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CalTheSpy is a big dumb nerd who likes to makes little edits to this wiki. He is known to make certain very specific edits to already existing pages, such as the items NPC's are wearing, more descriptive quests and other random little edits.

Total level: 1474
Attack 73 Hitpoints 72 Mining 67
Strength 71 Agility 64 Smithing 64
Defence 71 Herblore 58 Fishing 84
Ranged 65 Thieving 57 Cooking 75
Prayer 60 Crafting 65 Firemaking 66
Magic 71 Fletching 51 Woodcutting 68
Runecraft 51 Slayer 60 Farming 57
Construction 55 Hunter 49
Combat level 67 Quest point icon.png 255 Music.png ----
As of 8th November

This NPC cannot be found in OSRS in anyway. However, his evil doppleganger, NotCalTheSpy can be found randomly doing various things like herb runs, raising cats during agility course laps and training to someday complete Dragon Slayer II (which will probably never happen.

Most of the stuff on this page is me messing up my user page so I don't screw up the new structure of this lovely wiki, or info so I can farm/kill stuff easily.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS SO FAR[edit | edit source]

(If not overturned)


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • CalTheSpy's first skillcape was the Cabbage Cape.
  • CalTheSpy's evil alias, NotCalTheSpy is a alternate name to my original childhood account, which while it has been banned for macroing, still somehow gets to keep the name, leaving me unable to use it for my new account.

1. Farm Run[edit | edit source]

Graceful hood.png
Ardougne cloak 2.png
Skills necklace.png
Holy blessing.png
Magic secateurs.png
Graceful top.png
Graceful legs.png
Combat bracelet.png
Graceful boots.png
Rake.pngSeed dibber.pngSpade.pngRanarr seed 5.png
Limpwurt seed 5.pngUltracompost.pngUltracompost.pngUltracompost.png
Ultracompost.pngEctophial.pngTeleport to house (tablet).pngDramen staff.png
Stony basalt.pngIcy basalt.pngBlack pickaxe.png
Location Getting To Notes Items Farmed Disease Free?
1 Ardougne Skills Necklace to Fishing Guild and walk to patch Skills Necklace -1 Herb


2 Catherby Home Teleport Tab, use Camelot Portal, walk East Home Teleport Herb


3 Falador Skills Necklace to Mining Guild and walk to patch Skills Necklace -3 Herb


4 Kourend Skills Necklace to Woodcutting Guild and walk to patch Skills Necklace -2 Herb


5 Morytania Ectophial and walk to patch Ectophial Herb


6 Troll Stronghold Stony Basalt and walk to patch Stony Basalt Herb Yes
7 Weiss Icy Basalt Icy Basalt Herb Yes
7A Weiss Optional: Mine Salts and create Teleports whilst waiting for herbs to grow to make up the difference between the cost of seeds and the coins earned from seling herbs. N/A N/A N/A
Work backwards to collect herbs.
8 Rimmington Skills Necklace to Crafting Guild and walk to patch Skills Necklace -0 Berries Yes
9 Champions Guild Combat Bracelet to Champions Guild and walk to patch Combat Bracelet -3 Berries Yes
10 Ardougne Use Ardougne Cape 2 to Monastery, patch is very close. N/A Berries Yes
11 Etceteria Walk north from Monastery to Tower Of Life and use Fairy Ring C*I*P N/A Berries Yes
12 Legends Guild 1 Combat Bracelet to Ranging Guild and walk to Legends Guild. Combat Bracelet -2 N/A N/A
13 Legends Guild 2 Recharge Skills Necklace and Combat Bracelet Skills -4

Combat -4

14 Legends Guild 3 Head to bank and obtain runes. N/A N/A N/A
15 Grand Exchange Sell items/Buy seeds and ultracompost for herbs. N/A N/A N/A

4. Motherlode Mine[edit | edit source]

Pay-dirt Deposit 1 Pay-dirt Deposit 2 Pay-dirt Deposit 3 Pay-dirt Deposit 4
Amount Imput 26 Pay-Dirt 27 Pay-Dirt 27 Pay-Dirt 28 Pay-Dirt
Sack Number 26 53 80 108

5. Fairy Rings[edit | edit source]

"A" combinations[edit | edit source]

Code Picture Location Points of Interest
AIQ Fairy ring code AIQ.png Asgarnia: Mudskipper Point Mogres, Rimmington, Port Sarim, Asgarnia Ice Dungeon
AIR Fairy ring code AIR.png Islands: South-east of Ardougne Empty island, used for clue scroll coordinates and the Medium Ardougne Diary.
AJQ Fairy ring code AJQ.png Dungeons: Cave south of Dorgesh-Kaan Completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun and a light source is required to enter this area.

Cave crawlers, Cave bugs, Cave slimes and Molanisks can be found here. Dorgesh-kaan Agility course may also be found here.

AJR Fairy ring code AJR.png Kandarin: Slayer cave south-east of Rellekka Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Rellekka east of fairy ring.
AJS Fairy ring code AJS.png Islands: Penguins near Miscellania. Penguins; no other access.

It also is the fourth combination to the Fairy Queen's first hiding place (Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen)

AKQ Fairy ring code AKQ.png Kandarin: Piscatoris Hunter area Kraken Cove, Chinchompas (grey), Mining spots, Piscatoris Fishing Colony
AKS Fairy ring code AKS.png Feldip Hills: Feldip Hunter area Hunter jungle area, Chompy hunting grounds, Gnome glider.
ALP Fairy ring code ALP.png Islands: Lighthouse Jossik, Barbarian Outpost, Rellekka, Dagannoths
ALQ Fairy ring code ALQ.png Morytania: Haunted Woods east of Canifis Can be used in conjunction with the Ectophial to quickly access the fairy ring network, but this ring is surrounded by aggressive Vampyres and Leeches. Farming patch, Port Phasmatys east
ALR Fairy ring code ALR.png Other Realms: Abyssal Area Abyssal leeches, guardians, walkers, and Abyssal demons. Alternative area for players to get Runecraft Pouches
ALS Fairy ring code ALS.png Kandarin: McGrubor's Wood Seers' Village, Coal trucks, Fishing Guild, Ranging Guild, Hemenster

Going here is required for the Medium Kandarin Diary

"B" combinations[edit | edit source]

Code Picture Location Points of Interest
BIP Fairy ring code BIP.png Islands: South-west of Mort Myre Empty island used for clue scroll cryptic and a level 50 Agility shortcut to enter Mort Myre.
BIQ Fairy ring code BIQ.png Kharidian Desert near Kalphite Hive. Kalphite Lair for Kalphites and the Kalphite Queen, Shantay Pass nearby.
BIS Fairy ring code BIS.png Kandarin: Ardougne Zoo - Unicorns Unicorns; no other access.

Required for the Medium Ardougne Diary.

BJR Fairy ring code BJR.png Other Realms: Realm of the Fisher King Partial completion of Holy Grail quest is required.
BJS Fairy ring code BJS.png Islands: Near Zul-Andra Completion of Regicide is required. 76 Agility is needed to jump off the island.
BKP Fairy ring code BKP.png Feldip Hills: South of Castle Wars Smoke Devil Dungeon and Chompy bird hunting grounds. Teak tree to the west, Castle Wars north.
BKQ Fairy ring code BKQ.png Other Realms: Enchanted Valley Tree spirits
BKR Fairy ring code BKR.png Morytania: Mort Myre Swamp, south of Canifis Swamp boat south-east (towards Barrows and Burgh de Rott)
BKS Fairy ring code BKS.png Other Realms: Zanaris Impetuous Impulses, Chaeldar, Cosmic Runecraft
BLP Fairy ring code BLP.png Dungeons: TzHaar area TzHaar Fight Cave, TzHaar Fight Pit, TzHaar monsters
BLR Fairy ring code BLR.png Kandarin: Legends' Guild Legends' Guild, Mining spots, Magic and Maple trees north, Witchaven south, East Ardougne west

"C" combinations[edit | edit source]

Code Picture Location Points of Interest
CIP Fairy ring code CIP.png Islands: Miscellania Must complete The Fremennik Trials in order to access this area.

Miscellania, Etceteria east, Managing Miscellania

Required for the Medium Fremennik Diary.

CIQ Fairy ring code CIQ.png Kandarin: North-west of Yanille Tree Gnome Village north, Yanille south-east, Gu'Tanoth south, Castle Wars west
CIS Fairy ring code CIS.png Zeah:

North of the Arceuus House Library

Great Kourend. Players must pay a one-off fee 80,000 coins to Trossa in order to use it.
CJR Fairy ring code CJR.png Kandarin: Sinclair Mansion (east) Sinclair Mansion

east, Seers' Village south

CKP Fairy ring code CKP.png Other Realms: Cosmic entity's plane Used in Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen quest
CKR Fairy ring code CKR.png Karamja: South of Tai Bwo Wannai Village Graahks, Shilo Village nearby, Tai Bwo Wannai Village, Nature altar
CKS Fairy ring code CKS.png Morytania: Canifis Morytania Slayer Tower, Canifis east, Paterdomus west, Mort Myre swamp south.
CLP Fairy ring code CLP.png Islands: South of Draynor Village Required for some hard clue scrolls.
CLR Fairy ring code CLR.png Islands: Ape Atoll Monkey Madness I and completion of Daero's training must be completed in order to use this fairy ring. In addition, 48 Agility and a ninja monkey greegree is required to exit the agility course and travel to the city (note that other monkey greegree types are not sufficient).
CLS Fairy ring code CLS.png Islands: Hazelmere's home Hazelmere lives nearby

"D" combinations[edit | edit source]

Code Picture Location Points of Interest
DIP Fairy ring code DIP.png Other Realms: Abyssal Nexus Abyssal Sire
DIR Fairy ring code DIR.png Other Realms: Gorak's Plane The only place Goraks can be found other than the God Wars Dungeon.
DIQ Placeholder.png Player-owned house Superior Garden Only works if the player has one in their house.
DIS Fairy ring code DIS.png Misthalin: Wizards' Tower Wizards' Tower, Rune essence mine

Required for the Medium Lumbridge & Draynor Diary.

DJP Fairy ring code DJP.png Kandarin: Tower of Life Ardougne Monastery west, East Ardougne north-west, Port Khazard south
DJR Fairy ring code DJR.png Zeah: Chasm of Fire Chasm of Fire, north-west corner of the Shayzien House
DKP Fairy ring code DKP.png Karamja: South of Musa Point Karambwan fishing spots
DKR Fairy ring code DKR.png Misthalin: Edgeville Grand Exchange east, Edgeville bank west, Wilderness north
DKS Fairy ring code DKS.png Kandarin: Polar Hunter area Keldagrim entrance, Brine Rat Cavern, Rock crabs, Rellekka west
DLQ Fairy ring code DLQ.png Kharidian Desert: North of Nardah Desert lizards, Jackals, Nardah south
DLR Fairy ring code DLR.png Islands: Poison Waste south of Isafdar Player can use Broken Handz's telescope to spectate players fighting Zulrah. There are also unattackable badgers on the island.
DLS Fairy ring code DLS.png Dungeons: Myreque hideout under The Hollows Must complete In Search of the Myreque quest.

Find the cracks in the walls to enter the main tunnel under the Hair of the Dog pub in Canifis.

6. Barrows Puzzle Answers[edit | edit source]

Barrows Puzzles.png

7. Barrows Recommended Items[edit | edit source]

Item (most effective > least effective)
Style 1 2 3
Magic For Dharok, Verac, Guthan, Torag, & Karil Trident of the swamp.pngTrident of the swamp / Trident of the seas.pngTrident of the seas / Staff of the dead.pngStaff of the dead[1] / Smoke battlestaff.pngSmoke battlestaff[1] Slayer's staff (e).pngSlayer's staff (e) (with Slayer helmet.pngSlayer helmet bonuses & Magic Dart only when on a slayer task Iban's staff.pngIban's staff, Fire bolt with the Tome of fire.pngTome of fire and Chaos gauntlets.pngChaos gauntlets equipped, regular Slayer's staff.pngSlayer's staff, Elemental staff
Ranged For Ahrim Toxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipe Armadyl crossbow.pngArmadyl crossbow Magic shortbow (i).pngMagic shortbow (i), Rune crossbow.pngRune crossbow, the fastest range weapon you have
Attack / Ranged For the Minions / Killcount Toxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipe [2] / Abyssal tentacle.pngAbyssal tentacle Abyssal whip.pngAbyssal whip Dragon scimitar.pngDragon scimitar, Staff of the dead.pngStaff of the dead, the best melee weapon you have

8. Barrows Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

This is the six Barrows brothers' graveyard as well as each brother's combat discipline.

The above-ground portion of Barrows consists of six grave mounds inside a fence. A Prayer-using player should prepare to fight the brother in the mound before entering as preparing after entering the mound will waste prayer points, which constantly drain away when inside the Barrows. To enter a mound, stand on top of a mound, and dig with a spade. The player should enter a crypt with a sarcophagus in the centre. Open the sarcophagus and pray if using Prayer. Every time but once, the brother who is buried there will appear and attack. Kill the brother, leave and proceed to the next one.

At one of the crypts, the brother will not appear. Instead, there will be an entrance to a maze-like lower level of tunnels. If the player has not killed all the other brothers in their crypts yet, it is not recommended to enter the tunnels at this time.

If players wish to receive more runes (which are generally worth more gold) instead of bolt racks and key halves, they should aim for a Reward Potential of 880. Having exactly 880 points maximises the quantity of blood runes without having bolt racks take up reward slots. Players can achieve exactly 880 points by killing the six brothers, three bloodworms, and one crypt spider (656 + 3(52) + 56 + 2(6)) = 880. It is impractical, however, to get exactly 880 RP every run because crypt spiders will never spawn upon opening doors beneath Barrows, and can only be found in their own room on the east side of the tunnels. It is not worth going out of your way to find and kill one crypt spider, and going for exactly 880 RP should only be done if the configuration of the tunnel allows for an easy way to kill one crypt spider.

  1. 1.0 1.1 Only when using tome of fire + fire elemental spell.
  2. Only with Salve amulet(ei) for fastest kc (skeletons only!) / salve amulet(e) for melee.