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Not to be confused with #someone smart.


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Minus: −
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Mdash: —

  • ==Changes==
    {{Subject changes header}}
    {{Subject changes|date=update=|poll=|change=}}
  • Separate changes with: <nowiki/>*Line2.*Line1.
  • ==Products==
    {{Uses material list|}}
  • ==References==
  • {{Instructions|step1=|step2}}
  • ' to real apostrophe,   to real space

  • emote durations missing + enhancers + skill capes + penguin + twisted
  • Replace and kill Template:Cooking nofish and Template:Cooking table
  • Recipes: food items list from scratch, ticks(first tick or make-x longest tick) - only missing info is burn rates
  • Recipes: NMZ Imbues,Magic tablets,Bottled dragonbreath(Needs facil),Serum 208,Jar of miasma(Need facil), quest items, raids, minigames, Ancient wyvern shield(need facil)
  • teleports interactive maps
  • MOID Prose: ID=200
  • Eventually: What links to questitem, find out if obtainable after quest is over.
  • FloorNumber, first floor, 1st floor, ground level
  • replace you with pepega
  • Verify all reqs of diaries dependant on quest reqs AAAAAALSO, also mention non/boostables in reqs?, also ironmanreqs? ALso optionals
  • purge the world of ([Ll]evel [\d]{1,2}) #Skill
  • learn to love myself
  • questitems template modules for item pages
  • make quest and quickvguides fucking consistent structure, in the guides that unlock content mid-quest like fairytale2 make explicit notes of it
  • synced switch on potions that have variable outputs
  • Page structure guidelines:
    • Item
    • Npc/Shop/Monster/Quest?/MMG?/

  • Maintenence Regex: insource://
  • 2 periods: ([^\.]\.{2}[^\.])
  • clearleft: \{{2,}([Cc]lear)(\|[Ll]eft)?\}{2,}
  • Incorrect section headers \={2,}([ \[]+([^\=\[]*?))?(([^\=\]]*?)[ \]]+)?\={2,}
  • File Quest start icon to {{SCP|Quest}} (File:Quest start icon.png)
==The Teapot Saga has come to an end==
As announced in the Discord, the Teapots are ceasing all war efforts. The saga is over. Thanks to Choppe, who has shown humility and kindness to me. He has saved Teapots and wiki members lives for bringing peace. For this he is an honorary teapot and is now name Choppe, Chief Teapot of Peace. He will be a liaison to all peoples. This is a final good bye my new friends. I will always be in the Discord, but the Teapots must rest now and serve the tea we were made to serve. Farewell good friends.
Chief Teapot Warlord, Teapotty Prime - 02:04, 4 January 2020 (UTC)