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This is just a page I'm putting together to help organize the different projects that I'm aware of on the wiki, so if I don't know what to help out with, I can look here and see if there's something that needs working on! This list isn't going to be perfect, but I figure it might be useful to have a centralized place to collect my thoughts, rather than just writing them on sticky notes and forgetting about them :P

If you're interested in helping out, one place to check is the One Small Wiki Favour project, which offers bond rewards for help on specific tasks. It's a perfect place to start for new editors who want to help out!

Maintenance Categories[edit | edit source]

This is a big list of categories that contain pages that need work for various reasons. Most of these should be pretty self-explanatory, but I'll list a few of the more important ones here. Usually, the categories here are added by a template from Category:Maintenance templates, and on the page it sometimes describes what needs to be done to fix it up.

  • Category:Articles in need of cleanup - This is a bit of a catch-all category, and pages can be in it for a number of reasons. Sometimes they're poorly written, or poorly organized, or need templates added. Usually the reason should be on the page in the cleanup template, or otherwise pretty apparent. You can also check the page history to find when the template was added; sometimes the user who added it might have a reason in their edit summary.
  • Category:Needs image - Self explanatory. Find images that match from elsewhere on the wiki, or upload new images to fill the gaps.
  • Category:Articles under construction - Self explanatory. Check the page history to see if somebody's been working on it, or if there's a description of the project when the template was added.
  • Category:Incomplete articles - Articles that are missing whole sections, or need a lot of work. Some overlap here with Category:Articles in need of cleanup and Category:Stubs. Sometimes the missing stuff is described on the page in the template.
  • Category:Stubs - There's a pretty good description of what stubs are over at RuneScape:Stubs. Basically, they're short little articles that need a lot of content to get up to par with the rest of the wiki's quality. Check for relevant templates, images, and information that can be added and do what you can. Every little bit helps!

Image Maintenance[edit | edit source]

There's a pretty solid article on image maintenance already, so I'm just gonna transcribe what it says about the different categories of images that need work. If you're not sure how to take new and improved pictures, feel free to ask around in, particularly in the Discord. There's lots of good picture-takers that are willing to give all sorts of advice.

The only other thing I'll mention is that we have the ability to pull image data en masse thanks to a clever script User:Riblet15 cooked up. So, if you want to have a list of (for example) all map images in order of size, we can give you that easily. Just ask me or Rib and we can get you the info you need.

Maintenance categories[edit | edit source]

The following categories hold images that have been categorized by the above templates and need attention. Members are encouraged to make the changes that will allow them to be removed from each category.

Specific to animated Images[edit | edit source]

The Old School RuneScape Wiki has a number of animated images that will sometimes need changes that our normal templates do not cover. These templates and categories are especially suited to animations. Remember that not all animations are necessary. Try to avoid excessive animations within articles.

Special pages[edit | edit source]

Main article: Special:SpecialPages

There's a lot of special pages out there on the wiki that list pages that could be looked over. Some are more useful than others, but here are a few handy ones:

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Special:BrokenRedirects - These are redirect pages that redirect to a page that doesn't exist. Usually the result of a typo or a page being moved, so either fix the redirect to point to the new page, or ask an admin to delete the broken redirect.
  • Special:DoubleRedirects - These are redirect pages that redirect to another redirect page. Usually the best way to fix this is to find the "real" page they're trying to point to, and make sure all the redirects go straight there instead of to other redirects.
  • Special:DeadendPages - These pages don't link to any others. Sometimes that's okay, like if they're a subpage that's being used to organize a larger page's contents (like the Fight Cave rotation pages), but other times it can be because the page needs some linking to get it connected with the rest of the wiki.
  • Special:LonelyPages - These pages aren't linked to by any other pages on the wiki. A lot of these are disambiguation pages, which are mostly just to help direct people if they're searching something but don't remember the exact name. If a page on this list is actually something that should have links to it, look around for related pages and add them in where appropriate. Lonely pages are often pretty bare-bones (because nobody ever sees them to improve them) so feel free to spruce them up a bit before linking to them.

Uncategorised[edit | edit source]

In general, the categories on the wiki could use quite a bit of work. There may or may not be some larger project in the works to streamline/reorganize/reassign categories (User:IN008 might be working on it?)

  • Special:UncategorisedCategories - In theory, categories should be categorized, but the current category system is a bit messy, so this isn't a huge priority.
  • Special:UncategorisedFiles - If an image is uncategorised, it usually also means that it's missing a license template (like Template:POH license for example). To fix these, you can find the proper license and add it in. Check RS:LICENSES for a list of licenses to use.
  • Special:UncategorisedPages - Most pages should have at least one category, if not more. Oftentimes, these categories are added in by the navboxes at the bottom, so if a page is uncategorised, a lot of the time it means it doesn't have a navbox, or the navbox doesn't have an associated category. Before adding a category to a page directly, always look at the navbox situation to see if it can be involved there, as it's a lot easier to fix the categorization of multiple pages at once using the navboxes than it is to do each one individually!
  • Special:UncategorisedTemplates - Templates need categories too! Usually best to look for a subcategory of Category:Templates and see if it would fit one of them.

Unused[edit | edit source]

If something is on the wiki, it should probably be in use somewhere. If it's not being used, it should be added to somewhere relevant, or deleted. (or in some specific cases, put in RuneScape:Gallery, but leave that to the admins probably).

  • Special:UnusedCategories - I'd say don't worry about these right now, because there's plenty of other issues with the category system (see above) that'll hopefully be adressed in a larger category rework.
  • Special:UnusedFiles - These are images that aren't being used anywhere right now. If it looks like it could be useful somewhere, feel free to add it in. If you're not sure what the picture is for, consider messaging the person who uploaded it and asking.

Wanted[edit | edit source]

This is the red link zone! If something links to a page or file or category that doesn't exist, it'll show up on this list.

  • Special:WantedCategories - I'd say don't worry about these right now, because categories are currently being worked on, and that should hopefully fix a bunch of these. If there's only one or two pages linking to a category though, it's probably not worth having anyways, so feel free to remove the category from the page. (could also be a typo)
  • Special:WantedFiles - Missing files. Easiest fix is to look at the pages that link to the file, and see if you can upload an image to fix what's missing. If that's not possible, consider changing the page (or pages) to no longer link to the missing file, if it's not a necessary image.
  • Special:WantedPages - The big list o' redlinks. A lot of the time, these are just typos, or image licenses that don't link to exactly the right page. Other times, they're a page that doesn't exist yet, but probably should. More links to a page usually means there's a template or navbox that's trying to link to it, so potentially look there to fix it.

Important Resources[edit | edit source]

There's a lot of great resources out there for editors who want to help out. Some of these aren't necessarily available for general use, but if you think one of them might be helpful, just send me a message here or on Discord and I'll help you out.

  • Minimal OSRS Item Database - this has a list of all items, images for them, and other info (examines courtesy of the OSB team, as far as I remember). Super helpful when it comes to making new pages, getting item images, or looking up information on items like alch values n such.
    • Minimal OSRS NPC Database - like MOID, but for NPCs. Thanks to Abex from the Runelite team, we not only have the combat information and ID of all NPCs, but also a pre-rendered image of each one. Super useful stuff!
    • Minimal OSRS Object Database - like MOID, but for Objects. This is fairly rough around the edges, due to weird rendering and the sheer amount of objects in the game. Sometimes still useful for reference purposes.
  • Image List by size - thanks to some code by Riblet, we can pull image data like resolution and size for all images in any given category. Very useful if you want to work on improving wiki images but don't know where to start
  • Category info - We also have a table with information about every category (like size, parent categories, subcategories, etc.) that I've been using when trying to clean up the categories on the wiki. Not sure how useful it will be, but extra information can't hurt!

Miscellaneous Projects[edit | edit source]

Besides the stuff that's neatly laid out in categories, there's lots of other projects that are always going on around the wiki. Some of these are a bit more involved, or are on various admins' to-do lists. If you're interested in any of these projects and want to help out, feel free to come over to the discord and ask about them. Some even have their own dedicated channel!

  • Changelog project - Large project to cover every change made to OSRS in the last 6 years. Details can be found at User:BigDiesel2m/Projects/Updates.
  • Map rework - There's lots of old maps that use crops of old, unofficial world maps rather than the official in-game one. Also, some of the maps are poor quality, badly sized, or highlight areas in weird ways. There's a list of pages that could use a new, interactive map over at User:Riblet15/Maybe missing map.
  • Equip image updates - There's lots of equip images for items that need some real work to bring them up to snuff. Thanks to User:Riblet15 we now have a list of equip images (as of December 18ish) in order of size, so I guess we should just start from the small ones and move on up! If you want to help on this or other image stuff, message me or Rib for the image information.
  • Search term redirecting - There's lots of search terms people use on the wiki, and we try to have redirects to the page they're looking for when we can. For search terms that don't go anywhere, they get logged at Special:SearchDigest, so it can be helpful to make those pages into redirects if there's somewhere on the wiki people are trying to go.
  • Object pages - There are a lot of objects in OSRS to click on, and in theory, most of them should have a page on the wiki. Up until recently, even stuff as ubiquitous as Bank booths didn't have a page. We're trying to sort these out to either have pages or redirect to the respective page. Cook generated a list of the most popularly-clicked objects (I think) over at User:Cook Me Plox/Objects.
  • Navbox consistency - This is pretty tied-in with the category work because of how many categories are automatically added by nav templates. This project wants to check the existing navboxes to make sure they're good quality, add new ones when necessary, and make sure the navboxes are added to the proper pages. Rib was kind enough to make a list of pages that might need a navbox added to them over at User:Riblet15/navbox. (the list isn't perfect, but it's a good place to start)
  • NPC Transcripts - In an effort to document everything about the game, we're starting to better support transcripts of NPC Dialogue. For a list of NPCs that need dialogue, check User:Cook Me Plox/Maybe missing dialogue.
  • Infobox Location types - we recently combined a bunch of redundant infoboxes into Template:Infobox Location. For categorization purposes, we added a (by default hidden) "type" parameter to the infobox, which still needs adding to many location pages. For example, if you check White Wolf Mountain it has "type = mountain" in the infobox. For a list of supported types, see the Infobox documentation.