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In osrs firemaking has some what limited usage even now, but what if it could be used in combat?

Update[edit | edit source]

  • there was some discussion that the damage mechanic of fire flasks was poorly explained so here's my attempt to clarify it
  • the idea of fire flasks is they can in theory be stronger then similar strength and level ranged weapons with their damage over time
  • for instance, say with a willow bow and steel arrows i have a max hit of 8
  • with tallow flasks and their damage over time they could deal up to 16 damage in theory
  • when used flasks have a weapon speed of 3.6 seconds normal and 3.0 seconds fast
  • If it hits the target it does a small amount of initial damage from the hit itself
  • then over the next 1.8 secs, every 0.6 seconds after the throw the target potentially takes more damage for three ticks
  • so best case example, initial hit with flask does 4 damage, then the next 3 ticks of 0.6 seconds deal 4 damage each, with the first hit and the other three hits, that adds up to 16 damage before i throw the next flask
  • the attack speed damage is similar to the scarab swarm damage speed or pestilent bloat
  • however you won't always get the max damage from the fire flasks, sometimes it could be as little as 4 damage altogether or 8 damage or 12 damage or so on
  • the fire flasks are more rng dependent and skill based then most weapons

Basics[edit | edit source]

  • players can now create a new type of weapon called fire flasks
  • players can make these using special new items and some old ones
  • fire flasks are unique in that they use both ranged and firemaking for their usage, damage and accuracy
  • fire flasks would have a range of 5 regular and 7 long distance
  • their speed would be 3.0 normal and 2.4 regular or maybe 3.6 normal and 3.0 fast
  • ideally these would be usable for both f2p and p2p
  • fire flasks would deal some initial damage to the foe when thrown but their difference is they can then potentially do more damage over time for a short time similar to morrigans javelin or the dot in rs3 abilities that deal bleed damage
  • fire flasks are similar to the holy water item and chins in usage but are single target only unlike chins

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • unlike other ranged items fire flasks work differently
  • fire flasks have a ranged requirement and firemaking requirement to use similar to the hand cannon in rs 2
  • fire flasks could have a different mechanic for their usage and damage
  • option one: The accuracy and damage of fire flasks is determined by both ranged and firemaking combined
  • option two: ranged determines the hit chance of fire flasks while firemaking determines how much damage it does when it hits the target
  • option three: ranged and firemaking are used for accuracy and damage but half of each skill is used for accuracy/damage

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • the way fire flasks could work to wield and use skill wise could be done a few ways
  • option 1: it uses a 1:1 for ranged/firemaking so for example for midtier it would require 40 ranged and 40 firemaking to wield
  • option 2: it uses ranged for the main requirement and firemaking is half, so midtier uses 40 ranged and 20 firemaking to wield

Damage[edit | edit source]

  • fire flasks work sorta like holy water, when thrown it damages the target
  • however there is a difference, depending on skill and rng you may also drench the target in oil/grease and when that happens, the target takes additional fire damage over 3-4 ticks
  • fire flasks are weaker in their initial damage then other weapons but potentially the damage over time would let them do more damage then faster single shot attacks which is their appeal
  • for example say i have a willow sbow and steel arrows, i have a max hit of 8 damage, a fire flask might do 3-5 initial damage but if the player is lucky the damage over time combined with the initial hit might do 13-15 damage over time
  • when a foe is drenched and takes fire damage over time, the foe has the same burning animation at their feet like the flames of zamorak spell or when you fail to steal his wine or fail to steal a candle on Entrana while they take damage over time
  • the player won't always get the burning damage effect for various reasons(the flask spilled some of the contents, the player aimed wrong etc) but the damage over time is a gamble for more daring players to try out if they don't mind waiting a bit, though the throwing flask initial damage is still in effect even if the damage over time does happen that time, so i might still at least do 4-5 damage on a foe due to some of the oil hitting and burning the foe

Flasks[edit | edit source]

  • fire flasks use a new glass item called throwing flask
  • these are similar in shape to the cave goblin light orb and also look like the rl fire grenades of old
  • throwing flasks are made of very thin glass and are stackable unlike vials
  • they are not usable for herblore, only throwing weapons
  • Players can create these with crafting as usual from molten glass
  • the crafting requirements should be fairly low as these are meant as one use items and they are suppose to be thin and breakable for use.
  • Phials in rimmington, Dommik's Crafting Store in al-kharid and the apothecary in varrock would now also sell throwing flasks to f2p and p2p players, they have a stock of 150 each and they cost 5 coins each (phials is based off a joke of vials)
  • additionally Valaine's Shop of Champions sells throwing flasks, they have a stock of 5000 and they cost 10 coins each( a nice reward for completing dragon slayer) and Bandit Duty Free in the wilderness has a stock of 600
  • Gulluck and Sons and also Bolkoy's Village Shop now also sells throwing flasks and has a stock of 2000(gnomes are known for alchemy in most fantasy settings and throwing flasks and bombs)
  • Authentic Throwing Weapons has a stock of 25000 (gives the ranged guild more usage and makes it feel more like a reward)
  • Quartermaster's Stores, Void Knight Archery Store, Rasolo the Wandering Merchant now have a stock of 1000
  • Throwing flasks are always lost on death no matter what except in pvp full or empty
  • no foes in the game drop throwing flasks, the player must make or buy them

The contents[edit | edit source]

  • players can now collect, find and make different oils, fats and other things to fill the flasks
  • players can now find from slain foes different fats which can be be rendered at a range or fire with special tools
  • at general stores they now sell a new item called rendering kit for 15 coins
  • this kit is needed along with the fat to create the different oils and fats
  • idea is this: you bring a piece of fat, the rendering kit and say 10 throwing flasks to a fire or range, you then use the kit on the fire or range and it asks what you wish to render, you pick it then players as they render the fat fill up the flasks with the fat
  • fat and oil is not stackable but when filling the flasks the player can based off skill and rng get anywhere from 5-10 flasks filled per piece of fat rendered ( alternatively fat stacks in amounts of three similar to cake)
  • for rendering the fat, one unique idea is instead of crafting, you use cooking skill to determine if you can render the fat and how fast you do it and how much you get from rendering each piece, irl cooking and rendering fat are generally used together, also gives cooking an interesting new use besides making food to heal players, makes crafting less bloated also
  • an idea to give it some more risk is this, when rendering fat/oil, there's a chance, reduced by your cooking and firemaking level combined that you spill the hot oil/fat and burn yourself for 1-6 points of damage, wearing gloves and an apron helps reduce but not negate the damage you take, based off rl how rendering fat can be tricky and dangerous

Creation[edit | edit source]

  • for making fire flasks it works like this
  • first you need a throwing flask, buy it or make them
  • next you need a ball of wool and a knife or dagger, you cut up the ball of wool and get 20-30 pieces of wool string per ball based off crafting skill and rng of wool(these wool strings are stackable)
  • once you have the wool string, use it on the filled throwing flask to give it a fuse, afterwards fill it with the oil/fat of your choice and you are done creating the fire flasks part wise,
  • this next part is a bit tricky to determine how it should work
  • ideally you would then use the filled throwing flasks with the fuse with a tinderbox or a fire or candle or torch to light the fuse, then just wield the flasks in your main hand and throw them to use it, they never use up the fuse when light
  • however it would seem strange that the fuse is forever lit, granted fire arrows in the game are forever lit but still...
  • one idea is a new item called fire pot, you take a regular pot(the flour/bonemeal kind) fill it up with wool or wheat, light with a tinderbox or candle, once lit the fire pot stays lit in your inventory for 1 hour plus an additional minute per firemaking levels you have, once it burns out, just replace the wool/wheat in the pot
  • idea is when it is lit you automatically as you throw the flasks lit them with the fire pot
  • one extra idea is you can wield the fire pot in the ammo slot to help save room in your inventory
  • you can carry more then one firepot at a time but only one can be lit at a time
  • irl wool burns slowly so the fuses being lit forever might make some sense but still....
  • when done making, the lit flasks could be called "Rich Fat Flasks (L)" before it it lit it is called "Rich Fat Flasks"

New fats and Oils[edit | edit source]

  • at level 1 cooking you can make refined grease flasks, to make you just take a rendering kit, throwing flasks and use it on any non poh range in the game, players collect the grease in the range and then use the rendering kit to purify it and make it usable, players can collect grease from a range every 12 hours, this encourages exploring around, when rendering grease, players can get based off skill and rng between 50- 250 throwing flasks filled per range(you can't use the lumbridge cook's range for this though, he says that's his retirement grease), this has no requirements to wield or make
  • past this you can get fats from different foes as a drop from them, you render it with the kit at a range while carrying throwing flasks with a fuse to create the item, then just light the flasks and they are ready for use
  • level 10 cooking you can render animal fat, animal fat is dropped from cows, foxes, wolves, Jackal, , white wolf, Desert Wolf, giant rats, Dungeon rat , yaks, chickens, Rooster, rabbits and bunnies, rams, Goat, Billy Goat, Ugthanki, Jungle Wolf, Wild dog, Dire Wolf, Big Wolf , Mammoth, Giant crypt rat, Ice wolf, when rendered you get animal fat flasks
  • animal fat is a common but not 100% drop from these foes (idea is maybe the combat ruined the fat or the animal wasn't fat enough), you generally only get 1 piece per slain foe but can sometimes get 2 pieces of animal fat
  • at level 20 cooking you can get tallow from cows, yaks, rams and minotaurs, when rendered this makes Tallow flasks, this is an uncommon drop(except for minotaurs which is common) due to tallow irl being more difficult to get then regular animal fat
  • at level 30 cooking you can make Rich animal fat flasks, you make it from a separate type type of animal fat called Rich animal fat that is dropped from large animals, not smaller ones
  • Rich animal fat is dropped from all bears, terror birds, mammoths, crocodiles, desert and sulphur lizards, oomlie bird and giant mole as a common drop, these creatures do not drop regular animal fat (giant mole and mammoth can drop up to 5-8 pieces if you are lucky)
  • to help with acquiring rich fat, bears could be added to more places in game, maybe where bots frequent to help fight bots
  • at level 40 cooking you can render beast fat, this comes from magical creatures as a common drop and makes beast fat flasks
  • this new common drop comes from catablepons, wallasalki, nail beasts, terror dog, evil chicken, dark beasts, night beasts, sourhog, callisto, molanisk, growler and the shaikahan
  • at level 50 cooking you can render titan fat, this is a common drop and comes from massive humanoid foes and makes titan fat flasks, this is the best kind f2p can make
  • all ogres, all trolls, jogres, mogres and all dagannoth drop this fat type, they can drop from 1-3 pieces of titan fat
  • hill giants and obor could drop it as well but it seems odd they would drop it as they are muscular unless it was rare
  • at level 60 you can render dragon fat, this comes from all dragon types but not wyverns, when rendered you get dragon fat flasks, it is uncommon as a drop from baby dragons however
  • you can get between 2-5 pieces of dragon fat from a dragon(5-9 for kbd)

Flasks[edit | edit source]

  • refined grease flasks, no requirements to make or wield
  • animal fat flasks: requires 10 cooking to render the fat into the flasks, 10 ranged and firemaking to wield
  • tallow flasks: requires 20 cooking to render the tallow into flasks, 20 ranged and firemaking to wield
  • Rich animal flask: requires 30 cooking to render the rich animal fat into the flasks, 30 ranged and firemaking to wield
  • beast fat flask: requires 40 cooking to render the beast fat into flasks, 40 ranged and firemaking to wield
  • titan fat flask: requires 50 cooking to render the titan fat into flasks, 50 ranged and firemaking to wield
  • dragon fat flasks: requires 60 cooking to render dragon fat into flasks, 60 ranged and firemaking to wield

Weaknesses and Overcoming Them[edit | edit source]

  • due to the fire and explosion the fire flasks are made of, they would be ineffective or worse then useless on some foes
  • fire giants, fire elementals, pyrelords, Pyrefiend, Infernal pyrelord, Fire Warrior of Lesarkus, Entrana firebird are not only immune to the fire flasks but using them on these foes heals them due to being made of fire!
  • TzHaar, including the monsters in the Inferno are immune to fire flasks but it does not heal them, water elementals and waterfiends are immune to the fire flasks
  • other creatures with the fiery trait can be hurt by the fire flasks but the damage is halved
  • fear not for the slayer masters have a solution!
  • at level 30 slayer, players may buy from slayer masters a new item called x mix, this new item is stackable and sells for 15 coins a pouch, when bought, players can use x mix on rich animal flasks or better, you can fill 5 fire flasks per pouch of x mix, ideal for fighting pyrefiends
  • this item alters and warps the fire flask in such a way that it can now hurt foes made of fire or with the fiery attribute
  • when used on creatures made of fire, it no longer heals them but it does half the regular damage
  • against creatures with the fiery attribute not made of fire, it can damage them as if they were not fiery, it can also deal full damage to waterfiends, water elementals and TzHaar, including the monsters in the Inferno
  • the idea of a fire that can hurt fire may sound strange but is based off the idea of hellfire, d&d had a similar thing for magic called searing spell which let you hurt foes with fire that were immune or made of fire, the rl version of hellfire would be the chemical known as Chlorine Trifluoride.
  • fire flasks altered with x mix would gain an x on the name, so for example you would have a "titan fat flask (LX)" for one that is lit and has been altered with x mix
  • one amusing thing with x mix flasks is when foes normally immune to fire are hurt with it, there's a chance they may retreat from battle even if they would never otherwise due to the shock and fear of being hurt by fire
  • to help show the difference, maybe flasks mixed with x mix have the flames that appear become a darker shade then normal or they could become bright and neon lightish to show the difference to players

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • against certain foes fire flasks can deal extra damage to them
  • mummies, ice giants, ice warriors, moss giants and bryophta, zygomite, dryads, tree spirits, growthlings, Ancient Zygomite, Evil spirit take extra damage from fire flasks due to their nature
  • mummies get set on fire from fire flasks like they do for fire spells