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Osman is the Spy Master of Al Kharid. He is a member of the Secret Council of RuneScape, representing Al Kharid. He can be found inside of the palace in Al Kharid.

He used to be good friends with a Sorceress in southern Al Kharid though their relationship has soured to the point where she refuses to give him the sq'irks she grows, which he has a particular fondness for.[1] He rewards players who get him sq'irkjuice from the Sorceress's Garden with Thieving experience.

He will sell replacement Keris daggers for a fee of 20,000 coins. If the player did not take the dagger from the corpse of the scarab he will provide it for free once.

He has little love for the Menaphites, comparing their nature to that of the hostile Scabarites beneath Sophanem in a letter to his agent Kaleef.[2] He considers any opportunity to agitate Menaphos to be a good one.[3][4] His actions mean that Menaphos have good reason to get hold of him.[5]

History[edit | edit source]

He began gathering historical records of any quality, especially those involving, regardless of their worth or state, in a bid to prove his heritage. He used Simon Templeton as a salesman, but discontinued the arrangement when Simon grew suspicious. This caused the two men to have a mutual distrust of one another.[6][7]

In Year 169, Prince Ali, son of the Emir and heir to Al Kharid, went missing. Osman was ordered to find him. He hired an outside adventurer, requesting they meet his daughter Leela in Draynor Village, where she was following a lead. The adventurer located the prince's captors and, after flattering the bandit leader Lady Keli and obtaining a key print, they returned to Osman who crafted a bronze key out of a bronze bar. The prince was able to escape with the aid of the adventurer.

Osman later went to Sophanem after being convinced by the adventurer and Maisa, one of his agents. He snuck into the city then the underground tunnels which collapsed while he was in them. He came to the adventurer's aid, helping them with the scarab that had attacked and possibly taking the dagger used to weaken it.

During the latest meeting of the Secret Council of RuneScape, he was kidnapped by Evil Bob and taken to ScapeRune and so wasn't present when the Culinaromancer was freed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Osman was supposed to be involved in Recipe for Disaster as another person for the player to save, but delays in implementing the quest prevented this. Instead, he is abducted by Evil Bob as part of a Random event.[8]

References[edit | edit source]

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