting spells, it has a 5% chance to make any spell cast cost no runes or when enchanting items it has a chance to cost no runes
  • third option is to give it both features

Special Mystic Periapt[edit | edit source]

  • though these are intended to be the magic version of smithing items or crafting with no special effects, a few rare ones would exist
  • p2p can now use golden wool with thaumaturgic or maybe anagogic glyphs to create a numinous mystic periapt at 50 crafting and magic
  • this has the same stats as thaumaturgic mystic periapt but has an unique effect when wielded
  • when fighting any npc foes on waterbirth island, Island of Stone or the lighthouse, your magic attacks do 15% more damage to them and are 15% more accurate
  • f2p after starting dragon slayer can combine either the Recondite, Anagogic or Thaumaturgic Mystic Periapt with the Anti-dragon shield which creates either the Anti-dragon shield (R), Anti-dragon shield (A) , or Anti-dragon shield (T) the shield gains the magic attack/defense bonuses of the mystic periapt used but keeps the other defensive bonuses of the shield as well as the periapt penalties to melee and ranged, this allows them to use it against elvarg without sacrificing magic ability and also gives p2p something nice to play with until they get better offhand items
  • perhaps p2p could also do the same with the mirror shield so magic has something nice sorta like vi's shield when fighting cockatrices and basilisks

Catablepon Periapt[edit | edit source]

  • this is extensive so it has its own section
  • when fighting catablepons, if the player has in their inventory a knife or dagger(can be held as well) or shears and a clay bowl that is empty, players who kill the catablepon can get catablepon hair and a bowl of catablepon blood
  • players use the hair on the blood, they let it soak for 5 minutes, then afterwards they can use it on nettle cordage , mossy hair or bryophyta's fine hair to create nettle cordage (c) mossy hair (c) or bryophyta's fine hair (c)
  • players can then use the correct glyphs on the cordage as usual to empower it, however to empower this periapt requires 40 magic and 35 prayer, there is a chance based off magic and prayer level the empower fails which destroys the periapt totally, the player then must start again with new items
  • if the empower works players create the mystic periapt as usual, however the periapt is empowered with the catablepon's essence
  • the periapt used now has a (C) on the end so as an example is it is called thaumaturgic mystic periapt (C)
  • when wielded by the player and using damaging magic spells, whenever the player hits for the max amount of damage the spell allows, there's a 1/3 or 1/4 or even 1/10 chance the spell will lower the target's strength by 5% for a time, up to a max of 15% per each max hit
  • the idea is partially based off how catablepon's can lower strength and the Broodoo shields, the catablepon seems to be based off the rl monster known as Catoblepas which were known for being hairy as well
  • Unlike the shield, the altered periapt never runs out of charges but it requires finding the parts and doing a tricky empowerment which can fail and it won't always work when doing a max hit
  • in theory this could be allowed that the 3 types can be combined with the Anti-dragon shield and mirror shield mentioned but it could get rather strong however,
  • one possible way to balance this type of periapt is when wielding it, your melee and ranged strength bonus is decreased by 55 so using in melee is a bad idea and restricts it to magic combat only
  • additionally it also lowers you strength skill by 15% while wielding it, this can not be overcome with restore potions or in anyway while wielding it
  • the curse spells like weaken are rarely used for actual combat, this idea lets them be useful in a way
  • no enemies would drop this type of periapt, it must be made by players
  • if just giving this kind of item to players is an issue, one idea is the player must either learn the ritual from someone or experiment themselves to discover it
  • a special scroll could be added that when read teaches players how to do the ritual, the scroll is dropped rarely from dark mages, Monk of Zamorak, from a clue scroll of any level including beginner, from obor or brophyta
  • players could also maybe buy the scroll from Wizard Grayzag if they are wearing zamorak monk robes, have 65 magic and 50 prayer and pay him 666666 gold
  • players who attempt to make this periapt without reading the ritual have a much higher chance of failure then players who have read it do, it is doable though that players can try it without the scroll

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

  • so long story short, the idea of these items is to give magic a new offhand item that isn't a reward from monster drops or a minigame reward, it's something they can create themselves
  • melee and ranged can create offhand items with smithing and fletching, why shouldn't magic be able to?
  • the items also give players something nice until they get to 60-70 magic and get the really good things
  • this offers a way to help f2p and p2p with using magic for a fair amount of levels
  • This update also improves the uses for clay for players besides tablets and pottery