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In osrs and rs 3, too many quests imo force certain combat xp on you regardless of what style you use or even if it wasn't reverent to the quest. I propose a new xp lamp called war lamp be added in place of the usual forced xp. Players can use this lamp to gain xp in either attack, strength, defense, magic or ranged. Players would then no longer be forced to gain xp in a skill they might not want the xp in when they would rather level up another skill that needs xp more. This also makes more quests accessible and completable for pures so they can level up what skill they want or if trying to avoid combat xp altogether they could destroy the lamp.

Optionally the lamps can also level up prayer, agility. hitpoints or slayer as well

Imo there's too much focus on melee combat and melee rewards in osrs and rs 3 in quests

One other idea is like in legend's quest you can choose what skills to get xp instead of a lamp, this makes it more exciting to choose and less annoying that you are forced into xp in skills you may not want trained or would rather use the xp in other skills

Here's a list of quests that i feel would benefit best from the war lamp and why it would be right to change the xp rewards whether it's thematic or gameplay wise or lorewise. I've also given explanations where needed

Also i have listed quests where foes or bosses can be safespotted by rangers and mages which imo is a reason why the melee xp shouldn't be forced on the player

  • vampyre slayer: you get 4,825 Attack experience but you could have used magic or ranged or used strength only to kill the vampyre, optionally what if the quest instead gave slayer xp? you do require a special method to finish them off and it is vampyre SLAYER
  • dragon slayer gives 18,650 Strength experience and 18,650 Defence experience but you might have used ranged to safespot it or used magic to kill it( and if you didn't want to pay 10k you needed 31 magic) , now granted slaying dragons is often associated with strong knights but in osrs other good ways exist. also the quest reward lets rangers wear green d hide
  • Tree Gnome Village gives 11,450 Attack experience but you can again use range or magic like the gnomes do and it can be safespoted the warlord foe
  • Fight arena gives Attack 12,175 Attack experience , again has safespots
  • scorpion catcher gives 6,625 Strength experience(why does it anyway, if anything it should give agility or thieving xp, needed to catch the scorpions)
  • witch's house gives 6,325 Hitpoints experience oddly even though there's no hp related things aside from the fighting of experiments
  • Waterfall Quest gives 13,750 Strength experience and 13,750 Attack experience but there's no forced combat as you can just avoid the giants as best you can, if anything hp xp makes more sense
  • The Grand Tree gives Attack 18,400 Attack experience and 2,150 Magic experience
  • Underground pass gives 3,000 Attack experience and can be safespotted as well
  • nature spirit gives 2,000 Defence experience and 2,000 Hitpoints experience
  • Death Plateau gives 3,000 Attack experience but no combat is required
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio gives 2,500 Attack experience and 2,500 Strength experience but can be safespotted
  • Monkey madness 1 gives the choice of either, 35,000 experience in Attack and Defence and 20,000 experience in Strength and Hitpoints OR 35,000 experience in Strength and Hitpoints and 20,000 experience in Attack Attack and Defence. Oddly enough daero is an archer
  • Haunted Mine gives 22,000 Strength experience though prayer or mining xp would make more sense
  • Troll romance gives 8,000 Agility experience and 4,000 Strength experience
  • in search of the Myreque gives 600 Attack experience, 600 Defence experience, 600 Strength experience, 600 Hitpoints experience
  • mountain daughter gives 2,000 Prayer experience and 1,000 Attack experience but can be safespotted
  • Fairytale I Growing Pains gives 2,000 Attack experience and 1,000 Magic experience but you use magic secateurs and farming to kill the tangleroot foe.
  • In Aid of the Myreque gives 2,000 Attack experience, 2,000 Strength experience, 2,000 Defence experience but has a magic requirement needed to start it
  • a soul's bane gives 500 Defence experience, 500 Hitpoints experience
  • What Lies Below gives 2k defense xp
  • Olaf's Quest gives 2k defense xp but can be safespotted