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Returned after being reminded by friends that this game still exists. After several failed attempts to recover account I started on a new one, not knowing that my old one eventually would be recovered (but also not knowing that no stats had remained).

(Uncut sapphire: 376

Uncut emerald: 565

Uncut ruby: 1165)

Sapphire: 345

Emerald: 483

Ruby: 907

Ball of wool 61

Wool 44

Gold ring133

Gold necklace124

Gold amulet (u)131

Sapphire ring551

Sapphire necklace556

Sapphire amulet (u)460

Emerald amulet (u)679

Ruby necklace1135

Diamond ring1973

Ruby amulet (u)1079

Diamond necklace2024

Diamond amulet (u)1938