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We're starting a project to add maps of all item spawn locations to articles -- see Amulet mould as a simple example.

Previously, we gathered spawn data from just about every corner of the RuneScape world, giving us the exact coordinates and quantities of nearly every item spawn. We have a spreadsheet here that contains that information. Now we need to add it to the wiki.

For simple, single spawns, you can just paste the following in a section on the item article:

==Item spawns==
*{{Item spawns|item=Amulet mould|text=Crafting Guild (ground floor)

Changing the name of the item, the coordinates (either x,y,or x,y,plane if the plane isn't zero). Also choose text that describes the general location -- you can use a tool like to figure out a general idea of where the coordinates are.

For more complex spawns, you may want to add the quantity, respawn time in seconds, or additional notes, which will show up on the map:

{{Item spawns|item=Edible seaweed|text=doot doot
|3813,3754,qty:4 (noted),respawn:30,notes:Foofoofoo

As shown in this example, you can have multiple spawns shown in a single map. Usually only do this if the spawns are very close together (like Snape grass). Otherwise, just have multiple maps with the different spawn locations.

Right now we're only doing spawns that are on the surface, not in dungeons and things. If you come across a spawn that isn't on the surface, just put that in the notes section of the spreadsheet.

As you add maps to the wiki, mark them off on the spreadsheet. This is a pretty complex and new project, so if you have any questions or notice something wrong, please join our Discord server so we can talk it through.