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This is meant to be a quick reference guide for images on the wiki, to use as a sort of "cheat-sheet" when it comes to uploading new images or updating old ones on the wiki. For a more in-depth or formal guide, check out RuneScape:Images and RuneScape:Images and media policy.

General Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Before taking a screenshot, turn your in-game brightness to maximum (it's in the options)
  • Before taking a screenshot, turn off any third party client features that might affect the image. These include GPU acceleration, tile highlights, stat overlays, or map add-ons that adjust map icons
    • If you don't want to bother with doing all that, it might be easier to just switch over to the official client long enough to get your screenshot, and then switch back afterwards
  • Always upload images in .png format!

Specific Tips[edit | edit source]

A quality in game image.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Most common mistake people make is wearing outfits while taking screenshots!
    • Unless there's a reason for specific gear, you should unequip everything and take the picture in your default clothing
    • Stuff like combat guides, quest guides, etc. are examples where gear is fine in the pic (you don't need to go beat up Vorkath naked just to get combat pics for him :P )
    • Depending on what you're taking a picture of, you can always use the ::renderself command to hide your character model, to focus on just the subject of the picture
  • Zoom in to a reasonable amount before taking the picture. There's no magical number, but a screenshot of (for example) a bar is going to look a lot better at a high resolution, rather than a small image cropped down from a larger screenshot
A quality map.

Maps[edit | edit source]

  • If you're starting with an ingame screenshot of the world map, remember to turn off third party features that change the map! (like by adding icons n such)
  • Maps should all be at 100% zoom in-game. This is the zoom level of the minimap in the top right corner. If you're taking images from the world map in game, 100% zoom is one further out from being all the way zoomed in (the in game world map lets you zoom in all the way to 200%)
  • Maps should generally be 250px x 250px images, though they can be larger (a whole city map, for example) or smaller (a small dungeon map, where the rest of the map would just be empty black space) in some cases.
  • Use File:Map highlight overlay.png to indicate where on a map a point of interest is. The easiest way to do this is to open a 250x250 base map image in a photo editing program (I use Paint.NET), add the overlay onto another layer, and then move/resize the overlay to whatever's best
A quality NPC image.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • For the most part, NPC images are most easily sourced from our reference site: MOND.
  • In the case where MOND is not enough, talking to an NPC will usually make them hold still. Then, you can use ::renderself to hide your character model, and zoom in and take a screenshot.
    • Don't forget to crop around the NPC so it's properly transparent!
  • Chatheads can also be sourced from MOND. If you need to get one not available there, just talk to an NPC, take a screenshot when their face is somewhat neutral in the chatbox, then crop out the chathead.
A quality item image.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • For the most part, Item images are most easily sourced from our reference site: MOID.
  • For images of equipment being worn or held, these must be taken manually, so here's some tips for that
    • The only thing the player should be wearing is the item in question. So if you want an equipment picture of the dragon scimitar, the player shouldn't be wearing any armor or holding any offhand gear
      • The exception to this rule is armour sets, where all pieces of the set should be worn at the same time, with one picture being used on all relevant pages
    • Easiest way to capture these images is to equip the gear, then just zoom in and take a screenshot
    • Taking a picture in a location with consistent or plain background coloration makes the process of cropping the player from the background much easier. The area in front of the LMS counter is a popular spot because it has a very plain sandy background and is close to a bank!
A quality scenery image.

Scenery[edit | edit source]

  • For the most part, scenery images are most easily sourced from our reference site: MOOD, or from this image dump.
  • In cases where a pre-generated image is insufficient, you should take a screenshot in game with the object as large as possible, then crop out everything but the object in question.