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Arno's Item Retrieval Service interface.

Item Retrieval Services are in-game services offered outside of dangerous, instanced boss fights and other challenges. If a player dies during one of these activities, their items will be saved and made available to retrieve at a later time, usually after the player pays a certain fee in coins. This system prevents the player from permanently losing items due to an instanced area ceasing to exist after the player dies. Any items stored at an Item Retrieval Service will be permanently lost should the player die anywhere in an unsafe death. Thus it is recommended that players retrieve their items as soon as possible if planning to continue dangerous activities.

Item Retrieval Services are sometimes colloquially referred to as "Gravestones", both by players and Jagex Moderators in Update messages. This is because these services resemble the functionality of RuneScape's Gravestone system, which was added to the game in an update on 10 December 2007 (four months after the 10 August 2007 backup on which Old School RuneScape is based).

Regular Item Retrieval Services[edit | edit source]

The following Item Retrieval Services are available at all times, once the player has unlocked the activity they are associated with.

Activity NPC/Object Cost Notes
Zulrah Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig None Has no cost and no interface; items are returned to the player based on their order in the player's inventory on death.
Volcanic Mine Petrified Pete Numulite 25.png 150
Grotesque Guardians Magical Chest 50,000 Located outside the Roof Entrance unlocked by the Brittle key
Vorkath Torfinn 100,000
Theatre of Blood Chest 100,000 Located north of Ver Sinhaza's bank.
Hespori Arno 25,000
Alchemical Hydra Orrvor quo Maten 100,000
The Mimic Strange casket 90,000

Quest Item Retrieval Services[edit | edit source]

The following Item Retrieval Services are only available during certain quests, for specific boss fights or challenges.

Quest NPC/Object Cost Notes
Dragon Slayer II Torfinn 100,000 Retrieves items lost during the quest fight with Vorkath, as well as during any part of the final combat sequence against various dragons and Galvek.
A Taste of Hope Chest 20,000 Retrieves items lost in the final fight with Ranis Drakan. Located in Ver Sinhaza's courtyard.
Song of the Elves Elven Scout 80,000 Retrieves items lost during the fight against Arianwyn, during the siege in the Underground Pass, the fight against Essylt, and the final fight against the Fragment of Seren.