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1. Take desired screenshot and save it as image

2. Open your Image in Photoshop (ctrl+o or my drag & drop the image into photoshop)

3. Select the Magic Wand Tool (Hotkey: W)

4. These are my settings for the most Images
  • Tolerance should be around 25 (can differ from image to image)
  • Anti-Alias must be OFF!
  • Contiguous is ON most of the time, to avoid deleting pixels you want to keep

5. Select the pixels you want to be deleted (the background in this case)

Make sure you don't delete pixels you want to keep (adjust the tolerance if needed)

6. Hit "del" on your keyboard to erase the selected area

7.Take a second look at your image and make sure everything is alright (in this case a small area between the characters belt and arms is still filled with the backgrounds color.) You can use the Zoom Tool (Hotkey: Z) to zoom into the image to select the small area and erase it as well.

Your image should look like this now

8. Crop your image with the Trim Tool (Image -> Trim)

(CTRL+^ is my personal shortcut since i use it very often)

Use the following settings

Your image should look like this now

9. Export your image

10. Hit the Export All Button with the following settings (mostly default settings)

11. Save your work on your PC and its ready to be uploaded to the Wikia