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big shit
  • crowdsourcing the stuff we need for pathfinding (doors, teleports, caves, etc)
  • formalizing all of the ways you can get every item
  • replacing all of our maps with interactive maps
  • turning "object pages" into a standard thing we just do for everything, because we can
  • NPC dialogue
  • monster spawn maps
  • document all item->item interactions in a standard way
  • make an archive of all known game caches and read them
    • pay bounty for missing/unknown caches+clients
  • Documentation for cache formats, cs2s, historical names, RuneScript functions
  • collaborative video guides?
  • merch store
  • something to replace spreadsheets + leverage wiki data
  • premium wiki accounts $$$
  • obscure shit (do it like WOM)
    • dorgesh-kaan trading
    • digsite digging
    • keldagrim stuff
    • cleaning museum finds
    • ogre coffins not necessary because youtube
  • adding the "uses material list" if jake makes it (or we could just bot it)
    • alternatively: do more stuff for each recipe: ticks and required station (bad word, but like anvil/furnace/pottery wheel)
  • more item spawns or maybe NPC spawns
  • shortcuts pages
  • update history
  • create calculators (via reddit thread)
  • parameterize MMGs (might be too hard for oswf)
  • miscellaneous mmgs:
  • Shop restock rates
  • Map regions
  • livestream editing
  • newsletter (reddit + onsite place)
  • get reddit involved in big projects
  • charity editathon + stream
  • clue scroll rarity
  • skilling success rates
big tech
  • exchange graphs (1 week)
  • runelite crowdsourcing (2 weeks)
  • runelite realtime prices (2 weeks)
  • exchange extension (2 weeks)
  • on-wiki archive tool (2 weeks)
  • DPS calculator (3 weeks)
  • analytics platform (1 month)
  • rs3 model viewer (1 month)
  • pathfinding (1.5 months)
  • ios or android app (3 months)
  • parameterized, collaborative videos (6 months)
  • "workers" mediawiki (24 months)