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"A" combinations[edit | edit source]

Code Picture Location Points of Interest

Asgarnia: Mudskipper Point Mogres, Rimmington, Port Sarim, Asgarnia Ice Dungeon
AIR [[File:Fairy ring code AIR.png|200px]] Islands: South-east of Ardougne Empty island, used for clue scroll coordinates and the Medium Ardougne Diary.
AJQ [[File:Fairy ring code AJQ.png|200px]] Dungeons: Cave south of Dorgesh-Kaan Completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun and a light source is required to enter this area.

Cave crawlers, Cave bugs, Cave slimes and Molanisks can be found here. Dorgesh-kaan Agility course may also be found here.

AJR [[File:Fairy ring code AJR.png|200px]] Kandarin: Slayer cave south-east of Rellekka Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Rellekka east of fairy ring.
AJS [[File:Fairy ring code AJS.png|200px]] Islands: Penguins near Miscellania. Penguins; no other access.

It also is the fourth combination to the Fairy Queen's first hiding place (Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen)

AKQ [[File:Fairy ring code AKQ.png|200px]] Kandarin: Piscatoris Hunter area Kraken Cove, Chinchompas (grey), Mining spots, Piscatoris Fishing Colony
AKS [[File:Fairy ring code AKS.png|200px]] Feldip Hills: Feldip Hunter area Hunter jungle area, Chompy hunting grounds, Gnome glider.
ALP [[File:Fairy ring code ALP.png|200px]] Islands: Lighthouse Jossik, Barbarian Outpost, Rellekka, Dagannoths
ALQ [[File:Fairy ring code ALQ.png|200px]] Morytania: Haunted Woods east of Canifis Can be used in conjunction with the Ectophial to quickly access the fairy ring network, but this ring is surrounded by aggressive Vampyres and Leeches. Farming patch, Port Phasmatys east
ALR [[File:Fairy ring code ALR.png|200px]] Other Realms: Abyssal Area Abyssal leeches, guardians, walkers, and Abyssal demons. Alternative area for players to get Runecraft pouches
ALS [[File:Fairy ring code ALS.png|200px]] Kandarin: McGrubor's Wood Seers' Village, Coal trucks, Fishing Guild, Ranging Guild, Hemenster

Going here is required for the Medium Kandarin Diary