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In osrs there are some ranged weapons which fall behind other types due to either poor stats or speed. I am here to suggest a new combat option for certain ranged weapons


  • This is a new 4th style of combat options for some ranged weapons
  • this option fires at the same speed as accurate or long distance does but has the same distance as accurate or rapid
  • This style empathizes sheer power over speed or accuracy
  • when choosing this option, the player when they use it is given the following effects
  • their current max hit is increased by 40-50%
  • when it is not a max hit and the attack does damage, the attacks tend to deal more damage then usual then what accurate or rapid offer
  • the player however takes a penalty to ranged accuracy, maybe their ranged level for determining ranged accuracy is lowered by 1-3 but not for determining ranged damage
  • ammo and thrown weapons with this style now instead of a 20% chance of being lost upon being fired now have a possible 25-40% chance of being lost with one exception

so as you can see this style is intended for sheer power and damage on foes, idea is either the player is pulling back on the string extra hard or throwing a weapon extra hard

The following ranged weapons would be able to use this style

  • longbows
  • comp bows
  • dark bow
  • ogre bow and ogre comp bow
  • signed bow
  • seercull
  • twisted bow
  • all thrown axes
  • holy water

The reason why only special weapons i have listed can do this is as follows and is partly based in reality

  • longbows and composite bows have a much higher draw strength and force then shortbows do, the archer can draw back ammo with more force then a shortbow could
  • the dark bow, craw's bow and seercull fits the long bow theme nicely and it gives it a nice extra effect and reward for using it
  • ogre and comp ogre bows follow the same theme as longbows do
  • twisted bow also fits the longbow theme as well though i am a bit hesitant since it is already strong, maybe an upgrade that allows the player to use the power option with the twisted bow could be a rare reward like the twisted bow is
  • throwing axes irl require a fair bit of strength to throw well and hard, this also gives them a nice niche over darts and knives
  • holy water is included for a similar reason to thrown axes, throwing that glass extra hard will hurt, much like in real life how smashing a full beer bottle on someone's skull hurts them extra

non included weapons

The following weapons would not have a power option for reasons listed here

  • shortbows would realistically just lack the draw force and strength long bows have, this applies as well to rainbow, training bow, cursed goblin bow, starter bow
  • additionally due to the reasons mentioned 3rd age bow lacks this option, their appearance to me says they lack the draw strength to do a powerful option, it's a pretty bow but it would most likely lack the draw strength
  • crystal bow does not have this option due to 2 reasons, one the bow supplies the arrows itself so there's less reason for higher draw strength, additionally a powerful option doesn't really fit the crystal bow theme which is from elves, the accurate option fits more the theme of the bow and elves which are graceful and agile not strongly built
  • all crossbows and ballista lack this option as their draw strength is more based on a mechanical nature rather then tensile strength based on the own user's power
  • darts and throwing knives lack this due to their design, their design and very structure would make throwing them extra hard pointless as the dart simply has too thin of a point to gain any benefit. In theory throwing knives could have the power option but it doesn't fit the theme as irl throwing them is more based on dexterity and finesse, but at least darts and knives have poison options which throwing axes don't
  • chinchompas lack this due to their effect being more chemical based then forced based, just as throwing a grenade with extra force irl doesn't make the blast any stronger
  • blowpipe lacks this option due to the fact they use darts as ammo, also blowpipe is strong enough already
  • the cannon lacks this due to the fact it is all automated and there's no option for user strength
  • Toktz-xil-ul would be too fragile to be able to benefit from a power option (realistically they would almost certainly always be lost after being thrown regardless of power option or no)
  • salamanders lack this due to their being no other options for the other combat styles
  • mud pies are just meant for fun not serious combat although a power option wouldn't be out of place for it but it's probably not needed

Throwing axes

  • throwing axes would have the power option but have an unique effect
  • usually the chance of ammo being lost for any ranged weapon due to breakage is 20%, however i propose a change
  • throwing axes are now the only ammo that have a 10% chance of being lost due to breakage on the other 3 combat options
  • this is due to the fact that throwing axes irl are solid pieces of metal, they have more thickness and durability then arrows would, the metal blade of the axe would be more durable then arrows which are made of a small bit of metal and weak wood
  • when using the power option for thrown axes the breakage rate increases but is still lower then arrows have
  • to make thrown axes more available for players and accessible since they currently can't be smithed or gotten as enemy drops for the most part, i suggest that peska's helmet shop now also sells thrown axes up to adamant and the shop be renamed peksa's wilder shop, once dragon slayer or The Fremennik Trials has been completed they will sell rune throwing axes to the player
  • thrown axes were irl used by vikings which fits the barbarian theme
  • however to make the ranged guild more appealing, peksa's store is more expensive then the guild
  • prices would be as follows for throwing axes at peksa's store
  • bronze 12gp, iron 25gp, steel 55gp, mithril 150gp, adamant 500gp, rune 900gp
  • the stock at peksa's store is half of the ranged guild's store
  • additionally the ranged guild will sell up to 25 dragon thrown axes to players who have completed dragon slayer, legends quest and The Fremennik Trials for 2900gp each
  • one last idea to make them more appealing is increase the ranged distance of them to 5 regular and 7 long distance so they can be used further away then usual

Bow special

  • an extra idea to make using longbows, composite bows, seercull, dark bow and twisted bow more useful might be the arrows
  • if using poisoned arrows with bows that have the power option, the poison if it works now deals the same damage as if it were a melee weapon
  • this is due to the fact that with more power and force, the arrow can penerate deeper into the foe and more easily deliver the poison
  • this makes using non special longbows more useful besides just the magic longbow

ogre comp bow special

  • an extra idea is when using the power option on skorges or zorges is it does bonus damage or can stun them for a time


  • a new 4th option for certain ranged weapons that are considered poor like longbows and thrown axes might help increase their appeal
  • a slow but powerful option for the slow but strong weapons gives players a new option and allows the weapons mentioned to have a new niche in battle
  • having extra damage might be able to help these weapons keep up more with faster weapons even if they are slower