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Hey so this is very work-in-progress but I want to build (or at least inspire someone more competent than me to build) a functioning max-hit calculator for magic attacks. Most of the stuff is adapted from the combat level calculator we already had on the wiki, so if I did something weirdly that might be why.

Basically, just enter in the base max hit of your spell, select the gear you're using, and it should tell you your max hit! For reference, the base max hits of spells are at the bottom under the calculator.

Future goals for this calculator:

  • Better input (perhaps automated per page) of the base max hit for spells
  • Inclusion of set bonuses like Ahrims and Void Elite
  • Ability to detect invalid/conflicting setups, like how Salve and Slayer helm don't stack, or (once we have sets) how you can't have the Void Elite bonus with Tormented bracelet
  • Similar to above point, ability to limit selection options depending on spell, so chaos gauntlets only show up for bolt spells, or charge only for god spells
  • Perhaps better output, with visuals or saved results for comparison (so it would be easy to see the max hit difference between two setups)
 template = User:BigDiesel2m/Projects/CalcTemplate
 form = combatCalcForm
 result = combatCalcResult
 param = base|Base|30|int|2-30
 param = head|Head|None|select|None,Ancestral hat,Slayer helmet (i),Black mask (i)
 param = body|Body|None|select|None,Ancestral robe top
 param = legs|Legs|None|select|None,Ancestral robe bottom
 param = gloves|Gloves|None|select|None,Tormented bracelet,Castle wars bracelet,Chaos gauntlets
 param = neck|Neck|None|select|None,Occult necklace,Salve amulet(i),Salve amulet(ei)
 param = cape|Cape|None|select|None,Imbued god cape
 param = staff|Staff|None|select|None,Ahrims staff,Smoke battlestaff,Staff of light,Staff of the dead, Toxic staff of the dead,Kodai wand
 param = shield|Shield|None|select|None,Tome of fire
 param = charge|Charge|None|select|None,Charged
Please wait for the form to load. If it does not load, try
  • Refreshing the page
  • Checking that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser
  • Checking your custom JavaScript does not interfere with the calculator script in any way

For reference[edit | edit source]

Base max hits: Strike: 2 4 6 8

Bolt: 9 10 11 12

Blast: 13 14 15 16

Wave: 17 18 19 20

Surge: 21 22 23 24

Rush: 14 15 16 17

Burst: 18 19 20 21

Blitz: 23 24 25 26

Barrage: 27 28 29 30

Crumble Undead: 15

Iban Blast: 25

God spells: 20