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Deboost Level decrease Other info
Creating Blessed gold bowl On fail: Prayer -5
Casting bloom on:

Silver sickle (b)
Silver sickle (b)
Emerald sickle (b)
Ruby sickle (b)
Enchanted emerald sickle (b)
Enchanted ruby sickle (b)
Ivandis flail
Blisterwood sickle
Blisterwood flail

Making Enchanted vial with Binding book Magic Prayer
Extractor hat in Elemental Workshop II Magic 20
Rantz chest Unsuccessful attempts will reduce your Strength by 1.
Ogre coffin Thieving level will be temporarily drained by 1-4 levels.
ogre tomb require strength and lowers your level each time you fail.
collecting wine in asgarnia chaos hut via telegrab or failing via picking up 5 in attack, def, str, range, mage, between 1 and 5 hp, 2 prayer
collecting wine in wildy hut via telegrab or failing via picking up 4prayer, 5 stats, % of hp 5, 4 - 45 is 3, 37 is 2
switching to ancients at the altar inside the Jaldraocht Pyramid -all prayer Example