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  • Maps fail miserably on switch infoboxes (Wise Old Man) need to init other maps
  • Maybe consider being static like WMF (requires backend server work) not this time
  • Add labels
  • Do we want mapSelect on fullscreen version?
  • Make pan work immediately instead of requiring focus
  • Stop basemaps.json from loading on simple version
  • Default styling is doing the wrong thing/color for polygons
  • Change default plane on certain mapIDs (GWD)
  • grayscale blur sucks
  • Should avoid loading all map icons if not in frame
  • Don't load everything about all basemaps if it's just a mapframe...
  • Initial load of Lumbridge area wastes time
  • Multiple canvas layers getting added for unknown reason (TileLayer getting reset but DOM elements not getting removed??)
  • href should be #mapFullscreen or something
  • mapscene sprites need to not all be the same size (maybe don't rescale at all?)
  • Feldip Hills Dungeon doesn't load
  • Map icons don't show up on non-0 mapIDs (Agmundi) need to get data from RL cache trawl
  • Way too much unused JS being loaded (topojson, mapdata...others?) in progress but could make it even smarter