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Template documentation
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This template is used to generate a tooltip and in-place popup of transportation options to reduce clutter and provice visual clarity between options and further instructions.

The template current handles links, overridden links, and the following templates: Template:NoCoins, Template:Coins, Template:Fairycode


|anytext                = <!-- Each | denote a new line and new method of transportation; Add an asterisk * to indent a line to add further instructions -->


|[[Karamja Gloves 3]] or [[Karamja Gloves 4|4]]
|[[Fairy ring]] {{Fairycode|ckr}}
|[[Charter Ship]] from [[Port Sarim]] to [[Brimhaven]] {{NoCoins|1600}} coins
*Use the [[Shilo Village cart system]] with [[Hajedy]]
*Another step
|[[Teleport to Ardougne]]
*Travel with [[Captain Barnaby]] {{NoCoins|30}} coins
*Use the [[Shilo Village cart system]] with [[Hajedy]]