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  1. Make sure pages for each of these exist
  2. Make them use Infobox Scenery instead of Shop, if relevant (assuming it's not actually an exact shop name)
  3. If thievable, add {{Thieving info}} if not already present
  4. Make sure there's a bit of prose saying what it is and linking to both the NPC and store articles.
  5. See if there's any other stalls that are missing from this list

List[edit | edit source]

  1. Baker's stall
  2. Bakery stall
  3. Clothes stall
  4. Crafting Stall
  5. Crossbow stall
  6. Fish stall
  7. Food Stall
  8. Fruit Stall
  9. Fur stall
  10. Gem Stall
  11. General Stall
  12. Magic Stall
  13. Market stall
  14. Scimitar Stall
  15. Seed Stall
  16. Silk stall
  17. Silver stall
  18. Spice stall
  19. Tea stall
  20. Veg stall
  21. Fairy market stall
  22. Dagger stall
  23. Lamp stall
  24. Armour stall
  25. Insurance stall
  26. Choc-Ice Stall
  27. Toy Stall
  28. Wine stall
  29. Shop Counter (ore)

Things listed as both thievable + shop[edit | edit source]

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