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weak prayer potions[edit | edit source]

  • a while ago on the forums there was talk about giving f2p restore potions or prayer potions and some people said that would be too strong, while one person suggested weak prayer potions
  • this stuck with me and made me curious as to how that could work, so i decided to give it a try for f2p

Concept[edit | edit source]

  • f2p would gain access to weak prayer potions from the Apothecary in varrock, called apothecary prayer potion
  • these potions when drunk would give 3 + 5% of the player's current Prayer level, rounded down. These are not boosted by Prayer cape or ring of the gods (i) or holy wrench.
  • alternatively to make it more balanced, they always no matter what only restore 3 prayer points per dose or even just 2 points
  • to make them, players must bring 1 cooked pike, 1 baked bread, 1 garlic and pay 5000 coins (Alternatively replace the garlic with a jug of wine or a blessed holy symbol)
  • the higher cost item and coin wise is due to the fact that prayer restoration is very strong, potentially even stronger then a strength potion and energy potion combined, this also provides an item and coin sink
  • the weak prayer potion made by the apothecary can not be traded with other players or sold on ge, this is to prevent devaluing regular prayer potions, they are only for the player who had them made and only they can use it
  • the ingredients listed are partially based off rl religion and to give some underused items more use in the game
  • perhaps to further avoid devaluing prayer potions, a max limit of 10 can be made per day
  • the weak prayer potions are always lost on death , players do not get coins back from them, they are destroyed if dropped and they do not appear even in pvp deaths for other players to take
  • these can't be turned into barbarian mixes

Player Made?[edit | edit source]

  • one thing i do wonder is if players should be able to make this or if players would even want to
  • players could possibly make them at 19 herblore, using either Marrentill or Harralander and 1 garlic
  • the issue though is even if it is weaker, it could still devalue the stronger prayer potions
  • perhaps you could have it ingame the apothecary says the recipe for his weak prayer potions is a trade secret and will not share it