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Working hard on the charts project. Below are useful links for my GECharts 2.0 Project.

Useful Links for Charts[edit | edit source]

OSRS Wiki Base resources[edit | edit source]

Saradomin Sword - The article used to base the charts rework on

Template:Infobox_Item - The template that contains the exchange data

MediaWiki:Gadget-GECharts-core.js - The old charts code.

Module:Infobox_Item - The The infobox that contains the exchange data

Module:Exchange - Exchange Module

Module:ExchangeData - Module for getting data from the GE

New Charts Test Resources[edit | edit source]

User:BronzePhire/Charts_2.0_Sandbox - Test environment from the new charts interface

User:BronzePhire/common.js - Universally loaded JS file that contains the new GECharts code.

User:BronzePhire/Charts_2.0_Sandbox/Template:Infobox_Item - Modified Infobox_Item template for Charts 2.0

Module:Sandbox/User:BronzePhire/Infobox_Item - Modified Infobox_Item module for Charts 2.0