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Navbox Project[edit | edit source]

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Location Template Notes
Al Kharid Template:Al Kharid
Arceuus Template:Arceuus
Ardougne Split into East and West
Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert) Template:Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert)
Bandit Camp (Wilderness) Template:Bandit Camp (Wilderness)
Barbarian Village Template:Barbarian Village
Bedabin Camp Template:Bedabin Camp
Brimhaven Template:Brimhaven
Burthorpe Template:Burthorpe
Canifis Template:Canifis Also includes Werewolf Agility stuff
Corsair Cove Template:Corsair Cove
Desert Mining Camp Covered by Template:The Tourist Trap
Dorgesh-Kaan Template:Dorgesh-Kaan Old template, includes weird stuff
Draynor Village Template:Draynor Village
East Ardougne Template:East Ardougne
Edgeville Template:Edgeville
Falador Template:Falador
Fishing Hamlet Covered by Template:Northern Tundras
Goblin settlement Template:Goblin settlement
Gu'Tanoth Template:Gu'Tanoth
Gwenith Covered by Template:Prifddinas
Jatizso Template:Jatizso
Keldagrim Template:Keldagrim
Kingstown Template:Kingstown
Lletya Template:Lletya Old template
Lovakengj Template:Lovakengj
Lumbridge Template:Lumbridge
Marim Covered by Template:Ape Atoll
Meiyerditch Template:Meiyerditch
Molch Template:Molch Also includes nearby Human settlements
Mort'ton Template:Mort'ton
Mountain Camp Covered by Template:Mountain Daughter
Musa Point Template:Musa Point
Museum Camp Covered by Template:Fossil Island
Nardah Template:Nardah Old template
Neitiznot Template:Neitiznot
Piscatoris Fishing Colony Covered by Template:Swan Song
Pollnivneach Template:Pollnivneach
Port Khazard Template:Port Khazard
Port Phasmatys Template:Port Phasmatys
Port Piscarilius Template:Port Piscarilius
Port Sarim Template:Port Sarim
Prifddinas Template:Prifddinas Also includes surrounding areas, including Gwenith
Rellekka Template:Rellekka
Resource Area Covered by Template:Wilderness
Rimmington Template:Rimmington
Seers' Village Template:Seers' Village
Settlement Ruins Covered by Template:Northern Tundras
Shayzien Template:Shayzien
Shilo Village (location) Template:Shilo Village (location)
Slepe Template:Slepe
Sophanem Template:Sophanem
Tai Bwo Wannai Template:Tai Bwo Wannai
Taverley Template:Taverley
Tree Gnome Stronghold Template:Tree Gnome Stronghold
Tree Gnome Village (location) Template:Tree Gnome Village (location)
Troll Stronghold (location) Template:Troll Stronghold (location)
Tyras Camp Template:Tyras Camp
Varrock Template:Varrock
Ver Sinhaza Covered by Template:Meiyerditch
Weiss Covered by Template:Making Friends with My Arm
West Ardougne Template:West Ardougne
Witchaven Template:Witchaven
Yanille Template:Yanille
Zanaris Template:Zanaris
Zul-Andra Template:Zul-Andra

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Location Template Notes
Alice's farm Template:Alice's farm
Duel Arena Template:Duel Arena
Falador farm Template:Falador farm
Necromancer Tower Template:Necromancer Tower
Wizards' Tower Template:Wizards' Tower

Guilds[edit | edit source]

Location Template Notes
Champions' Guild Template:Champions' Guild
Cooks' Guild Template:Cooks' Guild
Crafting Guild Template:Crafting Guild
Edgeville Monastery Template:Edgeville Monastery
Farming Guild Template:Farming Guild
Fishing Guild Template:Fishing Guild
Heroes' Guild Template:Heroes' Guild
Legends' Guild Template:Legends' Guild
Mining Guild Template:Mining Guild
Myths' Guild Template:Myths' Guild
Ranging Guild Template:Ranging Guild
Servants' Guild Covered by Template:East Ardougne
Warriors' Guild Template:Warriors' Guild
Wizards' Guild Covered by Template:Yanille
Woodcutting Guild Covered by Template:Hosidius

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Location Template Notes
Abandoned Mine Covered by Template:Haunted Mine from the quest?
Abyssal Nexus Covered by Template:Abyssal Space
Ah Za Rhoon Covered by Template:Shilo Village
Ancient Cavern Template:Ancient Cavern
Ape Atoll Dungeon Covered by Template:Ape Atoll
Ardougne Sewers Covred by Template:East Ardougne and Template:Hazeel Cult
Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Template:Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
Banana plantation (Ape Atoll) Covered by Template:Ape Atoll
Barrows Template:Barrows Old template
Black Knights' Base Covered by Template:Taverley Dungeon
Brimhaven Dungeon Template:Brimhaven Dungeon
Brimstail's cave Covered by Template:Tree Gnome Stronghold I think
Brine Rat Cavern Template:Brine Rat Cavern
Catacombs of Kourend Template:Catacombs of Kourend
Chambers of Xeric Template:Chambers of Xeric Old template
Chaos Druid Tower A few monsters and a chest
Chasm of Fire Template:Chasm of Fire
Clock Tower Dungeon Template:Clock Tower Dungeon Overlap with Template:Clock Tower?
Corsair Cove Dungeon Template:Corsair Cove Dungeon
Crabclaw Caves Template:Crabclaw Caves
Crandor and Karamja Dungeon Template:Crandor and Karamja Dungeon
Creature Creation Template:Creature Creation
Deep Wilderness Dungeon Template:Deep Wilderness Dungeon
Digsite Dungeon Covered by Template:The Dig Site and Template:Digsite
Dorgesh-Kaan mine Template:Dorgesh-Kaan mine
Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Template:Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
Draynor Sewers not enough
Dwarven Mine Template:Dwarven Mine Some overlap with Template:Mining Guild, needs monsters added
Eagles' Peak Dungeon Covered by Template:Eagles' Peak and Template:Eagle transport system
Edgeville Dungeon Template:Edgeville Dungeon
Elemental Workshop Covered by Template:Elemental Workshop I and Template:Elemental Workshop II
Enakhra's Temple Covered by Template:Enakhra's Lament
Entrana Dungeon Covered by Template:Entrana
Evil Chicken's Lair Template:Evil Chicken's Lair
Experiment cave Covered by Template:Creature of Fenkenstrain
Falador Mole Lair Covered by Template:Falador
Forthos Dungeon Template:Forthos Dungeon
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Template:Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Glarial's Tomb It's like, just generic undead and a moss giant, which is already covered in quest navs
Goblin Cave Template:Goblin Cave
God Wars Dungeon Template:God Wars Dungeon
Grand Tree Tunnels Template:Grand Tree Tunnels
H.A.M. Hideout Covered by Template:Humans Against Monsters
H.A.M. Hideout Covered by Template:White Wolf Mountain
Iorwerth Dungeon Template:Iorwerth Dungeon
Jatizso mine Template:Jatizso mine Could probably be covered by Template:Jatizso?
Jiggig Covered by Template:Zogre Flesh Eaters
Kalphite Cave Template:Kalphite Cave Eh
Kalphite Lair Template:Kalphite Lair Eh
Karamjan Temple Covered by Template:Dragon Slayer II
Karuulm Slayer Dungeon Covered by Template:Mount Karuulm
King Black Dragon Lair Not enough stuff
Lava Maze Dungeon Covered by Template:Lava Maze
Lighthouse Covered by Template:Horror from the Deep
Lithkren Vault Covered by Template:Dragon Slayer II
Lizardman Caves Covered by Template:Lizardman Settlement
Lizardman Temple Covered by Template:Molch
Lumbridge Swamp Caves Template:Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Lunar Isle mine Covered by Template:Dream Mentor
Melzar's Maze Covered by Template:Dragon Slayer
Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon Template:Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon old nav
Mogre Camp Covered by Template:Freeing Pirate Pete
Mos Le'Harmless Caves Covered by Template:Mos Le'Harmless
Motherlode Mine Template:Motherlode Mine
Mourner Headquarters Covered by Template:West Ardougne
Mourner Tunnels Covered by Template:West Ardougne (except Dark beasts)
Mouse Hole Covered by Template:Grim Tales
Myreque Hideout Covered by quest navs and this isn't even one place?
Observatory Dungeon Template:Observatory Dungeon
Ogre Enclave Covered by Template:Gu'Tanoth
Ourania Cave Template:Ourania Cave
Paterdomus Covered by Template:Priest in Peril
Pothole Dungeon Enough?
Quidamortem Cave Covered by Template:Tale of the Righteous
Rashiliyia's Tomb Covered by Template:Shilo Village
Revenant Caves Template:Revenant Caves
Shade Catacombs Covered by Shades of Mort'ton (minigame)
Shadow Dungeon Template:Shadow Dungeon
Shayzien Crypts Could be covered by Template:Shayzien?
Sisterhood Sanctuary Covered by Template:Slepe
Smoke Dungeon Template:Smoke Dungeon
Smoke Devil Dungeon like one monster and one npc
Sophanem Dungeon Covered by Template:Contact!
Stronghold of Security Template:Stronghold of Security
Tarn's Lair Covered by Template:Lair of Tarn Razorlor
Taverley Dungeon Template:Taverley Dungeon
Temple of Ikov (dungeon) Covered by Template:Temple of Ikov
Temple of Marimbo Dungeon Covered by Template:Ape Atoll
The Warrens Covered by Template:Port Piscarilius
Tolna's rift Covered by Template:A Soul's Bane
Troll kitchen Covered by Template:Troll Stronghold (location)
Tunnel of Chaos Kinda covered by Template:Dagon'hai and Template:What Lies Below
Underground Pass (dungeon) I think covered by Template:Underground Pass
Underwater Tunnel Covered by Template:The Great Brain Robbery
Varrock Sewers Template:Varrock Sewers
Viyeldi caves I think covered by Template:Legends' Quest
Water Ravine Dungeon Covered by Template:Spirits of the Elid
Waterbirth Island Dungeon Covered by Template:Waterbirth Island
Waterfall Dungeon Template:Waterfall Dungeon
Wilderness Agility Course Dungeon literally only skeletons here
Wilderness God Wars Dungeon Kinda overlaps with Template:God Wars Dungeon. Not sure if should be seperate
Witchaven Dungeon Template:Witchaven Dungeon
Yanille Agility dungeon Partially covered by Template:Yanille, could seperate them

Other Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Template Notes
Abyssal Space Template:Abyssal Space
Ape Atoll Template:Ape Atoll
Lava Maze Template:Lava Maze
Lumbridge Swamp Template:Lumbridge Swamp
Northern Tundras Template:Northern Tundras
Kourend Woodland Template:Kourend Woodland Includes Lands End