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Quests on my UIM

Quests Requirements
Devious Minds

Fletching 50 , Runecraft 50 , Smithing 65

Troll Stronghold, Wanted!

The Great Brain Robbery

Construction 30 , Crafting 16 , Prayer 50

Creature of Fenkenstrain, Recipe for Disaster (Pirate Pete), Rum Deal, Cabin Fever

Access to a Player-Owned House workshop - Crafting Table 3

Can kill a level 190 enemy

Monkey Madness II Crafting 70 , Slayer 68
Mourning's Ends Part I Ranged 60

Roving Elves, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Sheep Herder

Can kill a level 11 enemy

Mourning's Ends Part II Mourning's End Part I

Can avoid a level 73 enemy

Roving Elves Regicide

Can kill a level 84 enemy