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About[edit | edit source]

Hello!! Just some quick details about me, I have been playing RS off an on since around 2005/06 and primarily play OSRS though i will on rare occasion pop in on RS3 to see what that looks like. I primarily play PVM and avoid PVP like the plague as i typically suck at it.

The Wiki[edit | edit source]

I am a fairly heavy user of the Wiki particularly when working on account goals etc. You wont find me editing things too much but when i do its typically for Quality of Life updates such as total costs for a skill or minigame etc. Examples of this are the total plank costs to 99 on the Construction training page and the total Rune costs/GE price for the Mage Training Arena minigame rewards store. Most edits i do to a page will be while i am actively doing the related activity in game and am not finding the information on the relevant page.