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{{User stats

|Name = Player name

|Attack = Attack level

|Hitpoints = Hitpoints level

|Mining = Mining level

|Strength = Strength level

|Agility = Agility level

|Smithing = Smithing level

|Defence = Defence level

|Herblore = Herblore level

|Fishing = Fishing level

|Ranged = Ranged level

|Thieving = Thieving level

|Cooking = Cooking level

|Prayer = Prayer level

|Crafting = Crafting level

|Firemaking = Firemaking level

|Magic = Magic level

|Fletching = Fletching level

|Woodcutting = Woodcutting level

|Runecraft = Runecraft level

|Slayer = Slayer level

|Farming = Farming level

|Construction = Construction level

|Hunter = Hunter level

|Quest = Quest Points

|Combat = Combat level

|Task = Tasks completed

|Music = Number of music tracks unlocked as shown on Music Player

|Total = Optional - The template automatically sets your total level, but this can set it manually.

|Date = "As of" date

|extra-css = Additional CSS style code. Optional.

|align = Defines the template's placement. Defaults to right. Optional. }}