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  1. Download the latest entry from and un-tar it to DIRNAME/cache.
  2. Download TileShapes from and store them in DIRNAME/TileShapes.
  3. git clone
  4. Change all references of /Users/jonathanlee/mapgen/ to DIRNAME, in,,, (This could be cleaned up...)
  5. Change the version number "2020-08-12_a" to a more appropriate value. Usually we do the date followed by _a, or _b if we need a new cache bust, then _c, et cetera.
  6. Run This should take a couple minutes.
  7. Confirm by opening a standard square (like 0_50_50.png, Lumbridge Castle) that everything looks normal.
  8. Download, and install PIL for Python if you haven't aleady.
  9. Run This takes about 5 minutes and may have about a 2GB memory requirement.
  10. Sync the files to In order to this you need an account on the maps server (ping me on Discord to get access). The command looks something like rsync -zarvh 2020-08-12_a/ [email protected]:DONOTREMOVE/2020-08-12_a, with the version string set appropriately.
  11. Confirm that you can access basemaps.json (example link) and an example square (e.g.) can be accessed in a web browser.
  12. Ping Jayden or Kitty to update the baseTileURL and baseMapsFile for osrs on to the correct url.

If someone is interested in automating this as part of a weekly cadence, please do! It's probably not very difficult.