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Variant sling idea

I propose that a new ranged weapon type called slings be added to osrs. In the past in runescape 2 before eoc there was an item known as a sling which was a ranged weapon meant for new players

tragically with evolution of combat it was replaced with the chargebow which lacks the soul and uniqueness of the sling. I am proposing slings be added as a new weapon type with a nice unique feel and mechanics which i have aimed to make feel as osrs as possible

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

  • slings would be a ranged weapon meant for causal ranged training, causal pve or just for causal play in general but it can still be a very good choice for hardcore players or players who spend alot of time on osrs
  • slings are 1h, can be used with certain shields, they have worse accuracy then bows/cbows but have some natural ranged strength, a prayer bonus like maces making them somewhat inaccurate but strong, they do not require ammo to be used but work best when used with their ammo, they would have an excellent attack range in combat
  • slings would use metal bullets,rocks,clay ammo or burnt food as ammo
  • slings would be a bit weaker at the start but at later levels they can compete well with bows and cbows
  • slings and their ammo are easier to create then bows/cbows, have lower skill requirements to make and weigh much less then bows/cbows
  • slings wouldn't be just a worse version of bows/cbows meant for new players, they'd have their own pros and cons and offer a different playstyle while still being able to keep up with bows/cbows and other ranged weapons
  • slings would make the early game hell of training ranged far easier since the ammo is super common and can be used without ammo much like how melee is easier for early game since they never run out of power or ammo and melee can be trained without a weapon if players really want to, the sling is sorta the unarmed version of ranged

long version

Sling basics

      • sling attack speed***
  • slings would have an attack range of 8 regular and 9 long distance, a variant of the usual extra 2 distance squares, this however still makes them have a good range regardless of style
  • slings have an attack speed of 5 i.e. 3.0 secs regular 2.4 secs rapid with ammo, without ammo they have a speed of 6 i.e the same as long bows 3.6 secs regular and 3.0 secs rapid,
  • alternatively slings with ammo as are fast as shortbows but as slow as longbows without sling ammo, making them a weapon with fairly variable attack speed based on what ammo if any the player is using
  • A third alternative to make up for slings being less accurate then bows/cbows is the sling with ammo has the same speed as darts/throwing knives but the same speed as shortbows or longbows without ammo, so they are fast but inaccurate
  • slingers were historically able to fire quite quickly, depending on the skill of the person they could fire just as fast as an archer could or even faster, the idea of slower attack speed without ammo is ingame the character is searching for rocks to use on the foe and this slows down combat

Appeal of Slings

  • slings would have worse accuracy then bows or crossbows but they are unique in that they do have some natural ranged strength to them unlike most bows and crossbows, this is due to slings using the person's own muscle power to launch projectiles at foes unlike bows/crossbows which use a mechanical device or tension force to fire projectiles
  • the natural ranged strength of slings themselves would help them keep up with other ranged weapons even if they are less accurate then other ranged weapons of the same level, this offers a different weapon type, rather inaccurate but strong and fast and with a good range
  • slings are still meant for more causal training and for ranged combat on a budget (also ideal for f2p for fighting the lesser demon in wizards tower and going after ducks on water or safespotting giants as a low level ranger)
  • those ducks have had it good for too long, also that bear behind bars in varrock is too arrogant for its own good and this lets players fight the demon in the tower more easily
  • slings would also be ideal for varrock sewers when fighting moss giants or in edgeville dungeon against hill giants
  • slings remain much lighter then bows or crossbows, 0.01 to 0.2 kg, so they are great when you need to travel light but need a weapon, this is far less weight then bows or crossbows which range from 2kg to 8kg
  • sling accuracy is more dependent on the player's ranged level, aero ammo and other equipment bonuses then with bows or crossbows to hit foes with your attacks
  • slings and bullets require far less steps, materials and work to create over bows/arrows and crossbows/bolts and can be made earlier then either type of weapon or ammo
  • slings now offer ranged a more cost friendly option for pvp as the ammo is much easier to make/obtain and less risky to use and it can be used without ammo much as melee can just use a single weapon like a scimitar without worry of running out of power or ammo or even use unarmed, additionally losing ammo to other players stealing it is less of an issue if the ammo is very cheap, easily obtainable and much easier to make then arrows/bolts, finally this means that safespotting foes for low levels players and rangers is much easier if there's less worry about losing ammo or picking up ammo when there is dangerous melee foes around
  • sling ammo such as smooth rocks could very easy be found across the game world making for good convenience
  • slings would also be more new player friendly and be great for training lower ranged levels more affordably, training from safespots is much more viable and cheaper to do without worrying about other players stealing ammo, ideal for f2p who lack ava's devices, it also makes early ranged training more viable for new players and less difficult
  • Slings would be good for using ranged when you don't need the bis for everything in combat or don't need to use the blowpipe or twisted bow and are just causally training or grinding or wish to save money and items for really tough foes
  • slings could be made with crafting or fletching or even allow the player to choose which skill to use to make them for ease of use or for skillers
  • slings have more consistent ranged requirements then other ranged weapon choices so they can be more easily used at different levels then other ranged weapons
  • Slings would ideally be both f2p and p2p, f2p can use from wool to green d hide slings, yak hide and snakeskin slings can be bought from npc shops in f2p, received as drops or traded from other players
  • slings could reuse the bullroarer's item animation for attacking and launching ammo

Sling Ammo

  • slings use metal bullets, clay bullets, rocks and burnt food chunks as ammo, their ammo can not be poisoned however
  • Slings are able to be used without any ammo in combat, however without ammo they fire much more slowly in combat due to ingame reasoning being the player is searching for rocks on the ground to throw at the target which slows them down.
  • Slings unlike bows and crossbows do not have a ammo material limit so players could use dragon bullets with wool slings if they really wanted, however the ammo has a requirement to be able to be used with slings unlike arrows/bolts so no level 3 rangers using dragon bullets with wool slings (the idea of the non material limit is due to the design of the sling and firing of ammo mechanics being different from bows/cbows
  • metal sling ammo only has a 15% chance of being lost on use unlike other ranged weapon's 20%, this is due to the bullets having less parts and just being a solid piece of metal unlike arrows which are made of 3 parts
  • sling ammo can not be poisoned however regardless of type
  • the most basic and common sling ammo type would be smooth rocks found in water

      • Sling Ammo Types***
  • sling ammo can be split into two types basically, round and aero
  • round ammo only gives bonuses to ranged strength and acts the same as arrows/bolts stat wise
  • burnt food chunks, rough rocks, round clay bullets, round bullets, granite rocks, limestone rocks and sandstone count as round ammo
  • aero ammo is like round ammo but it gives a bonus to ranged attack due to the aerodynamic design
  • aero ammo would have the same ranged strength as round ammo but has the bonus of ranged attack
  • smooth rocks, salve rocks, aero metal bullets and aero clay bullets fall under the aero bullet type

Prayer Bonus

  • slings now give a prayer bonus like maces do, making them ideal for battles where you need to use prayer, this also fits the theme of a religious weapon much like maces are with their prayer bonus and makes them the ranged version of maces, this makes them more useful even if their ranged attack and strength bonus was less then bows or crossbows
  • slings and maces being holy weapons would fit in the theme of the weapons since in dungeons and dragons where clerics in early editions were restricted to blunt weapons like slings and maces
  • this also gives ranged a weapon type that has a prayer bonus much like how melee has maces
  • Giving them a prayer bonus would also help them keep up in other ways then just ranged attack bonuses or their ranged strength
  • slings also having a prayer bonus fits the david and goliath theme, monks irl who used slings and shepherds

Sling specialty

The sling now has an unique fourth attack style ingame called forceful. When chosen this boosts damage much more then accurate, maybe 10-20% more however it is not as accurate as the accurate style or maybe it has even worse accuracy then accurate style, it maintains the same standard attack speed and attack range of the sling.

However when using forceful it can do higher damage then the accurate style can do but with the drawback of less accuracy previously mentioned. This unique style is due to how the slings uses the users own physical power as to opposed to the mechanical and tension nature of bows and crossbows which is limited to materials and design.

Forceful gives experience to ranged and hitpoints only. One idea to balance forceful style if more damage power is op is that ammo used has higher chance of being lost, like say 5-25% higher then usual. If sling ammo is easily obtained then even with higher ammo loss it could balance out losing the ammo the extra damage

This also gives slings an interesting alternative take as a weapon, it can do a fair bit of damage, maybe as much as bows can or a bit more but has less accuracy and as such is more dependent on the player's skill and other equipment bonuses to hit foes

Forceful could also be stronger then even the rapid style as ideally the sheer force put in it would be stronger then the number of hits that rapid does

  • an additional semi serious idea is when fighting hill, moss, ice and fire giants the sling weapon type does 10% more damage to them (get it, like david and Goliath)
  • alternatively any foe with the word giant in the name takes bonus damage when slings are used on them
  • one last take if these other choices are too poor is any foe that is too big for dragon spear's special attack shove to work on it, that foe takes 5-15% more damage from any type of slings as a passive effect, a reverse of the spear attack

Slings and Shields/Offhand items'

  • slings would be unique that they can be used with some shields while still having an excellent range, however they can only be used with certain shield types
  • this is based of rl where slingers are shown in some images using a light shield in battle
  • If a player uses an incorrect shield, the sling would be auto unequipped and a message appears saying that the shield type is unsuitable to be used with a sling due to reloading issues
  • if they equip a sling while wielding the wrong shield type the shield is unequipped and a message appears saying the shield is the wrong type for use with a sling
  • slings being able to be used with shields allows them to fight certain foes such as dragons without needing necessarily a super antifire potion like bows or Ballista do or basilisks and cockatrices which require mirror shields, this gives them a bonus over bows but keeps them in line with crossbows
  • the following types of shields or offhand items could be used with a sling
  • all wood and leather shields including treasure trail ones and the basic wood one, training shield, all satchels, Anti-dragon shield, Blessed spirit shield, all god books including damaged ones, Chronicle, Briefcase, all gingerbread shields, Bug lantern, Cruciferous codex, Dragonfire shield, Dragonfire ward, twisted buckler, Elemental shield, Mind shield, Elysian spirit shield, Odium ward, Mirror shield, Neitiznot shield, Runefest shield, Spectral spirit shield, Spirit shield, Pumpkin lantern and skeleton lantern
  • i am aware that neitiznot shields are not meant to be ranged shields, however the neitiznot shield is fairly light and is very similar to the rl bucklers slingers used, i suggest the ranged attack penalty be removed so it is viable for use for rangers. Additionally the shield it seems to be based off irl was used by viking fighters when they threw javelins and axes at their foes so removing the penalty would make sense lore wise.
  • an additional idea for fun is if using a sling and any form of rock ammo on trolls that throw rocks at you while wearing a neitiznot shield, you deal 15% more damage to them, now let's see how much the trolls like it when you throw rocks at them.
  • irl slingers used fairly light shields with their slings as art shows online and different videos

Possible hybrid weapon

  • slings irl used the user's own muscle strength while bows and crossbows used tension based mechanics
  • one idea is slings can use strength in addition to ranged to determine damage done with the sling
  • slings could use 1/3 or 1/4 or even 1/5 of the total strength level to determine damage done
  • the player's strength does not determine accuracy however, they still use ranged for that
  • this could help players using slings keep up with bows/cbows even if they have poor attack bonuses
  • for ranged pures, the ranged tutor in lumbridge could have a toggle option, this allows you to choose to use strength when using slings for damage and gain strength xp as well as ranged, hp and possibly defense xp, this can be turned on and off at the ranged tutor
  • a second thought is hp can be used in place of strength if for determining strength, idea being the character's physical health and fortitude aids in damage determination
  • this also makes it so ranged pures aren't left behind damage wise if strength can be used

Slings facts

  • irl slings were fully capable of being just as fast and dangerous as bows and arrows, they also could have a range as long as bows or even longer except for the very best long bows or composite bows
  • slings irl require a fair bit of skill to use well so this is reflected by the accuracy being more dependent on the players ranged level and other equipment bonuses rather then the sling's own equipment stats as well as having poor stats at the start to represent the player learning how to use it
  • slings were easier to use in bad conditions then bows and arrows due to the design and sling ammo being more aerodynamic
  • slings were the commoners, shepherd's and hunter weapon of choice usually, bows were more expensive and rare then fantasy games make you think, if osrs were more realistic, most npcs would use slings in battle if they used ranged
  • slings in real life were a humble but very good and cheap weapon used in different cultures, the slings niche or use in osrs would be the sheer ease and budget friendliness of using slings and making slings and ammo as well as the prayer bonus
  • slings could break bones, shatter swords, cause internal bleeding even through plater armor and kill a horse in one blow
  • a good slinger could fire 12 or more rounds a minute, their bullets could travel in the air 90km per hour while arrows traveled 60km since sling ammo was more aerodynamic due to the design
  • slings were often seen as lower class or status or peasant weapons then bows or crossbows but were capable of being just as deadly, king tut was buried with some slings for hunting in the afterlife
  • Slings were still commonly used Ancient times in general, not just bronze age ,in some areas during Roman times and even during Roman times slings did out range bows and the emperor wanted slingers in their army.
  • An arrow gets stuck in your flesh, sure, and you might get an infection from it which ultimately kills you. But for immediate battle results, a sling bullet is way more effective since it can either break bones and take you out of action , crack your skull and kill you, give you a bad concussion or contusion which wrecks your ability to fight and defend.
  • Late Roman military author Vegetius on slings:

Soldiers, notwithstanding their defensive armour, are often more annoyed by the round stones from the sling than by all the arrows of the enemy. Stones kill without mangling the body, and the contusion is mortal without loss of blood. It is universally known the ancients employed slingers in all their engagements. There is the greater reason for instructing all troops, without exception, in this exercise, as the sling cannot be reckoned any encumbrance, and often is of the greatest service, especially when they are obliged to engage in stony places, to defend a mountain or an eminence, or to repulse an enemy at the attack of a castle or city.

  • they were still used deep into the middle ages, The Spanish used them against Muslims in the constant warfare on the Iberian peninsula
  • even the Bayeux Tapestry has a depiction of a sling being used for hunting So it didn't disappear entirely in the middle ages, it's just not as visible in popular culture as, say, the British longbowman

Standard Slings[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png Strength icon.png Ranged Strength icon.png Magic Damage icon.png Prayer icon.png
Wool Sling 0 0 0 0 +1 0 0 0 0 0 0 +1 0% +1
Braided Wool Sling 0 0 0 0 +3 0 0 0 0 0 0 +1 0% +1
Sinew Sling/ yak hair sling 0 0 0 0 +5+ 0 0 0 0 0 0 +2 0% +2
Leather Sling 0 0 0 0 +8 0 0 0 0 0 0 +3 0% +2
Hard leather Sling 0 0 0 0 +11 0 0 0 0 0 0 +4 0% +2
Yak Hide Sling 0 0 0 0 +15 0 0 0 0 0 0 +5 0% +3
Snake Skin/Bear Hide Sling 0 0 0 0 +22 0 0 0 0 0 0 +6 0% +3
Green d Hide Sling 0 0 0 0 +29 0 0 0 0 0 0 +7 0% +3
Blue Dragon Sling 0 0 0 0 +38 0 0 0 0 0 0 +8 0% +4
Red Dragon Sling 0 0 0 0 +47 0 0 0 0 0 0 +9 0% +4
Black Dragon Sling 0 0 0 0 +58 0 0 0 0 0 0 +10 0% +5

  • yak hair slings are made by taking two pieces of yak hair and using them on each other, this gives yak hair more use then just creating rope from it
  • Bear hide slings are made by using bear fur and sinew, they weigh 0.1 more then snake skin slings but are otherwise the same, ideal if making snakeskin available for f2p to craft is an issue
  • blue, red and black dragon hide slings would be the only regular slings with a special attack, they share a special attack known as headshot, this uses 65 special energy, when used if it hits the target and damages them, it stuns them for 2 seconds, if the target is particularity large, the damage done is increased by 15%
  • An idea for slings below hard leather is that they weigh nothing at all due to their very light design, in dungeons and dragons 3.5e slings actually didn't have a listed weight which is fairly realistic as slings are far easier to carry then bows, this also makes slings more appealing for low levels since they won't drain run energy more
  • irl slings could be worn as belts, eyepatches and on the neck with no issue, some pictures of slingers show them wearing three slings, each meant for different ranges and types of battles

Special Slings[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png White dagger.png White scimitar.png White warhammer.png Magic icon.png Ranged icon.png Strength icon.png Ranged Strength icon.png Magic Damage icon.png Prayer icon.png
Crypt Sling 0 0 0 0 +3 0 0 0 0 0 0 +4 0% +3
Gold wool Sling 0 0 0 0 +15 0 0 0 0 0 0 +5 0% +3
Tai Bwo Sling/Bryophyta Sling 0 0 0 0 +22 0 0 0 0 0 0 +6 0% +3
Obor's Sling 0 0 0 0 +29 0 0 0 0 0 0 +7 0% +3
Dagannoth hide Sling 0 0 0 0 +31 0 0 0 0 0 0 +7 0% +3
Knurled Sling 0 0 0 0 +21 0 0 0 0 0 0 +7 0% +5
Mole Sling 0 0 0 0 +68 0 0 0 0 0 0 +8 0% +5
Hydra Sling 0 0 0 0 +73 0 0 0 0 0 0 +10 0% +6
Bandos Sling 0 0 0 0 +75 0 0 0 0 0 0 +10 0% +9

  • the gold wool sling is made by using two balls of golden wool each other, the sling doesn't have any special effects but when used it sparkles and is pretty to see in combat, like the suggested idea before good wool slings could have 0 weight or maybe even -1kg due to the magic nature of the wool, making it an interesting ranged weapon when you need to travel light
  • Obor's sling is a rare drop from obor in battle, it has the same stats as the green d hide sling and no special attack, but it has an unique effect, when fighting other foes that are smaller then 2x2 i.e smaller then obor it deals an additional 15% damage, this includes other players, now ranged gets an unique drop from obor, not just melee and it's one that fits his theme
  • additionally obor's sling if using rock or clay ammo of any kind has 5% higher accuracy and damage, this is to fit the obor theme of a rough tribal fighter, f2p can receive and use obor's sling
  • alternatively when using rock or clay ammo with obor's sling they now have the strength of black ammo instead
  • Bryophyta's sling is an unique sling created from Bryophyta for f2p and p2p, when you defeat her you have a chance to to receive 1-3 tough mossy hair as a drop, this drop when 2 pieces of fine mossy hair are used on each other and with the right skill level creates Bryophyta's sling
  • this sling is weaker then obor's sling and has no special attack but it has the unique effect of whenever you hit your max hit with the sling, there's a chance it will bind the target for 2 seconds preventing them from moving, the bind effect uses entangle's green vine effect
  • the chance could be based off 1/4 the player's ranged level, once used the same target can't be binded by you and the sling for 1 minute to prevent abuse(though spells still work)
  • the bind effect might make it an interesting different choice for pvp or pve then obor's sling depending on the fight, so now players can choose between more damage or stopping the foe

  • The Tai Bwo sling is a special sling you can make and wield after completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. This is made by taking a snake skin sling, a Proboscis, 1 cut jade, 1 cut opal and 1 cut topaz to Tinsay. He then makes it into a tai bwo sling. Now this has the same stats as a snake skin sling but when used against broodoo victims, players can deal 80% of their regular damage to the broodoo victims instead of the usual severely reduced damage. With each karamja diary completed, players can deal 10% more damage to them with the tai bwo sling, so with elite diary done, they now deal 20% more damage then usual on broodoo victims and can deal normal damage now when using the sling. I chose this as a weapon because slings would fit in the cultures karamja is based off fairly well. With elite diary done, tinsay will give one free tai bwo sling once a week.
  • Alternatively if increased damage is not fitting, the sling could when used on broodoo victims have a chance to lower their magic by 5% per diary completed to a max of 20% (now they can feel the stat drains and see how they like it)
  • The dagannoth hide sling is made by taking a piece of dagannoth hide, 1 golden wool and 3000 coins to Sigli the Huntsman. When the sling is used against any dagannoth foe type, quest foe or not, anytime the player deals damage there's a chance the target dagannoth has defense reduced by 10-20% for a time, this does not stack
  • The mole skin is made by using a mole skin with a magic string, this has fairly high crafting/fletching requirements to make, it has a special where when used it it boosts the players farming by 3 levels for a time, this uses 100% of the special bar( idea being the mole was created by a farming chemical accident). It could increase mining by 3 instead since moles dig through the ground.
  • An extra minor idea is if used in pvp on a player in a dark area where a light is needed, if they are using an extinguishable light source, the sling has a passive chance to extinguish the light source, potentially putting the target in serious danger if they don't relight the light source fast.
  • the Hydra sling is made by taking a piece of hydra leather, 2 magic strings and a needle to the piece of machinery just south-west of the large pool in Lithkren Vault, this can not be reversed. The sling has a special attack which uses 100% special energy, when used it will always assuming the target is not immune to poison and it does damage will poison the foe for 10 poison damage. Alternatively it can bypass poison immunity that is weaker then Antidote++ or antivemon in pvp. If this would still be too weak for the effort needed to make it, it could be that the hydra sling special poisons all foes in a 3x3 areas for 8 poison damage
  • A second idea if the first idea is too similar to blowpipe, the hydra sling special hits the target dealing magical ranged damage to the target by releasing a burst of lightning that binds the target for 4 seconds as well as damaging them
  • these 2 slings give the magic string item more use then just amulets of natures and gives very high crafting or fletching more use.
  • the Bandos sling is a rare drop from General Graardor, it has an attack range of 9 always and the speed of a shortbow regardless of if it has ammo or not. It could share the same special as the bandos godsword but it requires 65 special attack energy to use not 50, alternatively it uses the ancient mace special but only needs 60 special energy or uses one of the suggested crypt sling special attacks(see below).

  • a sling weapon would make the most sense for a bandos weapon as slings are often seen as primitive or tribal weapons which fits the bandos theme and his followers well. It also finally gives bandos an unique weapon besides the godsword for god wars dungeon. Additionally this counts as a piece of bandos equipment in gwd so you won't be attacked by bandos followers there while wielding it

Knurled Sling[edit | edit source]

This is extensive so it has it's own part

The knurled sling is the rangers answer to fighting vyrewatch. After completing a taste of hope or maybe In Aid of the Myreque players receive word from Filliman Tarlock and Vertida Sefalatis about a mysterious root that may help with fighting vampyres and vyrewatch, players may search the river salve for a knurled root outcrop. This is near where the ghouls reside by the fence so watch out for them, players can with 50 woodcutting and a hatchet or 45 farming and secateurs attempt to cut some roots for use as a sling. Once the player has gotten 2 knurled roots from the outcrop, they may use the two root parts together and attempt to make a knurled sling with 55 crafting or fletching.

Now what makes the knurled sling so useful?

well the knurled sling is like a regular sling but it is made from a mysterious plant that grew up near the river salve. The plant's outward appearance was twisted and warped by the evil in the land but the purity and goodness of the river salve seeped into the plants's very being so while it is hideous to look at, the inside of it is beautiful and pure. The sling when made has a very twisted and wild appearance, it works against vyrewatch because when used with silver bullets the natural twists and knurls in the weapon make it unpredictable and allows players to harm with vyrewatch with ranged, not just melee. Irl slings were known to have issues with aiming and predictability

The knurled sling is a bit weaker then green dragon slings but has 2 more points of prayer bonus then green. Additionally when used on foes with this attribute, the sling has a passive chance to lower defense by 10% for a time when it deals damage, if the player uses silver bullets with the knurled sling it is increased to 15%. The player can use this to harm vampyre juveniles or juvinates. It has a special called gnarled roots which acts the same as the retainer special on the Ivandis flail, however this uses 35% of the special bar. Players can then use a guthix balance potion on the foe as usual to finish off the foes.

Vyrewatch require you to use silver bullets or blessed silver bullets with the knurled sling to harm them, no other ammo will work and having no sling ammo will not work either.

The obtainment and creation of the knurled sling is considered a miniquest, not a real one. The miniquest could be called "A sling and a prayer."

Perhaps to avoid conflicting with a taste of hope, there's two forms of the knurled sling, the first one can hurt vampyres but not vyrewatch, the second one requires you to infuse it with salve crystals to be able to hurt vyrewatch.

Crypt Sling[edit | edit source]

This is extensive as well so it has its own section

  • when fighting skorges, zorges or picking Ogre coffins, you have a rare chance to find a crypt sling. This is a ancient sling used by ogres in the far past to throw massive rocks at foes
  • unlike most slings, this is a massive sling that weighs 3 kg, and is huge and is two handed unlike the other slings
  • it has the usual sling speed when using regular ammo but when using the special ammo the attack speed changes to an attack speed of 5.4 regular and 4.8 rapid
  • this sling can fire ammo as usual but because of the sheer size of it, it can be used to launch massive ammo
  • the crypt sling can fire cannonballs, granite cannonballs, massive rocks of different types
  • if the player wishes to fire the special ammo, they require 55 ranged and either 40 strength or 60 hitpoints and 60 ranged (this is so ranged pures can still use the crypt sling)
  • the special requirement is due to the ammo's sheer size and weight
  • the special ammo used is always lost on use but is stackable
  • players can make the different rock ammo from mined rock, to make it requires respectively clay, the basic mined limestone, 5kg or 10 kg sandstone, 5kg granite.
  • to make, players can use a chisel or hammer or crush weapon or pickaxe on the piece of stone , you get 2 rocks from limestone, 3 from 5kg sandstone, 7 from 10kg sandstone, 3 from 5kg granite
  • big clay bullets are made from one piece of soft clay at a kiln, it can be shaped at a potter's wheel
  • making the rocks and clay bullet gives some crafting xp
  • When using the crypt sling in battle, there's a passive chance with each hit that the foe will be stunned for 1 second and knocked back due to the sheer impact of the ammo
  • better ammo has a higher chance of causing the stun and knockback effect
  • the sling has poor ranged bonuses but the idea is although in human hands it is rather slow and inaccurate, it makes up for it with sheer damage potential and the passive stunning effect and knockback effect on foes.
  • when using the special ammo against skorges and zorges, it can damage them just as well as brutal arrows can due to the sheer force of the large solid projectiles hitting them
  • the crypt sling could use the shot put throwing animation in battle when using the special ammo
  • the crypt sling can still be used to fire regular ammo with 55/60 ranged, only the special ammo requires the player to have a second skill like strength or hitpoints
  • the crypt sling has an unique special attack called break through, this can only be used with the special ammo, when used the attack does 15% more damage and ignores any prayers being used by the target, this uses 100% of the special bar
  • the idea of the sling special is that anything will break if you hit it hard enough and with enough force
  • alternatively for a different special attack if the target is small enough to be affected by the dragon spear special, the attack does 55% more damage, the special is called squish the punies, idea being since the sling was used by ogres who are much larger then most foes, they used their giant sling to try and squish smaller foes
  • the crypt sling counts as a piece of bandos equipment in gwd.
  • players can when fighting zorges, skorges and looting the ogre coffins find the crypt ammo up to granite as drops/loot, no cannonballs however can be found for obvious reasons
Crypt Ammo Ranged Strength.png
Big limestone rock/big clay bullet +7 N/A
Big Sandstone rock +13 N/A
Big Granite Rock +20 N/A
cannonball +27 N/A
granite cannon ball +38 N/A

Sling wielding requirements[edit | edit source]

Sling type Ranged Level GE Price
Wool Sling 1
Braided Wool Sling 1
Sinew Sling/yak hair sling 5
Leather Sling 10
Hard leather Sling 15
[[Adamant dart|Yak Hide Sling/ Golden Wool Sling] 20
Snake Skin/ Bear Hide Sling/ Tai Bwo Sling] 30
Green D Hide/ Dagannoth sling/knurled sling/Obor's sling/Bryophyta's sling 40
Blue D Hide Sling 45
Red D Hide Sling 50
Black D Hide Sling/Crypt Sling 55
Mole Sling 60
Bandos Sling 75
Hydra Sling 75

Round sling Ammo[edit | edit source]

Round Metal bullets

Round Metal Bullets Ranged Strength.png
Bronze/Gold +4 N/A
Silver +6 N/A
Iron +7 N/A
Steel +10 N/A
Black/blessed silver bullets/white bullets +15 N/A
Mithril/ +20 N/A
Adamant +26 N/A
Rune +34 N/A
Dragon +43 N/A

  • Metal Round Bullets are made from metal bars which give 15 bullets per bar
  • metal round bullets when used have a 15% chance of being lost, they can be collected with ava's device
  • metal round bullets are more easily recovered then any other ammo due to the fact that their design is very simple and it has much less parts then arrows/bolts to lose(arrows have the head, shafts and feathers, bolts have the metal bolt part and feathers while sling bullets are just one solid piece of metal)
  • making round sling bullets has lower requirements to make then making arrowheads or crossbolts of the same metal so making them is easier and available much sooner, this is due to bullets just being a lump of metal while the arrows/bolts require more detail and attention, ideal for players who want to make more ammo besides clay bullets at level 1 crafting, maybe for instance, making bronze round bullets requires 1-3 smithing while bronze arrowheads require 5 smithing

Special bullets[edit | edit source]

  • Silver round bullets can used on vampyre foes to kill them in combination with a guthix balance, you don't have to use silver bullets with the knurled sling but like mentioned if you do it can lower vampyre foes defense for a time, additionally if used on werewolves it prevents them from changing form like wolfbane (get it?, cause they are silver bullets :P). Maybe have silver bullets being able to be used and made require completing priest in peril, silver bullets can harm and kill all Vampyres and vyrewatch
  • Black round bullets can be bought from stores, received as drops or treasure trails rewards, dragon round bullets as well
  • white round bullets can be bought from sir vynin at a rank of White Knight novice
  • blessed bullets are silver round bullets which have been blessed by either a player or npc. This can be used to harm vampyre foes and prevent them from fleeing in combination with a guthix balance, they also need to be used with a knurled sling to be able to kill vyrewatch, the knurled sling alone or with non silver ammo will not work on vyrewatch. To get blessed silver bullets, players can go to Drezel who will bless 100 silver bullets per week for free, with each Morytania diary completed, he can bless 100 more bullets. Players may also go to Father Lawrence who will bless 50 bullets at a time, however he requests 2000 coins each time as a donation to the church. He has no limit however on how many he can do. Players with 55 prayer and a holy book and wearing a holy symbol may bless 15 bullets at a time which uses 5 prayer points per 15, they may also with 99 prayer and a prayer cape bless them without the other two items.
  • blessed silver round bullets if used with a knurled sling can have a chance lower vampyre foes's defenses by 20% instead of 15% with each successful hit, this applies to vyrewatch foes as well, this does not stack however.
  • blessed silver round bullets can still work on werewolves to stop transformation, maybe they could have a chance to lower their defense by 10% for a time, using a knurled sling with blessed silver bullets does not gives any extra bonus however.
  • maybe to further help players fighting vampyres, using blessed round bullets on vampyres will prevent them from fleeing, so Rod of ivandis or the flail is not required for ranged players
  • Gold bullets are mostly meant as a joke, players can make them from gold bars and they are quite weak like you would expect irl, but hey it lets players throw their money around if they want and be a show off, maybe since gold is heavy irl it should have a higher ranged strength though?

Aero metal bullets[edit | edit source]

  • irl sling bullets most often came in different shapes, the two most common being spherical or round like a ball and a second almond or football shaped form known as biconial, the almond shaped bullets are believed that they may have been more aerodynamic and easier to use with the sling which already had aerodynamic advantage over the bow and arrow even with round bullets
  • i propose for all metal bullets that there is now a second type known as aero bullets
  • these would have the exact same ranged strength and ranged requirements as round bullets but all aero bullets have a possible 3-5 + to ranged attack bonus due to their shape unlike round bullets which lack a ranged attack bonus
  • this makes them unique as no arrows or bolts have a ranged attack bonus
  • players can smith areo metal bullets but they have the same smithing requirements as arrowheads of the same metal do
  • for instance bronze round bullets require 2 smithing while aero bronze bullets require 5 smithing
  • making aero bullets only gives 10 bullets per bar piece as opposed to round bullets 15
  • aero metal bullets can also be bought at npc stores, however they are more expensive then round bullets
  • no foes drop aero bullets so players need to make or buy them at npc stores or get them from other sources listed below
  • white aero bullets can be bought from sir vynin at a rank of White Knight novice while black aero bullets can be bought from stores
  • aero metal bullets have a 15% chance of being lost like round metal bullets do not the usual 20% for other ranged ammo
  • aero bullets would help the sling keep up accuracy wise with bows and crossbows due to the small ranged attack bonus slings have but them needing to be smithed or bought would balance them having ranged attack bonuses
  • maybe for balance reasons the higher metal bullets have better ranged attack bonuses, so a dragon aero bullet has more ranged attack bonus then bronze bullets
  • the numbers suggested are just a guideline for possible ranged attack bonuses

Non metal sling ammo[edit | edit source]

Non metal Bullets Ranged Strength.png
Burnt food chunks +0 N/A
Rough rocks +0 N/A
Smooth rocks/salve rocks/ vile rocks +1 N/A
round clay bullets/ aero clay bullets +3 N/A
Limestone sling rocks +6 N/A
Sandstone sling rocks +12 N/A
Granite sling rocks +20 N/A
      • Burnt Food Chunks***
  • Burnt food chunks is made by using a hammer or chisel or any crush weapon that is not a 2h sword on any type of burnt food as seen here, players get randomly 3-5 pieces from each food item and gain a very small amount of crafting xp(the chance of getting more ammo could be based off the player's skill level)
  • idea is that for instance you have burnt bread, i use a hammer on the burnt bread and smash it apart into chunks i can use for my slings as ammo while training cooking, good way to multitask
  • When used by a sling, burnt food chunks is always lost on use(alternately it could have a 65% chance of being lost),
  • the main use is to provide a new use for burnt food and a cheap and fast way to make ammo for slings as well as let players use the sling much faster and more easily, part of the idea of the burnt chucks being ammo is based off a line from jon taffer in bar rescue when he says "this food is as hard as a rock, i could use it for self defense"
  • additionally anyone who has burnt food irl really badly knows how hard burnt food can be
  • this gives burnt food a new use beside just a very few quests and gives players more options then just dropping the burnt food, now they have ammo and can gain some skill experience, perfect for new players and more budget friendly ranged training
  • with the new use for burnt food players training cooking no longer have to drop every piece, instead they can just bring a tool or use an inventory weapon or equipped weapon to get ammo and save time instead of dropping it
  • players can make burnt food chunks at level 1 crafting, ideal for newbies training cooking or crafting
  • one alternative idea if the player lacks the tools or weapons, the burnt food now has a new option on them called smash food, when used the player smashes the burnt food on the ground, this randomly gives 3-5 burnt food chunks but does not give crafting xp and is totally random how much you get, there is also a chance you shatter the burnt food into pieces too small to use

      • Rough Rocks***
  • Rough rocks are a type of ammo that can be collected in several ways
  • they can be collected from any furnace in runescape, players can search them for rocks and can get between 100-500 randomly rocks once a day per furnace. The rough rocks are the leftover rocks from smelting processes, when used as ammo they are always lost after use (alternatively there's a 45% chance they will be lost when used), all furnaces reset once a day so players can search each one daily if they wish(alternatively it resets once an hour to be more newbie friendly, also immersion wise the furnace has gotten new rocks from others smelting)
  • players may now also search the rocks used for mining for ore for rough rocks, they get between 10-40 rocks per search, to search players can just prospect the ore rocks to look for loose rocks
  • the spots reset every time they are mined(idea being new mining has created more rocks as a byproduct of mining)This does not give any experience in any skills
  • rough rocks may now be also found as well in rock slides and falls, the small and large stones on the ground with an examine that aren't mossy, crumbled walls, rubble that is not runecraft altars, i.e. scenery that has loose rocks in it, a new search option appears, players may receive between 30-60 rocks per search, once searched players must wait an hour before looking again
  • the large boulders found around the world that are currently just decorative can now be mined at level 1 mining, when mining, players may randomly get between 40-200 rough rocks from the rock, once mined, it respawns 3 minutes later, now those rocks aren't just decorative any more and serve a purpose
  • Collapsible rocks in castle wars when mined with the pickaxe now offer between 100-200 rough rocks, excellent for slingers
  • ava's devices do not collect rough rocks
      • Smooth Rocks***
  • Smooth Rocks are the classic sling ammo used irl, they can be found at any non lava fishing spot, players can search the water as if they were fishing and may find between 1-4 smooth rocks per attempt. Note that players can search the water even if they do not have the fishing level or equipment needed to fish in that spot(you shouldn't need fishing levels or tools to just look for rocks in the water and if you did need it you have bigger problems then lacking equipment :P).
  • When used in combat there's a 20% chance they will be lost when fired, ava's devices do not collect smooth rocks
  • Each attempt to find smooth rocks gives a flat 1 fishing experience regardless of how many rocks are found each time or even no fishing experience if it's a problem for pures, this makes smooth rocks a cheap and easy way to have ammo for your slings, maybe the ranged tutor has a toggle option to enable or disable fishing experience received
  • smooth rocks have a better ranged attack bonus then burnt food and rough rocks as their smoothness makes them more aerodynamic
  • smooth rocks irl are rocks found by rivers or oceans which have been smoothed out by the water around them which makes them more aerodynamic and better choices as ammo, it was common irl for people to search those areas for smooth rocks for their slings
  • to make finding smooth rocks more newbie friendly, i suggest adding one more fishing spot on the lum river side by the lumbridge guide, it can be the same fishing spot type as the other fishing spot on the other side of the river (the one requiring bait or lures to fish with) but it's more clear to new players, plus in pvp worlds, players can quickly get more ammo in a hurry (though people might use it to grief collectors there)
  • smooth rocks could have a 1-5+ to ranged attack like aero metal bullets do or a lower ranged attack bonus then metal aero bullets, they are the aero version of rough rocks

      • Vile Rocks***
  • Vile Rocks are found by searching the water in any sewer location in the game, varrock, Draynor and Ardougne
  • these rocks are the same stat and mechanic wise as smooth rocks for the most part
  • however because of the location and nature where they were found they are altered and very disgusting
  • when using vile rocks on foes that are not vampyres or vyrewatch, they have a chance to lower a random combat stat by 5% for a time, this does not stack but multiple stats can be hit not just one
  • This is due to the fact that the rocks would be covered and swarming with filth and disease, making it similar to the disease effect in game
  • players can search sewer pipes with an examine or certain fishing spots in the sewers for the rocks
  • however when doing so there is a small chance you have a random combat stat lowered by 5% for a time, wearing gloves lowers but does not negate the chance
  • the low bonuses for the first 3 rock choices are meant more so they provide more the ability to use the sling faster then actual damage potential, however again the sheer ease of getting the rocks nearly anywhere and being able to use it for ranged makes them outweigh the drawbacks and makes them very new player friendly and great for easy, cheap low level or causal ranged training and pve

Salve Rocks[edit | edit source]

  • An idea i had was a variant of smooth rocks found in the river salve or the Abandoned Mine
  • these have the exact stats as smooth rocks when used against most foes
  • however when used with sling against undead creatures that would be affected by the salve amulet or werewolves or any non vyrewatch vampyre, these have the stats of adamant aero bullets, making them a good choice against them
  • these do not prevent werewolves from changing form however
  • players can find salve rocks in a new fishing spot near the bridge that leads across the river salve, it could be fished at with a regular fishing rod
  • players may also find salve rocks in the bottom level of the abandoned mine where the salve crystals are found, in the top of the level where the water is
  • these rocks can't be used against vyrewatch even with the knurled sling however, silver must be used to harm them
  • however an idea to make the rocks more useful in general is when used against the foe types listed upon a successful it has a chance to lower those enemy defenses by 15% (this is to replicate the effects of the salve amulet)
  • vyrewatch if hit with salve rocks do have defense lowered even if it doesn't damage them
  • if the miniquest Lair of Tarn Razorlor is done, the rocks now can lower defense by 20%
  • the idea of the rocks is that being in the river salve so long has blessed or altered the rocks in a similar way to the salve crystals, players can't use the rocks for jewelry but they can be used in combat
  • the bonuses the rocks give do stack with void knight equipment but not any other items
  • if used with the knurled sling it can lower the listed enemy defenses by 20% even without the miniquest being done, completing the quest most likely shouldn't give a 25% defense because that might be op
  • one extra idea is broodoo victims can be affected by the salve rocks ,though this may not fit the theme of the rocks since those foes are from a different location

Clay Bullets[edit | edit source]

  • clay round bullets were used irl for sling ammo, players can make these by right clicking a new option on soft clay called divide clay which makes 15 bullets per soft clay, then taking the bullets to a pottery oven for baking
  • when used they have a 20% chance of being lost on use, players gain crafting xp making clay bullets, players do not need to use potter wheels to make bullets
  • ideally clay round bullets can be made at level 1 crafting so rangers can have ammo that can be made early on
  • clay aero bullets can be made by players at level 3 crafting, they have the same ranged strength as clay round bullets except for the possible 1+-5+ to ranged attack bonus
  • players can make 10 clay aero bullets per clay piece
  • no monsters drop clay aero bullets so players need to make them themselves or buy from a store
  • clay ammo can not be picked up by any of ava's devices

Other Rock Ammo Types[edit | edit source]

  • New and stronger rocks can be made by players from limestone, sandstone and granite by taking a chisel or hammer or a crush weapon to a piece of the respective stone, each piece gives a certain amount of rocks per size, so 10 kg sandstone and 5kg granite would give the most, this gives some crafting/fletching xp to the player,, even this can be turned into ammo
  • alternatively the rocks mentioned gain a new left click option called break up rock, this still requires a hammer/chisel or crush weapon to do. Players can break up the rocks with an equipped weapon that was listed or with a tool or weapon in the inventory.
  • this gives players a new option instead of just dropping it or banking, they can now just craft it into easy ammo and keep mining longer, this makes granite mining even more useful as now crafting/fletching can be trained as well as mining, this also lets them mine for longer since they don't need to leave or drop things
  • Higher crafting/fletching skill gives you a higher chance to get more ammo per rock piece
  • limestone rocks have a 35% chance to be lost on use, sandstone 25% and granite 15%
  • ava's devices can not pick up limestone, sandstone or granite rocks
  • no aero versions for limestone, granite or sandstone would exist as they are not available in a way that could be smoothed out, the rocks are just meant as an alternative to dropping the mined products
  • if players however did want aero versions of the three rock types, one idea is players may near the farm in lumbridge with the water wheel, they may place up to 5000 rocks of one type in the water and return 6 hours later to collect them, when collected, the aero versions of the rock types now have a possible 1+-5+ ranged attack bonus
  • there is no aero version of crypt ammo for players to make as ogres most likely wouldn't have them and it doesn't fit the theme of the crypt sling

Ammo Requirements[edit | edit source]

Metal Bullets both round and aero

  • Bronze/iron: 1 ranged
  • steel/silver: 5
  • black/blessed silver bullets: 10
  • Mithril: 20
  • Adamant: 30
  • Rune: 40
  • dragon: 60

Small Rocks/both clay bullets

  • rough rock/smooth/vile rocks/clay bullets /burnt food chunks: 1 ranged
  • limestone: 5 ranged
  • Sandstone: 10 ranged
  • Granite: 20 ranged

Crypt Ammo (can only be used with crypt sling)

  • Big clay bullet: 55 ranged
  • big limestone rock: 60
  • Big Sandstone rock 65
  • big granite rock/cannonball 70
  • granite cannonball 75

Note that in order to fire the crypt ammo, as previously mentioned, the player needs along with the ranged requirements 40 strength or 60 hitpoints(this is so ranged pures can still use the crypt sling)

Creation of Slings and Ammo[edit | edit source]

  • players can make nearly all types of slings themselves and bullets and the different types of rocks
  • the first two slings use wool only and are made by using two balls of wool together
  • slings could be made from sinew or flax or wool along with the other main material hide/leather, one idea is there is now two types of sinew, rough sinew which is used for slings and tight sinew which is used for crossbows, f2p can make rough sinew from meat, irl slings were generally made from either wool, sinew, animal hair, tree roots or flax
  • rough sinew unlike tight sinew for crossbows does not need to be spun at a spinning wheel, making this slightly easier to make for slings over crossbows since it requires one less step, also irl sinew for slings was not spun
  • slings past sinew slings would use 1 rough sinew and 1 piece of the respective leather/hide to make the sling in question
  • slings would have lower creation requirements to make then bows/crossbows, the wool one could be made at level 1 in the skill, the metal round bullets also can be made earlier then arrowheads of the same metal can due to the fact that the bullet design is much simpler then arrows and bolts, aero bullets however do require the same smithing level as arrowheads of the same metal
  • slings could use either crafting or fletching to make them, if fletching is ever made f2p, f2p could be able to craft bows/arrows, slings/bullets so they can now make items like melee can with smithing
  • an additional idea is past yak hair slings, players may use yak hair instead of rough sinew for creating slings if they wish, this gives yak hair more use then just making rope since it can be used for higher level slings
  • perhaps to make it more worth while to use yak hair instead of sinew, if using yak hair to make slings, the player gets more xp then when using sinew to make slings

Stores that sell slings and ammo[edit | edit source]

To help slings be more useful for players and causal rangers, i propose the following shops be expanded or added to help players with using slings. I have chosen shops that make sense lore and thematic wise. Again as slings were commoner weapons it's not unlikely that some general stores would sell them or ammo

      • New sling shops***
  • To make them more new player friendly, a new sling merchant now has a stall in the sheared ram, they sell slings up to Hard leather and metal bullet ammo of both types up to black but not silver
  • the merchant is a woman called sally who has a shop called sally's splendid slings, she is the woman who used to live in the house where the sheared ram is, the bartender is also the man who lived there. The duo decided to turn their home into a pub to make ends meet and help newcomers in the world in their travels rather then be pickpocketed or attacked by players
  • Sally also sells rough rocks, smooth rocks and both types of clay bullets but not burnt food chunks in her shop
  • Sally explains to new players how slings work, using them with shields, their ammo etc
  • A second sling shop opens in Musa Point at Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers, they sell slings up to snakeskin (this lets f2p get yak and snake skin slings even if they can't craft it) metal bullets of both types from bronze to adamant and black bullets but not silver bullets, they also sell smooth rocks and both clay bullet type but not rough rocks
  • the addition of the sling shop is because i always thought that area was rather empty and boring, this gives it more use
  • a small shop is now available in goblin village, This shop only sells slings up to hard leather and has rough rocks, smooth rocks, vile rocks and burnt food chunks, this is to give the village more use and a bit more flavor(irl tribal cultures often used slings)

Improved Current Shops[edit | edit source]


  • Edgeville General Store now sells wool slings, braided wool slings and rough rocks for players looking to pvp
  • Bandit Duty Free in the wilderness now sells sinew slings, rough rocks, smooth rocks and bronze round bullets, ideal for players in the dangerous wilderness who are pking or exploring for whatever reason

Desert(slings were used irl by desert cultures a fair amount especially braided slings)

  • Bandit Bargains in the desert and Pollnivneach general store sell braided wool slings, snake skin slings, smooth rocks and round clay bullets for players.
  • Shantay Pass Shop now sells braided wool, sinew slings and rough/smooth rocks and both clay bullet types for those exploring the desert
  • Ali's Discount Wares now sells braided wool and sinew slings, smooth rocks and aero clay bullets without rogue trader being done.
  • Seddu's Adventurer's Store now sells snake skin slings, green d hide slings along with smooth rocks, both clay bullets and adamant aero bullets

Great Kourend stores

  • Little Shop of Horace sells braided wool sling and aero clay bullets
  • Jennifer's General Field Supplies sells yak hide slings, and aero sling bullets up to black but not silver
  • Trader Stan's Trading Post now sells yak hide slings and snake skin slings and round bullets up to steel

High End stores

  • Scavvo's Rune Store now sells green d hide slings to players and both rune bullet types who have completed dragon slayer
  • Ranging Guild now has a sling shop which sells slings from wool to red d hide, both metal bullet types from bronze to dragon including black and silver, smooth rocks, rough rocks and both clay bullet types, they have the best prices in the game for slings and ammo, they sell 5 dragon bullets of each type, the Ticket Merchant now offers green d hide slings, rune aero bullets and dragon aero bullets for tickets, giving the tickets more use in the game
  • Diana in the myth's guild now sells 15 round and 5 aero dragon bullets and blue and red d hide slings
  • Happy Heroes' H'emporium now sells 10 round dragon bullets

Other Stores

  • Jiminua's Jungle Store and Obli's General Store now sells rough and smooth rocks, both clay bullet types, sinew slings and snakeskin slings for players exploring the jungle and needing gear.
  • Skulgrimen's Battle Gear now sells yak hair slings and yak hide slings, and metal aero bullets from bronze to adamant but not silver
  • ~ Uglug's stuffsies ~ now sells sinew slings , leather slings, hard leather slings and snake skin slings, rough,smooth, vile rocks and round clay bullets
  • Contraband yak produce now sells yak hair slings and yak hide slings.
  • the Void Knight Archery Store now sells all metal aero bullets except dragon and silver, they also sell clay bullets and smooth rocks and yak hide slings
  • Hendor's Awesome Ores now sells rough and smooth rocks, he actually has stock of 500 of each, the rocks come from mining
  • Rasolo the Wandering Merchant now sells snake skin slings, 800 black bullets, 5 dragon round bullets and 1000 clay aero bullets
  • The Dwarven general store in the Dwarven Mine now sells sinew slings, clay round bullets, rough rocks and smooth rocks and metal round bullets up to black but not silver
  • Aemad's Adventuring Supplies sells slings from wool up to yak hide sling and round metal bullets up to mithril but not silver

Thieving and Pickpockets[edit | edit source]

  • thieving now gets some love with slings
  • players when pickpocketing certain npcs may yield slings or sling ammo for players to use
  • Man and woman when pickpocketed now have as an uncommon chance to have a wool sling and rough rocks in amounts of 2-8
  • farmers and master farmers now have an uncommon chance to have a sinew or leather sling, smooth rocks in amounts of 3-16
  • irl it would be totally realistic for commoners and especially farmers to have a sling and some form of ammo, farmers would use it to herd animals in the right direction or scare away predators while commoners might use it against thugs or bandits
  • Ham members now may give leather slings and smooth rocks or round clay bullets
  • Al-Kharid warriors and woman warriors now may give a sinew sling and round clay bullets and bronze round bullets
  • Fremennik Citizens now may give yak hair or yak hide slings and smooth rocks and round iron bullets
  • Pollnivnian Bandits both bearded and unbearded, Desert Bandits and Menaphite Thug now may give snake skin slings, aero clay bullets and iron round bullets
  • the hero may now give snake skin slings and steel round bullets

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • slings and bullets can now be obtained from treasure trail rewards as per other ranged weapons and ammo
  • beginner and easy can give wool-yak hide, ammo from rough rocks, smooth and round clay bullets, bronze-steel round bullets,
  • medium to hard treasure trails gives hard leather to blue d hide slings, round metal bullet ammo from iron to adamant including black but not silver
  • elite to master treasure trails can give red d hide to black d hide slings, round bullet ammo from adamant to dragon and rarely aero rune and dragon bullets

Other Methods[edit | edit source]

  • players doing fishing trawler can find as junk items rough and smooth rocks, round bronze, mithril and adamant bullets in quantities of 1-20, iron, steel and black bullets can not be found as the salt water would rust them away
  • players doing dig site may also find rough rocks, smooth rocks, both clay bullet types, round metal bullets up to mithril but not silver bullets when searching

New Options[edit | edit source]

  • New spots now appear in water areas called Deposition Spots, players can search these spots and if they are lucky may find randomly rough or smooth rocks for their slings, this gives no xp or maybe gives 1 fishing xp per successful search not per rock found, unlike fishing spots, players can't fish here, it is used for collecting rocks only, these spots could be found randomly in water spots like rivers, ocean sides, swamps, dungeons, sewers (although do you really want to stick your hands in sewer water for some rocks?) etc, ideal for slingers doing skilling, players may also find junk items like buttons, broken arrows, broken glass, rotten food, old boot or rusty scimitars when searching, the main purpose of these spots is so that players aren't bothering or bothered by fishers, they could be super common in any area that has water in some form, even gwd
  • sewers are the only location ingame that you can find vile rocks for use
  • An alternative idea for this instead of deposition spot is new super common fishing spots
  • a new take of fish called rewog guppies appears, players can fish these at level 1 fishing with a small net and cook them at level 1 cooking, when caught it gives 1 fishing xp, when eaten it heals between 0-1 hp(yes it can actually fail to heal you)
  • this fish is not meant for serious training or use, the main point is that players can search the fishing spots for smooth rocks, only rewog guppies can be caught at these spots, nothing else
  • rewog guppies spots can be found anywhere in the game , rivers, ocean sides, swamps, dungeons, mines, sewers (eww), the guppies are meant as a way for finding vile rocks
  • these fish are super durable and hardy which is why they can be found in so many spots
  • this is an alternative to adding a bunch of new fishing spots with current fish as that could be too easy and op if near banks
  • this method prevents easyscape or broken training and lets players have a way to find rough or smooth or vile rocks
  • one idea to make guppies worth while is they are stackable, however there's a higher chance of it failing to heal at all, maybe to have a chance to heal at all players need 15 guppies to have a chance to heal at all(there's still a high chance of healing 0)
  • the poor healing is due to the small size of the guppies, they need alot of guppies to heal at all, similar to minnows
  • they could be used in inferno maybe but still have bad healing
  • examples of spots for guppies to be fished and for places to search for rocks could be varrock/draynor/Ardougne sewers, gwd, waterbirth island, lumbridge swamp and the caves, out in the wilderness, wizard's tower ,River Elid, river salve near the bridge, edgeville where the bridge is, where different water areas can be found in general
  • the abandoned mine could have guppies there as well so there's a reason that players can fish or search for rocks there and get the salve rocks, the river salve could also have guppies spots to collect salve rocks

Minigames and Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • gnome restaurant now has a chance as a reward for hard mode to give rune and dragon round and aero bullets in amounts of 5-45
  • dragon implings now have a chance to drop dragon bullets, both round and aero in amounts of 100-250 and red d hide slings
  • players who do the gauntlet may get green d hide slings, blue d hide slings and aero metal bullets from mithril up to dragon in the same amounts as arrows are given
  • Magpie implings may now drop rune round bullets and green d hide slings
  • Young implings may now drop clay round bullets in amounts of 20-55 and leather slings
  • baby implings may now drop wool slings or rarely braided wool slings
  • Earth implings may now drop rough and smooth rocks and both types of clay bullets in amounts of 100-500
  • Ninja implings may now drop rune and dragon round bullets in amounts of 5-10, black aero bullets in amounts of 50-400 and green d hide slings and extremely rarely black d hide slings(like 1/600000)

Monster drops[edit | edit source]

  • the following monsters now have a chance to drop slings or ammo from them
  • wool, braided, sinew, yak hair sling, leather slings, rough/smooth rocks/clay round bullets, bronze round bullets: Goblins and Hobgoblins, man, woman, farmer, mugger, monk, Al-Kharid warrior, Dark warrior, skeleton, thief, barbarian, guard, dwarf, highway man, Tribesman, imp, thug, Ghast, obor, zombies, earth warrior
  • burnt food chunks are dropped from goblins of any level, orks, hobgoblins, ogres of all types including zorges and skorges
  • hard leather to yak hide slings, smooth rocks, bronze to black round bullets: hobgoblins, skeletons, Ankou, barbarians, ham guards, minotaurs, guards, hill giant, Revenant goblin, bandits, tribesman, obor, zombies
  • Yak Hide to Snake skin, black round bullets to adamant: Hill giant, ice giant, moss giant, Tribesman, ogre, cyclops, Ankou, fire giant, Catablepon, , black demon, Skeleton fremennik, barbarian, dwarf, Tribesman, Greater demon, lesser demon, all foes in ancient cavern, Revenant hobgoblin, bandits
  • Green d hide, adamant to rune round bullets: Fire giant, Obor, Aviansie, Bryophyta, Red dragon, green dragon, black demon, greater demon, bronze dragon, zorges, skorges, all foes in ancient cavern, Revenant ork, Revenant cyclops, Revenant knight
  • past this level i will leave the drops up to the devs, my thoughts are just suggestions for ideal dropping monsters
  • basic wool slings are really weak but i would make them super common drops so players can stockpile them if they wish, additionally if they need a ranged weapon fast somewhere they could just kill a weak foe and try their luck to get a sling, also it could be used for jokes where you use a wool sling with dragon bullets to pvp if you felt like screwing around
  • maybe goblins could have a very high chance of dropping it as a third drop in addition to their other 2 drops to help new players

Sling Spawns in the world[edit | edit source]

  • to help players with slings, i propose the following places now have a spawn of slings that players traveling across the game can find which can be helpful for them
  • Farmer fred has a wool sling spawn on the table in his house by the fireplace, the training dummies in varrock have a wool sling spawn on the table in the room, perfect for new players
  • A yak hair sling can be found on the second floor of the building where hunding is found(it's empty currently)
  • a leather sling now spawns in the rimmington mine near the wheel barrow of dirt, another one spawns near the cook's guild
  • a sinew sling now spawns in the varrock sewers near the spider web that must be cut, one also appears in draynor manor on a table
  • A hard leather sling now spawns in the wilderness in the graveyard of shadows
  • a braided wool sling now spawns on the table in the falador castle near the range, one also appears in the edgeville monastery on a table

Sling Pouches[edit | edit source]

  • this item acts similar to the bolt pouch for crossbows in that it stores sling ammo
  • a f2p version called small sling pouch is buyable from sally's splendid slings, this can hold 250 smooth rocks, 250 clay round bullets, 250 vile rocks and 250 rough rocks, players may buy the empty one for 1750 coins, they can also buy a full version for 5000 coins
  • p2p has a big sling pouch buyable at the ranged guild for 9000 coins and this can store 10k ammo of up to 4 different types of non crypt sling ammo much like the bolt pouch can, the player can choose what ammo to store in the pouch
  • like the bolt pouch, the pouches and all contents are always lost on death, but it's not a big deal because of how easy it would be to get more ammo. Players can only own one sling pouch at a time, they can own one small and one big pouch at the same time but not more then that

Sling Niche and Conclusion[edit | edit source]

  • the sling's niche in the game would be as follows
  • they are much easier to craft and can be made earlier then bows or crossbows and can be used 1 handed with some shield types
  • the ammo they use can also be made much earlier then arrows/bolts or found much more easily
  • slings have worse accuracy then bows/crossbows but they attack quickly, have a decent range and have a small amount of ranged strength even without ammo due to their different design
  • slings are able to be used without ammo even if it makes them attack more slowly, players can use this for training ranged on a budget or for just causal training and playing when you don't need a twisted bow or blowpipe to kill everything you fight
  • the ammo they do use requires less skill to make, has less steps to make then arrows or bolts, can be found at various spots around the world and can be used with any sling type in the game, even if the ammo is weaker then arrows or bolts the sheer amount that can be easily made or found across the world would ideally overcome the issues with weaker ammo by sheer volume and ease of finding
  • additionally slings have a small prayer bonus like maces do, making them an interesting choice to use in certain fights
  • slings weigh much less then bows/crossbows do because of their different design and materials
  • the ammo that is not metal is very easy to find or make so it's more useful for training ranged on a budget or rangers on the go who need more ammo
  • slings have the unique fourth attack style which does more dmg but has worse accuracy and has a higher chance of destroying the ammo upon being fired at a target so it can keep up damage wise with other ranged weapons
  • slings would be excellent for ironman and ultimate ones as the ease of making slings, making or finding ammo around the world would help alot when you can't trade for the items or have limited inventory and no bank.
  • slings act as a sort of holy ranged weapon that can be used in different quests or for fighting different foes
  • slings have the most wide and varied ranged experience requirements over any other type of ranged weapon so they are great for rangers of all levels
  • slings would allow players to more easily range in pvp much like how melee can fight with one weapon and not worry about running out of ammo, this could be like ranged's unarmed option using slings
  • slings would also have have special ones that do extra damage or lower certain foes defenses, these only work on specific foes for balance reasons
  • slings though they have worse accuracy then bows/cbows do have the advantage of ammo that has ranged attack bonuses as well as ranged strength unlike arrows or bolts
  • this allows slings to be like rl where they were hard to use at first but with the right skill, sling, aero ammo, the forceful style and cheap ammo it can compete just as well as bows and crossbows