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Current tasks active until

19 October

If you have worked on a goal and want to be considered for a bond, please let us know in the #one-small-wiki-favour Discord channel. One of the project helpers will check your contributions and may award you a bond if you have completed the task. If you have done work on a goal but not managed to complete it fully before the reset time then you may still be rewarded some coins for your work.

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Add monster spawns - Task active

Add monster spawns to 100 pages from this list.

This is big! We're adding exact monster spawns to the wiki, just in time for Trailblazer. We have data for the vast majority of monsters, and we've generated nearly-complete templates that you can stick onto the monster articles. It just requires a bit of manual work from you...

The spreadsheet here has template lines to put onto monster articles. See the "Locations" section of Aberrant spectre for a finished example.

What you need to do is:

  1. Find the entries on the spreadsheet corresponding to your monster
  2. Go to that monster article, and edit it
  3. Put a new section just below the top section called "Locations".
  4. Put {{LocTableHead}} first
  5. Paste in the template lines that say {{LocLine}} from the spreadsheet
  6. Fill in the description of the location (be fairly specific) and also Yes/No for whether the area is members only.
  7. Put a {{LocTableBottom}} at the end
  8. (IMPORTANT!) Preview the page and click the maplinks to make sure the maps work properly.
  9. (IMPORTANT!) If there's an existing Locations section on the article, make sure all of the locations there are represented in the new table. If they are, then you can remove the section. If not, add any additional areas in a bulleted list after the table (and maybe let us know!)

Our grouping of monsters is a little bit arbitrary. If you think the page would be improved by either splitting up the locations further, or by combining two rows, please go for it!

Be sure to put your name in the completed by column on the spreadsheet when you're done so you can be tagged for the work and checked off.
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Boostable info on item recipes - Task active

Fill in {{Recipe}} 300 times for whether particular items can be made by boosting above your current skill level.

In preparation for Trailblazer, we want to get a clear picture of which actions can use boosts to achieve the needed skill requirement. We're hoping to expand this to quests in the next week or so, but for starters, we want to handle item recipes. Go to Category:Recipes missing boostable for the list.

For each item, fill in either |boostable = Yes or |boostable = No based on whether you can use boosts to make this. The significant majority of recipes will have |boostable = Yes, but be very careful to test any weird cases where the answer might be no.

Skilling info on articles - Task active

Add skilling info templates to pages on this list.

For each page, add a section for the relevant skill info and include a Skill info template. The specific parameters required on the template vary based on the skill. For item sources like trees and mining rocks, the skill section should include a DropsTable that lists the obtainable resources (like logs and ores).

There are currently 5 supported skill info templates. Almost all the info can be copied directly from the article. This page lists pages missing a skill template along with examples of each.
Below the skill info template, add a DropsTable section listing the possible logs.
Include |tree = in the template.
Below the skill info template, add a DropsTable section listing the possible ores.
Include |rock = in the template.
Include the line |type = Obstacle.
  • Shortcuts
Include the line |type = Shortcut.
Most of these already have a loot section, so in most cases you will want to move the loot DropsTable up into the new Hunter info section.
  • Pickpocketing (example)
  • Thieving stalls
  • Thieving chests
  • Unlockable doors

Agility shortcut articles - Task active

Make pages for 10 Agility shortcuts, from this list.

We are making articles for agility shortcuts. Take a look at the list and create a page similar to Obstacle pipe (Taverley Dungeon).

What you need to do is:
  1. Make a page that uses the same template showing the level, requirements and examine.
  2. Also write a few sentences of prose explaining the the shortcut.
  3. Finally, get a picture of the shortcut, upload it, and put it on the article's infobox.