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Ranged is one of the core combat styles used throughout the game, being the best option in a variety of combat situations due to its high damage output, distance from the target, and ability to safe spot many enemies. Most Ranged training, as with other combat skills, will come passively through training Slayer, completing quests, or other combat.

For more information about Ranged equipment, see User:BuddhaPuck/UIM/Equipment.

Easy Training - Crabs[edit | edit source]

One of the most popular combat training methods, especially at low levels, is killing various crabs around the world. The relatively high Hitpoints, aggressiveness, and low offensive stats of crabs such as Rock Crabs and Sand Crabs makes them easy to train on with little to no preparation or food. In addition, the fact that crabs are automatically aggressive towards the player makes them very easy to train on with little to no effort on the player's part. It is easy enough to stand near crabs and stay in combat for long periods of time without any player input, allowing for long, consistent training sessions with even the barest amount of attention.

Additionally, the Swamp Crabs have uniquely low Ranged defensive stats, making them a viable alternative to Rock Crabs or Sand Crabs for Ranged training. At low levels, the Dorgeshuun crossbow is a good option for training on crabs, due low price and availability of Bone bolts. At higher levels, a Rune crossbow with Broad bolts, or a Magic shortbow with Broad arrows from Fletching training are also fine training options.

After completion of Bone Voyage, the Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island are the recommended low-attention training location. Their high Hitpoints makes them a great choice for melee training, and their occasional Fossil Island fossil drops can be stored for use in Prayer training or for accessing items in the Volcanic Mine Item Retrieval Service.

For more information, see User:BuddhaPuck/UIM/Prayer and User:BuddhaPuck/UIM/Item Management.

Fast Training - Chinchompas[edit | edit source]

A player "chinning" in Kruk's Dungeon,

For fast, dedicated Ranged training, the best option is to use Red chinchompas against large groups of monsters in a Multicombat area. The most notable example is Kruk's Dungeon and its Maniacal monkeys, available after partial completion of Monkey Madness II. The suggested set of equipment for this training is the Elite Void Knight equipment, for its Ranged damage bonus. Gear with solid Prayer bonus can help save time and effort restoring Prayer points in order to constantly use Protect from Melee.

A bonecrusher can also give a solid amount of passive Prayer experience by automatically burying the bones the monkeys drop. A solid hour of training will generally use 1800-1900 chinchompas, and can reach up to 500k-700k Ranged experience per hour, depending on equipment and Ranged level. Training with chinchompas is a good way for players who want to use Ranged in high-level raids or bossing to quickly boost their level up, without having to wait on more passive training methods.

Note: Any Chinchompas are lost upon death, including deaths at Item Retrieval Services, so it is important to keep that in mind when hunting or using chinchompas.

For more information, see User:BuddhaPuck/UIM/Item Management and User:BuddhaPuck/UIM/Hunter.

Passive Training - Slayer[edit | edit source]

Like other combat skills, Ranged will naturally be trained while training Slayer.

For more information, see User:BuddhaPuck/UIM/Slayer.