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I made an NPC Map Creator program in Java that extends Guthix1110's similar program. You can download it here, extract it, and then run the .jar file.

Usage instructions[edit | edit source]

The pink square is the boundary of the 250x250 map. The blue square goes where the actual blue square ends up.

There are a few different ways to move around on the map. You can set preset locations in the right pane -- I've added a few cities to start with. Protip: typing the first letter of the city with the dropdown open will take you directly there. You can also click around on the minimap in the top right corner (my preference), or you can also scroll around within the window.

You can move the outer square around with Ctrl+Click, or the smaller blue square just by clicking.

Once the squares are arranged in the way you want, type the name of the NPC in typing in the box on the left side (ignore any attempts by the application to guess/auto-complete this because the names are from RuneScape 3). Then you can press save or hit enter, and the map will be saved as <NPC> location.png.