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Sling Ammo

  • slings use metal bullets, clay bullets, rocks and burnt food chunks as ammo, their ammo can not be poisoned however
  • Slings are able to be used without any ammo in combat, however without ammo they fire much more slowly in combat due to ingame reasoning being the player is searching for rocks on the ground to throw at the target which slows them down.
  • Slings unlike bows and crossbows do not have a ammo material limit so players could use dragon bullets with wool slings if they really wanted, however the ammo has a requirement to be able to be used with slings unlike arrows/bolts so no level 3 rangers using dragon bullets with wool slings (the idea of the non material limit is due to the design of the sling and firing of ammo mechanics being different from bows/cbows
  • metal sling ammo only has a 15% chance of being lost on use unlike other ranged weapon's 20%, this is due to the bullets having less parts and just being a solid piece of metal unlike arrows which are made of 3 parts
  • sling ammo can not be poisoned however regardless of type
  • the most basic and common sling ammo type would be smooth rocks found in water

      • Sling Ammo Types***
  • sling ammo can be split into two types basically, round and aero
  • round ammo only gives bonuses to ranged strength and acts the same as arrows/bolts stat wise
  • burnt food chunks, rough rocks, round clay bullets, round bullets, granite rocks, limestone rocks and sandstone count as round ammo
  • aero ammo is like round ammo but it gives a bonus to ranged attack due to the aerodynamic design
  • aero ammo would have the same ranged strength as round ammo but has the bonus of ranged attack
  • smooth rocks, salve rocks, aero metal bullets and aero clay bullets fall under the aero bullet type

Round sling Ammo[edit | edit source]

Round Metal bullets

Round Metal Bullets Ranged Strength.png
Bronze/Gold +4 N/A
Silver +6 N/A
Iron +7 N/A
Steel +10 N/A
Black/blessed silver bullets/white bullets +15 N/A
Mithril/ +20 N/A
Adamant +26 N/A
Rune +34 N/A
Dragon +43 N/A

  • Metal Round Bullets are made from metal bars which give 15 bullets per bar
  • metal round bullets when used have a 15% chance of being lost, they can be collected with ava's device
  • metal round bullets are more easily recovered then any other ammo due to the fact that their design is very simple and it has much less parts then arrows/bolts to lose(arrows have the head, shafts and feathers, bolts have the metal bolt part and feathers while sling bullets are just one solid piece of metal)
  • making round sling bullets has lower requirements to make then making arrowheads or crossbolts of the same metal so making them is easier and available much sooner, this is due to bullets just being a lump of metal while the arrows/bolts require more detail and attention, ideal for players who want to make more ammo besides clay bullets at level 1 crafting, maybe for instance, making bronze round bullets requires 1-3 smithing while bronze arrowheads require 5 smithing

Special bullets[edit | edit source]

  • Silver round bullets can used on vampyre foes to kill them in combination with a guthix balance, you don't have to use silver bullets with the knurled sling but like mentioned if you do it can lower vampyre foes defense for a time, additionally if used on werewolves it prevents them from changing form like wolfbane (get it?, cause they are silver bullets :P). Maybe have silver bullets being able to be used and made require completing priest in peril, silver bullets can harm and kill all Vampyres and vyrewatch
  • Black and dragon round bullets can be bought from stores, received as drops or treasure trails rewards
  • white round bullets can be bought from sir vynin at a rank of White Knight novice
  • blessed bullets are silver round bullets which have been blessed by either a player or npc. This can be used to harm vampyre foes and prevent them from fleeing in combination with a guthix balance, they also need to be used with a knurled sling to be able to kill vyrewatch, the knurled sling alone or with non silver ammo will not work on vyrewatch. To get blessed silver bullets, players can go to Drezel who will bless 100 silver bullets per week for free, with each Morytania diary completed, he can bless 100 more bullets. Players may also go to Father Lawrence who will bless 50 bullets at a time, however he requests 2000 coins each time as a donation to the church. He has no limit however on how many he can do. Players with 55 prayer and a holy book and wearing a holy symbol may bless 15 bullets at a time which uses 5 prayer points per 15, they may also with 99 prayer and a prayer cape bless them without the other two items.
  • blessed silver round bullets if used with a knurled sling can have a chance lower vampyre foes's defenses by 20% instead of 15% with each successful hit, this applies to vyrewatch foes as well, this does not stack however.
  • blessed silver round bullets can still work on werewolves to stop transformation, maybe they could have a chance to lower their defense by 10% for a time, using a knurled sling with blessed silver bullets does not gives any extra bonus however.
  • maybe to further help players fighting vampyres, using blessed round bullets on vampyres will prevent them from fleeing, so Rod of ivandis or the flail is not required for ranged players
  • Gold bullets are mostly meant as a joke, players can make them from gold bars and they are quite weak like you would expect irl, but hey it lets players throw their money around if they want and be a show off, maybe since gold is heavy irl it should have a higher ranged strength though?

Aero metal bullets[edit | edit source]

  • irl sling bullets most often came in different shapes, the two most common being spherical or round like a ball and a second almond or football shaped form known as biconial, the almond shaped bullets are believed that they may have been more aerodynamic and easier to use with the sling which already had aerodynamic advantage over the bow and arrow even with round bullets
  • i propose for all metal bullets that there is now a second type known as aero bullets
  • these would have the exact same ranged strength and ranged requirements as round bullets but all aero bullets have a possible 2-5 + to ranged attack bonus due to their shape unlike round bullets which lack a ranged attack bonus
  • this makes them unique as no arrows or bolts have a ranged attack bonus
  • players can smith areo metal bullets but they have the same smithing requirements as arrowheads of the same metal do
  • for instance bronze round bullets require 2 smithing while aero bronze bullets require 5 smithing
  • making aero bullets only gives 10 bullets per bar piece as opposed to round bullets 15
  • aero metal bullets can also be bought at npc stores, however they are more expensive then round bullets
  • no foes drop aero bullets so players need to make or buy them at npc stores or get them from other sources listed below
  • white aero bullets can be bought from sir vynin at a rank of White Knight novice
  • black aero bullets can be bought from stores
  • aero metal bullets have a 15% chance of being lost like round metal bullets do not the usual 20% for other ranged ammo
  • aero bullets would help the sling keep up accuracy wise with bows and crossbows due to the small ranged attack bonus slings have but them needing to be smithed or bought would balance them having ranged attack bonuses
  • maybe for balance reasons the higher metal bullets have better ranged attack bonuses, so a dragon aero bullet has more ranged attack bonus then bronze bullets
  • the numbers suggested are just a guideline for possible ranged attack bonuses

Non metal sling ammo[edit | edit source]

Non metal Bullets Ranged Strength.png
Burnt food chunks +0 N/A
Rough rocks +0 N/A
Smooth rocks/salve rocks/ vile rocks +1 N/A
round clay bullets/ aero clay bullets +3 N/A
Limestone sling rocks +6 N/A
Sandstone sling rocks +12 N/A
Granite sling rocks +20 N/A
      • Burnt Food Chunks***
  • Burnt food chunks is made by using a hammer or chisel or any crush weapon that is not a 2h sword on any type of burnt food as seen here, players get randomly 3-5 pieces from each food item and gain a very small amount of crafting xp(the chance of getting more ammo could be based off the player's skill level)
  • idea is that for instance you have burnt bread, i use a hammer on the burnt bread and smash it apart into chunks i can use for my slings as ammo while training cooking, good way to multitask
  • When used by a sling, burnt food chunks is always lost on use(alternately it could have a 65% chance of being lost),
  • the main use is to provide a new use for burnt food and a cheap and fast way to make ammo for slings as well as let players use the sling much faster and more easily, part of the idea of the burnt chucks being ammo is based off a line from jon taffer in bar rescue when he says "this food is as hard as a rock, i could use it for self defense"
  • additionally anyone who has burnt food irl really badly knows how hard burnt food can be
  • this gives burnt food a new use beside just a very few quests and gives players more options then just dropping the burnt food, now they have ammo and can gain some skill experience, perfect for new players and more budget friendly ranged training
  • with the new use for burnt food players training cooking no longer have to drop every piece, instead they can just bring a tool or use an inventory weapon or equipped weapon to get ammo and save time instead of dropping it
  • players can make burnt food chunks at level 1 crafting, ideal for newbies training cooking or crafting
  • one alternative idea if the player lacks the tools or weapons, the burnt food now has a new option on them called smash food, when used the player smashes the burnt food on the ground, this randomly gives 3-5 burnt food chunks but does not give crafting xp and is totally random how much you get, there is also a chance you shatter the burnt food into pieces too small to use

      • Rough Rocks***
  • Rough rocks are a type of ammo that can be collected in several ways
  • they can be collected from any furnace in runescape, players can search them for rocks and can get between 100-500 randomly rocks once a day per furnace. The rough rocks are the leftover rocks from smelting processes, when used as ammo they are always lost after use (alternatively there's a 45% chance they will be lost when used), all furnaces reset once a day so players can search each one daily if they wish(alternatively it resets once an hour to be more newbie friendly, also immersion wise the furnace has gotten new rocks from others smelting)
  • players may now also search the rocks used for mining for ore for rough rocks, they get between 10-40 rocks per search, to search players can just prospect the ore rocks to look for loose rocks
  • the spots reset every time they are mined(idea being new mining has created more rocks as a byproduct of mining)This does not give any experience in any skills
  • rough rocks may now be also found as well in rock slides and falls, the small and large stones on the ground with an examine that aren't mossy, crumbled walls, rubble that is not runecraft altars, i.e. scenery that has loose rocks in it, a new search option appears, players may receive between 30-60 rocks per search, once searched players must wait an hour before looking again
  • the large boulders found around the world that are currently just decorative can now be mined at level 1 mining, when mining, players may randomly get between 40-200 rough rocks from the rock, once mined, it respawns 3 minutes later, now those rocks aren't just decorative any more and serve a purpose
  • Collapsible rocks in castle wars when mined with the pickaxe now offer between 100-200 rough rocks, excellent for slingers
  • ava's devices do not collect rough rocks
      • Smooth Rocks***
  • Smooth Rocks are the classic sling ammo used irl, they can be found at any non lava fishing spot, players can search the water as if they were fishing and may find between 1-4 smooth rocks per attempt. Note that players can search the water even if they do not have the fishing level or equipment needed to fish in that spot(you shouldn't need fishing levels or tools to just look for rocks in the water and if you did need it you have bigger problems then lacking equipment :P).
  • When used in combat there's a 20% chance they will be lost when fired, ava's devices do not collect smooth rocks
  • Each attempt to find smooth rocks gives a flat 1 fishing experience regardless of how many rocks are found each time or even no fishing experience if it's a problem for pures, this makes smooth rocks a cheap and easy way to have ammo for your slings, maybe the ranged tutor has a toggle option to enable or disable fishing experience received
  • smooth rocks have a better ranged attack bonus then burnt food and rough rocks as their smoothness makes them more aerodynamic
  • smooth rocks irl are rocks found by rivers or oceans which have been smoothed out by the water around them which makes them more aerodynamic and better choices as ammo, it was common irl for people to search those areas for smooth rocks for their slings
  • to make finding smooth rocks more newbie friendly, i suggest adding one more fishing spot on the lum river side by the lumbridge guide, it can be the same fishing spot type as the other fishing spot on the other side of the river (the one requiring bait or lures to fish with) but it's more clear to new players, plus in pvp worlds, players can quickly get more ammo in a hurry (though people might use it to grief collectors there)
  • smooth rocks could have a 1-5+ to ranged attack like aero metal bullets do or a lower ranged attack bonus then metal aero bullets, they are the aero version of rough rocks

      • Vile Rocks***
  • Vile Rocks are found by searching the water in any sewer location in the game, varrock, Draynor and Ardougne
  • these rocks are the same stat and mechanic wise as smooth rocks for the most part
  • however because of the location and nature where they were found they are altered and very disgusting
  • when using vile rocks on foes that are not vampyres or vyrewatch, they have a chance to lower a random combat stat by 5% for a time, this does not stack but multiple stats can be hit not just one
  • This is due to the fact that the rocks would be covered and swarming with filth and disease, making it similar to the disease effect in game
  • players can search sewer pipes with an examine or certain fishing spots in the sewers for the rocks
  • however when doing so there is a small chance you have a random combat stat lowered by 5% for a time, wearing gloves lowers but does not negate the chance
  • the low bonuses for the first 3 rock choices are meant more so they provide more the ability to use the sling faster then actual damage potential, however again the sheer ease of getting the rocks nearly anywhere and being able to use it for ranged makes them outweigh the drawbacks and makes them very new player friendly and great for easy, cheap low level or causal ranged training and pve

Salve Rocks[edit | edit source]

  • An idea i had was a variant of smooth rocks found in the river salve or the Abandoned Mine
  • these have the exact stats as smooth rocks when used against most foes
  • however when used with sling against undead creatures that would be affected by the salve amulet or werewolves or any non vyrewatch vampyre, these have the stats of adamant aero bullets, making them a good choice against them
  • these do not prevent werewolves from changing form however
  • players can find salve rocks in a new fishing spot near the bridge that leads across the river salve, it could be fished at with a regular fishing rod
  • players may also find salve rocks in the bottom level of the abandoned mine where the salve crystals are found, in the top of the level where the water is
  • these rocks can't be used against vyrewatch even with the knurled sling however, silver must be used to harm them
  • however an idea to make the rocks more useful in general is when used against the foe types listed upon a successful it has a chance to lower those enemy defenses by 15% (this is to replicate the effects of the salve amulet)
  • vyrewatch if hit with salve rocks do have defense lowered even if it doesn't damage them
  • if the miniquest Lair of Tarn Razorlor is done, the rocks now can lower defense by 20%
  • the idea of the rocks is that being in the river salve so long has blessed or altered the rocks in a similar way to the salve crystals, players can't use the rocks for jewelry but they can be used in combat
  • the bonuses the rocks give do stack with void knight equipment but not any other items
  • if used with the knurled sling it can lower the listed enemy defenses by 20% even without the miniquest being done, completing the quest most likely shouldn't give a 25% defense because that might be op
  • one extra idea is broodoo victims can be affected by the salve rocks ,though this may not fit the theme of the rocks since those foes are from a different location

Clay Bullets[edit | edit source]

  • clay round bullets were used irl for sling ammo, players can make these by right clicking a new option on soft clay called divide clay which makes 15 bullets per soft clay, then taking the bullets to a pottery oven for baking
  • when used they have a 20% chance of being lost on use, players gain crafting xp making clay bullets, players do not need to use potter wheels to make bullets
  • ideally clay round bullets can be made at level 1 crafting so rangers can have ammo that can be made early on
  • clay aero bullets can be made by players at level 3 crafting, they have the same ranged strength as clay round bullets except for the possible 1+-5+ to ranged attack bonus
  • players can make 10 clay aero bullets per clay piece
  • no monsters drop clay aero bullets so players need to make them themselves or buy from a store
  • clay ammo can not be picked up by any of ava's devices

Other Rock Ammo Types[edit | edit source]

  • New and stronger rocks can be made by players from limestone, sandstone and granite by taking a chisel or hammer or a crush weapon to a piece of the respective stone, each piece gives a certain amount of rocks per size, so 10 kg sandstone and 5kg granite would give the most, this gives some crafting/fletching xp to the player,, even this can be turned into ammo
  • alternatively the rocks mentioned gain a new left click option called break up rock, this still requires a hammer/chisel or crush weapon to do. Players can break up the rocks with an equipped weapon that was listed or with a tool or weapon in the inventory.
  • this gives players a new option instead of just dropping it or banking, they can now just craft it into easy ammo and keep mining longer, this makes granite mining even more useful as now crafting/fletching can be trained as well as mining, this also lets them mine for longer since they don't need to leave or drop things
  • Higher crafting/fletching skill gives you a higher chance to get more ammo per rock piece
  • limestone rocks have a 35% chance to be lost on use, sandstone 25% and granite 15%
  • ava's devices can not pick up limestone, sandstone or granite rocks
  • no aero versions for limestone, granite or sandstone would exist as they are not available in a way that could be smoothed out, the rocks are just meant as an alternative to dropping the mined products
  • if players however did want aero versions of the three rock types, one idea is players may near the farm in lumbridge with the water wheel, they may place up to 5000 rocks of one type in the water and return 6 hours later to collect them, when collected, the aero versions of the rock types now have a possible 1+-5+ ranged attack bonus
  • there is no aero version of crypt ammo for players to make as ogres most likely wouldn't have them and it doesn't fit the theme of the crypt sling

Ammo Requirements[edit | edit source]

Metal Bullets both round and aero

  • Bronze/iron: 1 ranged
  • steel/silver: 5
  • black/blessed silver bullets: 10
  • Mithril: 20
  • Adamant: 30
  • Rune: 40
  • dragon: 60

Small Rocks/both clay bullets

  • rough rock/smooth/vile rocks/clay bullets /burnt food chunks: 1 ranged
  • limestone: 5 ranged
  • Sandstone: 10 ranged
  • Granite: 20 ranged

Crypt Ammo (can only be used with crypt sling)

  • Big clay bullet: 55 ranged
  • big limestone rock: 60
  • Big Sandstone rock 65
  • big granite rock/cannonball 70
  • granite cannonball 75

Note that in order to fire the crypt ammo, as previously mentioned, the player needs along with the ranged requirements 40 strength or 60 hitpoints(this is so ranged pures can still use the crypt sling)