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Still exists[edit | edit source]

page diff comment
P neck diff
Redirected page to [[Phoenix necklace]]
Petion diff
Redirected page to [[Vet'ion jr.]]
Pet'ion diff
Redirected page to [[Vet'ion jr.]]
Ironwomen diff
Created page with "oh wow"
How to make wood planks diff
show you how to make wood planks
Clue scroll begineer diff
Created page with "asdasd"
Bloodpath diff
Created page with "Bloodpath is a soundtrack that is played in Slepe. Slepe can be accessed by running south-east from the ectophial teleport, after completing the Priest in peril quest."
2019 Christmas Event diff
Created page with "Potato"
Oswf diff
Created page with "#REDIRECT [[RuneScape:One Small Wiki Favour]]"
Money making guide/Crafting mud runes diff
Money making guide/Crafting mud runes
Money making guide/Making sacred oil diff
Sacred oil
Banter diff
Created page with "<blockquote>''This article is about the word "banter" and shows effective examples of what a typical banter sesh is all about.''</blockquote>Banter, often used in playful situ..."
Blood crystal diff
Created page with "Blood Crystals are purely cosmetic objects protruding out of the blood river around the Blood Altar near House Arceuss  Unlike the detailed description that appears in the cha..."
Barrel of rainwater diff
Useless item.
Bbs diff
Redirected page to [[Brutal black dragon]]
Little nightmare diff
Created page with "jadpet 2.0"
Harmonized orb diff
redirect for common mispelling
Harmonized nightmare staff diff
redirect for common mispelling
Defence xp diff
Redirected to [[Defence]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Darn drake diff
Redirected to [[Daer Krand]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Dry diff
Redirected to [[]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Ranged attack bonus diff
Redirected to [[]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
2020 Birthday event diff
Created page with "it is the 2020 osrs birthday event"
Uim guide diff
added redirect to Ultimate Ironman Guide
Money making guide/Drinking beer diff
Free to play money making guide by drinking beers, low starting cash requirements, no stats requirements.
Closest smelting furnace diff
Port Phasmatys Furnace
Money making guide/Cooking plain pizzas diff
Created page with "Plain pizza is a food item that a player can make at level 35 Cooking by cooking an uncooked pizza. To cook a plain pizza, one must have a pizza base, a tomato, cheese, and ac..."
LBS diff
Redirected page to [[Leaf-bladed sword]]
Oof diff
Created page with "Redirect page <br> Death"
Revenent imp diff
Created page with "skjepy cok"
Face boots diff
Created page with "botas rayas azules,verdes,rojas y amarillas"
Graceful equipment diff
Redirected page to [[Graceful outfit]]
Magic training cows diff
Created page with "To magic train cows stand outside the pen of cows in varock and hit them with magic spells"
Torture ornate diff
Redirected page to [[Amulet of torture (or)]]
Dagganoth rex strategies diff
Created page with "dagganoth rex/ strateggies     "archers ring""
Prif course diff
Fishing Bait pack diff
Searching for fishing bait pack should redirect to the bait pack (which contains fishing bait, but the pack has a shortened name).
Money making guide/Crafting runes at Ourania Altar diff
Created page with "{{Incomplete|Needs research for the output section, and some comparison between collecting at the Ourania tele vs collection at the altar.}} {{Mmgtable |Activity = Collecting..."
The slug menace diff
Redirected page to [[The Slug Menace]]
Throne of miscellania diff
Redirected page to [[Throne of Miscellania]]
Royal trouble diff
Redirected page to [[Royal Trouble]]
Gag weapons diff
Redirected page to [[Fun weapons]]
Https:/ diff
Big Al is a nerd and needs to know.
A tail of two cats diff
Redirected page to [[A Tail of Two Cats]]
24-carat' sword diff
Created page with "Dip the carrot sword in the Paint bucket on the third floor in the Castle."
Bear your soul diff
Redirected page to [[Bear your Soul]]
Pirates of peril diff
Redirected page to [[Pirates of Peril]]
Wepon diff
Created blank page
Money making guide/Pickpocketing elves diff
Created page with "{{Mmgtable |Activity = Pickpocketing [[Elves]] |Image = [[File:Cirdan.png|150px]] |Skill = <poem> {{Skill clickpic|Thieving|85+}} (99 recommended) {{Skill clickpic|Agility|50}..."
Miniquesr diff
Created page with "EaT"
Heeee diff
Stabby boi diff
Created page with "Redirect to [[Swift_blade|Swift Blade]]"
Sie Amik diff
Created page with "You see this NOW SPELL SIR AMIK in the search"
Vurago diff
Created page with "This thing is a badasss!!!!"
Waterlily diff
Created page with "water lillies ... what else csn we say. frogs hop them."
Gourntlet diff
Created page with "asdfasdf"
Barrows gloves quest diff
Broncrusher diff
Iowerth Dungeon diff
nothing much
Guia de hacer dinero diff
Created page with " e"
Curse of the empty lord diff
Black sally diff
added redirect, black sally -> black salamander
Brimhaven Agility Course diff
Redirected page to [[Brimhaven Agility Arena]]
Brimhaven Agility diff
Redirected page to [[Brimhaven Agility Arena]]
Abassor fernook diff
Agilty pyramid diff
Money making guide/Making mahogany planks at the Woodcutting Guild diff
Method for making money by mahogany planks at the woodcutting guild sawmill.
Twisted ornament kit diff
Twisted Ornament Kit
Fremennik Exiles diff
Redirected page to [[The Fremennik Exiles]]
Sins of the father diff
Redirected page to [[Sins of the Father]]
Daeyalt essence mine diff
Created blank page
Efaritay’s aid diff
added it as Sin's of the Father quest item
Pat of not garlic butter diff
Created page with "{{Infobox Item |name = Pat of not garlic butter |members = Yes |equipable = No |stackable = No |noteable = Yes |edible = Yes |destroy = Drop |examine = I can't believe it's no..."
Cooked mystery meat diff
pickpocket loot from elite
Long rope diff
Created page with "The Long Rope is an item available for purchase from Drasdan Ranor in the Darkmeyer general store for 52,000 coins. The current use for this item is unknown."
Strange Hallowed Tome diff
Created page with "The Strange Hallowed Tome can be found by investigating the Skeleton in the Lobby of the Hallowed Sepulchre. The Tome is found with 1 page out of 6. It can be filled with 5 mo..."
Topaz Amulet (u) diff
Created page with "shiiiiet use dat red topaz on  dat furnace mayn with dat ammy mould you feel me"
Daeyelt Essence diff
Created page with "The Daeyelt Essence is located in the Daeyelt mine.  It can be mined for mad runecrafting gains."
Blisterwood Sickle diff
Created page with "{{Under Construction}} {{Infobox Item |name = Blisterwood sickle |image = |release = [[4 June]] [[2020]] |update = Darkmeyer |aka =  |members = Yes |quest = Sins of the Fath..."
Hallowed crystal shard diff
Created page with "Hallowed Crystal Shard is an item released with the Sins of the Father quest on June 4, 2020."
Hallowed token diff
Created page with ":)"
Dark acorn diff
Created page with "It's a dark nutt that will turn your squirl into a vampire GG"
Icyene Graveyard diff
Created page with "A graveyard accessible via the boat in the burge de grott boat yard."
Hallowed symbol diff
Created page with "It is good"
Mysterious Hallowed Goods diff
Actual Vampyre Slayer diff
Created page with "reggin backwards"
Black dragon location diff
Created page with "el [[Black_dragon]] se pueden encontrar en  [[Catacombs_of_Kourend]] la verdad es q es el unico lugar donde se sabe q esta."
Ring of endurance (uncharged) diff
Created page with "cool ring"
Altar blood diff
el origen
Skeletal Monkeys diff
Redirected page to [[Skeleton (Ape Atoll)]]
Ali the Trader diff
Redirected page to [[Rogue Trader]]
Nm diff
Redirected page to [[The Nightmare]]
Strang old lock diff
Created page with "ddsdsdd"
Money snek diff
Redirected page to [[Zulrah]]
Magic wapons diff
Created blank page
Queen Biyrene I diff
Created page with "Queen Biyrene I ruled the [[Great_Kourend|Kingdom of Great Kourend]] for the 53rd, 55th and 56th decade. Her rule was split by [[King Byrne III]], who ruled for the 54th decad..."
Osrs quest order diff
Created page with "pee pee poo poo"
Free-to-play magic training diff
Redirected page to [[Free-to-play Magic training]]
Dragon imp jar diff
Redirected page to [[Dragon impling jar]]
Stam ring diff
Redirected page to [[Ring of endurance]]
Cow bell diff
Created page with "{{Item | interwiki = {{External|rs}} |name = Cowbells |image = [[File:Cowbells.png]] |release = 29 January [[2007]] |update = What's black and white and goes green when it's f..."
Dig under razorlor s toad batta diff
Emoji diff
Created page with "O:)"
Reward Chest (Chambers of Xeric) diff
Harm staff diff
Redirected page to [[Harmonised nightmare staff]]
Fire cpae guide diff
cape guide
King's ransom diff
Redirected page to [[King's Ransom]]
Altar blood reald diff
Created page with "noce"
Citharede Abbey diff
draft ported from rs3, very much wip
Hunter trianing diff
Redirected page to [[Hunter Training]]
Best melee weapon diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Best melee diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Best strength weapon diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Zamarok wizard diff
Redirected to [[Zamorak wizard]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Best in slot gloves diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Superior wyrm diff
Redirected to [[Shadow Wyrm]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Bis mage diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Ge prices diff
Redirected to [[RuneScape:Grand Exchange Market Watch]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Best range diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Vial smashing diff
Redirected to [[Barbarian guard]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Solo rex diff
Redirected to [[Dagannoth Kings/Strategies]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Teleport wilderness diff
Redirected to [[Wilderness#Transportation methods]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Crush defence diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Boss lair diff
Redirected to [[Instance#Boss instances]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Blood elf diff
Redirected to [[The Maiden of Sugadinti]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Ge tracker diff
Redirected to [[RuneScape:Grand Exchange Market Watch]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Herblore profit diff
Redirected to [[Herblore training]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Bags diff
Redirected to [[Template:Storage Items]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Spikey Turoth diff
Redirected to [[Spiked Turoth]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Best melee weapons diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
F2p ring diff
Redirected to [[Calculator:Armoury]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Wizard trio diff
Redirected to [[Ancient Wizard]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Superior turoth diff
Redirected to [[Spiked Turoth]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Thieving elves diff
Redirected to [[Elf (Thieving)]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Elemental work diff
Redirected to [[Elemental Workshop (location)]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Lava battle staff diff
Redirected to [[Lava battlestaff]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Niev diff
Redirected to [[Nieve]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Slayer kalphite diff
Redirected to [[Slayer task/Kalphites]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Inquisitor's diff
Redirected to [[Inquisitor's armour]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Karanja diff
Redirected to [[Karamja]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Atique lamp diff
Created page with "Antique Lamp, Awards 300 experience in any category of skill. May obtain from the quest "X Marks The Spot" from Veos."
Galarpos Mountains diff
Created page with "The Galarpos Mountains are a mountain range located between Kandarin and Tirannwn. It is most famous as the location of the first battle of Mibbiwocket, the war tortoise, unde..."
Any stole diff
que es eso
Johny diff
Third age plateskirt diff
Redirected page to [[3rd age plateskirt]]
Zeah floor diff
redirect to themes
Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) diff
Created page with "eat my a$$"
Amy's saw diff
Created page with "'''Beter'''"
Plank sack diff
Created page with "Plank Sack     The Plank Sack is, unsurprisingly, a sack that stores planks.  While you’re out doing jobs, you’ll need plenty of supplies. Do you really want to be running..."
Hosidius blueprints diff
Created page with "The Hosidius Blueprints makes it possible to decorate your player home with hosidius fashion.   It contains: Hosidius Wall Kit    Don’t fancy the boat trip to Zeah? Maybe yo..."
Carpenter's helmet diff
Created page with "The Carpenter's Helmet is one pice of the Carpenter's Outfit  See that fancy Carpenter’s Outfit Amy and her crew are wearing? Well, it’s a brand-new skilling outfit, and f..."
Carpenter's shirt diff
Created page with "The Carpenter's Shirt is one piece of the Carpenter's Outfit  See that fancy Carpenter’s Outfit Amy and her crew are wearing? Well, it’s a brand-new skilling outfit, and f..."
Carpenter's trousers diff
Created page with "The Carpenter's Trousers is one piece of the Carpenter's Outfit  See that fancy Carpenter’s Outfit Amy and her crew are wearing? Well, it’s a brand-new skilling outfit, an..."
Carpenter's boots diff
Created page with "The Carpenter's Boots is one piece of the Carpenter's Outfit  See that fancy Carpenter’s Outfit Amy and her crew are wearing? Well, it’s a brand-new skilling outfit, and f..."
Construction supply crate diff
Created page with "yeet bois, yeet"
Carpenter points diff
Created page with "'''Carpenter points''' is the reward currency awarded for completing contracts for clients of [[Mahogany Homes]]. Every time a player finishes a contract, points and some addi..."
Bob (Mahogany Homes) diff
Created page with "Bob is an NPC whose home may need repairing while executing a construction contract. His home is located directly north of the Varrock estate agent."
Mohagany home diff
Scy diff
Redirected page to [[Scythe of vitur]]
A Porcine of Interest/Quick guide diff
Created page with "Read the notice board in Draynor village"
Sourhog diff
Created page with "Big bois north east of draynor village"
Spria diff
Created page with "Spria is the new slayermaster in Draynor. she is the daughter of Turael. she gives good tasks."
Reinforced goggles diff
Created page with "haha funny m eem"
Porcine of interest diff
Creating redirect page for common misspelling.
Nonexistance diff
Created page with "rey getard"
Ascent of arceeuss diff
Created page with "dome"
Kround tele diff
Created page with "teleports you to kourend"
Fenix diff
fenix se encuentra durante el minigame de wintertodt
Basilisk sentinel diff
Created page with "{{Infobox Monster |name = Basilisk Sentinel |image = [[File:Basilisk Sentinel.png|280px]] |release = [[26 September]] [[2019]] |update = The Fremennik Exiles |members = Yes |c..."
Choke devill diff
the description
Tomulos diff
Barthorp slayer diff
Created page with "Yeah nah his a good bloke"
T ome of fire diff
Created page with "its like tome of fire but with space between f and ire"
Money dragon diff
Redirected page to [[Vorkath]]
Trailblazer League/Areas/Tirannwn diff
Created page with "Places of interest: Arandar, the overground pass leading into Tirannwn. Prifddinas, the great elven city. Formed by elf crystals and quite a sight to behold. The City can be a..."
Money making guide/Crushing superior dragon bones diff
Created page with "{{Mmgtable |Activity = Crushing [[bird nest]]s |Image = {{Inventory|align=center |1= Crushed superior dragon bones |2= Crushed superior dragon bones |3= Crushed superior drago..."
Green hide chaps diff
Pile of rubble (Yanille Agility dungeon) diff
Created page with "{{stub}} {{Infobox Agility |name = Pile of rubble |image = [[File:Pile of rubble (Yanille Agility dungeon).png]] |release = [[12 December]] [[2002]] |update = Agility skill on..."
Diseased seaweed diff
Created page with "We need this"
F2p money makers diff
Created page with "help me"
Singles-plus combat diff
Add singles plus page to help explain new revenant rules.
King of the Skill diff
Created page with "Sinful Stoic"
Dragon warharmer diff
Reciepe for diaster diff
Created page with "You spelled it wrong dumb face."
Beginner clue hot cold diff
Created page with "(UFOdjbssdoupifbsdaalnkf;sd"
Trailblazer Relic Hunter (T3 diff
Created page with "It's trash"
Fish guild diff
Redirected page to [[Fishing Guild]]
Tai bwo wannai cleanup diff
Redirected page to [[Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup]]
Tzhaar-hur diff
Add redirect for common misspelling of TzHaar-Hur
Slayer task requirement diff
Created page with "noi"
Karamja easy diff
Created page with "[[]]"
STASH (master) diff
Redirect to STASH for consistency
STASH (beginner) diff
Redirect to STASH for consistency
STASH (elite) diff
Redirect to STASH for consistency
Trailblazer League/Tasks/Desert diff
Create a redirect to [[Trailblazer League/Tasks/Kharidian Desert]]
HAM hideout diff
Create a redirect to [[H.A.M. Hideout]]
Halloween event rewards diff
Created page with "it's the rewards for halloween events, I'll update later :)"
Insulated boot diff
Insulated Boot
Dagannoth kings diff
Added redirect for common misspelling
Barbarian villige diff
created a post for barbarian villige.
Varrock Sawmill diff
Created page with "This is a new page apparently. Even though I'm not logged in and I don't have an account, it seems that I'm able to create and make edits."
Granny pants diff
Redirected page to [[Granite legs]]
Rabid jack diff
Redirected to [[Rabid Jack]] via [[Special:SearchDigest]]
Trailblazer League/Tasks/The Fremennik Provinces diff
Redirected page to [[Trailblazer League/Tasks/Fremennik Provinces]]
Trailblazer League/Tasks/Fremennik diff
Redirected page to [[Trailblazer League/Tasks/Fremennik Provinces]]
Tzhaar Fight Cave diff
Redirected page to [[TzHaar Fight Cave]]
The dig site diff
Add redirect for incorrect capitalization
Kalpite queen diff
Created page with "Kalpite Queen"
Fippa diff
Crystal seed teleport diff
Created page with "Ist Crystal seed teleport"
Varrock king diff
Created page with "Location In varrock castle in Grand Enchange yes yes Grand enchange"
Names diff
Created page with "Names its one Name crate for you Or for all persons in World Ejemple Rocky Or Maria Its one name for you Player or much players in diferents games."
Picture of Elena diff
Created page with "Ardougne"
Utility spells diff
Created page with "Utility Spells are all of the spells included in the utility spells filter in the spellbook.  These standard spellbook utility spells include: {| class="wikitable" |- ! spell..."
Decorative boots (gold) diff
Created page with "They are new boots of castle wars. Some say they give a +1 strength bonus."
GAME diff
Created page with "WWE THE MAN"
Herbaboar diff
Created page with "Herbabore is a green little thingy that you hunt for herbs and hunter xp"
Paths diff
Redirected page to [[Adventure Paths]]
Talk:Twisted slayer helmet diff
Twisted horns GE
Talk:Shop assistant (Rimmington) diff
Created page with "This page is opened when using the lookup button on a Thug under Edgeville Dungeon."
Talk:3rd age druidic robe top diff
Created page with "Does anyone know the item IDs for the druidic set?"
Talk:Bounty crate diff
Created page with "The loot is completely wrong.  I got: 22 super energy, 76 strength pots, 112 blood runes."
Talk:Brimstone key diff
Created page with "Although Brimstone keys appear on each relevant monster's drop table on the wiki, they have no assigned price, so they are not accounted for when it comes to each monster's ..."
Talk:The Fremennik Exiles/Quick guide diff
Created page with "First time when the quick guide instructs you to go to the large geyser, it says only to inspect the geysir and then head to Peer the Seer. However you need to attempt to put..."
Talk:Twisted teleport scroll diff
Created page with "Buying for 1m -- GE 302"
Talk:Blade of saeldor diff
Created page with "''1+1= ''4+4= ''8+8= ''5+5= ''3+3= ''6+6= ''2+2= ''7+7= ''9+9= ''10+10= ''0+0="
Talk:Treasure Trails/Guide/Anagrams/Beginner diff
Created page with "I got a beginner scroll today with "Cheer at iffie nitter" in it §§§§"
Talk:Money making guide/Killing spidines diff
Created page with "Information in this guide is a bit off, cause you'll be getting eggs as you go.  Without Medium diary: buy 1 red spiders egg to start, as they don't drop as notes and you can..."
Talk:Twisted Relic Hunter (T3) diff
Created page with "The cane should be added"
Talk:Money making guide/Killing Ankou (free-to-play) diff
Created page with "This is, hats~off and hands~down, the best mmg on the wiki.--~~~~"
[[Talk:Poll:Death Mechanics in Old School]] diff
Add the text of the options instead of just option 1, option 2
Talk:Runespan diff
Talk:Gilded coif diff
Created page with "ranged requirement of 40"
Talk:Divine ranging potion diff
hit points reduced
Talk:Inquisitor's mace diff
set bonus
Talk:Elf (Thieving) diff
Minor error in the success rate table
Talk:Level up jingles diff
Created page with "I do believe there is an additional (third) jingle for leveling up to certain construction levels."
Talk:Vesta's blighted longsword diff
Created page with "Is it one-handed or two-handed? Article does not say."
Talk:Willow Tree (Farming) diff
Talk:Blighted super restore diff
add buy limit as 2k
Talk:Guia de ataque diff
Guia de ataque
Talk:Money making guide/Killing Vorkath (Dragon hunter lance) diff
Created page with ""Even when on a Slayer task, the Neitiznot faceguard/Salve amulet (ei) combo is better than the Slayer helm/amulet of torture combo."  Not according to bitterkoekje or osrs ge..."
Talk:Sins of the Father diff
Created page with "What level is Carl?"
Talk:Ranged/Level up table diff
Talk:Money making guide/Making pastry dough diff
Created page with "As Pastry dough can be made at level 1 does anyone have the reason that there is a cooking skill requirement of 10?"
Talk:Mad melvin96 diff
Created page with "I just found this NPC while going through the Hallowed Sepulchre, and he has some dialogue. I'm not sure how to make a dialogue page, so I'll just put it here  Proof: https://..."
Talk:Energy/Recovery table diff
Created page with "Not really sure if these calculations are correct...  Take levels 0-5 regeneration for example, it would be  1/(1/7.5 * 1.3) = 5.769 seconds per 1% energy if full Graceful's 3..."
Talk:Broken Raft diff
Needs mithril grapple tipped bolt
Talk:Iorwerth Warrior diff
Unlisted drop
Talk:Slayer task/Elves diff
Created page with "== Cannoning mourner elves ==  I changed them not to be cannonable, since a cannon can be placed downstairs in mourner HQ, but it would not shoot at the mourners. https://olds..."
Talk:Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Pirate Pete/Quick guide diff
Created page with "You are not allowed in the cave before talking to Nung. You need to talk to Nung, then pick up 5 rocks and then go into the cave with the mudskippers."
Talk:Shadow Wyrm diff
Created page with "The wiki only says that these fight with magic. I just fought one, prayed mage the entire fight, and it still hit me pretty hard. I wasn't watching the animation but either th..."
Talk:The Sisterhood diff
Created page with "Why not to mention their masks in the article, which resemble the medieval "Plague Doctors"? ~~~~"
Talk:Harmonised orb diff
Suggestion to change drop rate to be less misleading
Talk:Marble lectern diff
Answer to the boostable requirement
Talk:Sourhog diff
Talk:Guardian Drake diff
Created page with "Hi, By coincidence I notice the value of a guardian drake's kill is understated. The imbued heart alone makes the avg value over 50k.  Kind regards"
Talk:Ring of 3rd age diff
Created page with "This is a ring from the 5th age. Charos created it after slaying a demon known as Balrog."
Talk:Magical pumpkin diff
black and white candies rare. maybe ~1/200 chance for either
Talk:Spiked manacles diff
Created page with "why so expensive"
Talk:Crystal of memories diff
Created page with "does it teleport you back to where you last used it?"
Talk:Trailblazer League/Tasks diff
Created page with "The page appears locked so I can't directly edit (probably a good decision overall). But there is a mistake in the Karamja tasks. "Cook 100 Karambwans" and "Take a Shortcut Ac..."
Talk:Last Recall diff
Created page with "I have not unlocked wilderness region yet so I am unable to test it, but will this work beyond level 30 Wild?  anyone made it there yet? ~~~~"
Talk:Trailblazer League/Guide/Money Making diff
/* Lunderwin */ new section
Talk:Trailblazer League/Guide/Agility diff
/* Trouble brewing agility */ new section
Talk:Trailblazer League/Tasks/Kharidian Desert diff
/* Sq'irk turn-in skill requirements */ new section
Talk:Sins of the Father/Quick guide diff
Created page with "SUGGESTION: at a certain point in the quest you can go to the boat between draken's tele and Slepe to start going back to Icyene graveyard. Faster than going back to Burgh de..."
Talk:Kronos seed diff
Specify exact (or even estimated) chance.
Talk:Money making guide/Pickpocketing vyres diff
Created page with "Después de 12 fragmentos, llevo mas de 8 mil robos y aun no me dropean los shards"
Talk:Fancy dress box space diff
Created page with "I don't know how to edit, but the new Beekeeper outfit is also storable in the fancy dress box"
Talk:Mahogany Homes diff
Home world for the Mahogany Homes
Talk:Money making guide/Buying beer tankards diff
Buying Kegs of Beer
Talk:Money making guide/Buying kegs of beer diff
Created page with "Nice, just as I requested. (was the user that stated this money making method earlier in the beer tankard thread).~~~~"
User:Cowflamebob diff
Created page with " == Barrows Repair ==  {| class="wikitable sortable align-center-1 align-center-2" ! colspan="2" |Item !Price (0) !Price (100) !Profit !Total cost !Total profit !Cost/XP |- |{..."
User:Nader/Template/Invokes diff
Created page with "<includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|Module|<div class="seealso">'''''{{#replace:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|/doc}}''' is invoked by [[{{{page|Template:{{{1}}}}}}]].{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{categor..."
User:Ackwell diff
Created page with "n/a"
User:Tamed Wombat diff
Created page with "WOMbat"
User:Destined Few/guides diff
Created page with "{{user:Destined_Few/components/header}} <div id="subnav" style="text-align: center; margin: -5% auto 5%;">     <center>         <ul style="padding:1%!important; list-style:non..."
User:Destined Few/rules diff
Created page with "{{user:Destined_Few/components/header}} <div id="subnav" style="text-align: center; margin: -5% auto 5%;">     <center>         <ul style="padding:1%!important; list-style:non..."
User:StarYeen diff
Created page with "Nothing interesting happens."
User:Nex Undique diff
Created blank page
User: diff
Created page with "Lol I'm going out for dinner tonight? What about plot Pisa t put I"
User: diff
Created page with "{{User stats |Name          = Player (display) name |Quest         = Quest Points |Combat        = Combat level |Music         = Number of music tracks unlocked as shown on Mu..."
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Created page with "== Agility ==  === Quests === {| class="wikitable" |'''Quest''' |'''XP Reward''' |'''Requirement''' |'''Area(s)''' |'''Auto’d Areas''' |- |Recruitment Drive |1,000 |12 QP |A..."
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My ip
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And why is it called a cacti when it's cactus potato?
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/* Bounter hounter word Clan wars */ new section
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2 farming guilds
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Created page with "Oh, sorry. I tested it myself and it was 26 for me. My bad. ~~~~"
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Move discussion from [[Talk:Game updates]] per [[RS:NOT#FORUM]]
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Nominate "Test page" for deletion
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Moved template to correct page
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Stores with 0 items stocked should be highlighted to express this more clearly
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Added template for tipped dragon bolt fletching
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Created page with "{{Transcript|npc}} ===During [[Desert Treasure]], when given a silver pot of your own blood=== * '''Player:''' Hi, I was wondering, can you quickly bless this for me? * '''Hig..."
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Created page with "Lorelai: Hello! I'm Lorelai. Welcome to the Warrior's Guild basement! Player: What are you doing down here? Lorelai: I'm training this group of special Cyclopes to be stronger..."
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Created page with "Added post-event Romeo dialogue.  Someone should check if he has dialogue before completion. Also seems likely he has different dialogue for people who haven't done R&J quest."
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Created page with "==Part of dialogue changes based on combat stats== *** '''Knight of the Wolf''': With a big sword of course! *** '''Player''': Ah... A favorite method of mine. *** '''Knight o..."
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page comment
Game Improvements and Nightmare Beta Changes
link on main page is dead due to deletion - create redirect as MP is protected
Created page with " please reopen my account, I will not repeat the mistake again"
Battle Ready Armour
Created blank page
Gilonor points
Green gingerbread shield
Created page with "not good if you have diabetes"
Pet Wagon
Created page with "The pet wagon is an adventurers essential tool for making sure all of their pets are able to follow them around the map and talk with each other."
Prayer renewal
J001 jf1
Created page with "!restrictions"
Typless magic
Created page with "My name's Dylan and I'm stupid"
Created page with "he is so good"
Money making guide/Making bottled dragonbreath
Created page with "Currently not beneficial guide to make, as 10 dragonfruit go for 11k right now while the bottled dragonbreath is going for 8.5k"
Created page with "Jouskariniko is the greatest archer ever stepped foot in the land of Gielnior. He once defeated his nemesis Kari with a single blow and became the only player who has ever don..."
Money making test lower levels(k1llablunt)
Created page with "If your a lower level looking for quick consistent gold about 725 per item. ali kebab salesman sells hot kebabs for 5gp per and they running currently 744 per at grand exchange"
Grand Exchange/Item prices
Created page with "{{CostTableHead|caption= |class=sortable mw-collapsible}} {{CostLine|Oak logs}} {{CostLine|Willow logs}} {{CostLine|Yew logs}} {{CostLine|Raw shrimps}} {{CostLine|Shrimps..."
Grand Exchange/Item prices
Created page with "===Current item prices=== {{CostTableHead|caption= |class=sortable mw-collapsible}} {{CostLine|3rd age amulet}} {{CostLine|Oak logs}} {{CostLine|Willow logs}} {{CostLine|..."
Money making guide/Looting ogre coffins
Created page with "[[File:Amilading23xd|thumb|09463220584]]"
Reign of terror
Created page with "literally everyone in the clan have autism"
Created page with "<blockquote>This article provies information</blockquote>"
Thomas Funck
Created page with "'''Thomas Fredrik Georg Funck''' (26 October 1919 – 30 December 2010) was a Swedish baron ([[freiherr]]), author of [[children's literature]], a [[radio personality]] an..."
Created page with "'''Kentropy is a long-time player of OSRS.'''"
Created page with "crazy albanian"
Money making guide/Sapphire Rings
get it in ya
Money making guide/Mining runite ore (free-to-play)
Created page with "the requirements for this are 85 mining, the average amount of gp per hour is 800k. it will be in high wildy which is dangerous for other people to attack you and it is in mul..."
Money making guide/Crafting emerald jewellery
Created page with "in 1 hour of crafting emerald jewellery, most of the time emerald rings brings you around the 190k gp per hour with a good amount of crafting xp, i did this by myself and now..."
Random page
Redirected page to [[Https://]]
X Amadioha x
Created page with "A good Guy"
African elepahnt
largest animal
Created page with "VIVA LA RESISTANCE"
Created page with "Fernadob is a hostile creature located in the basement of the Lumbridge Castle. It can only be summoned with the use of Towels and Donuts.  It is unknown how it came to be at..."
Chicken Pie
Created page with "Chicken Pie"
Altar in lumbridge
Created page with "'''where is the altar nearest to lumbridge?'''"
Bury altar
Created page with "Bury altar is very good."
Created page with "some thing hits many times per atk idk much about it kinda expensive tho 😳"
Tony hawk
Created page with "The oldest teenager I've ever seen"
Created page with "Niggеrs are a type of NPC monsters that use their ****** to attack their victims. Being a slayer monster, niggеrs  require a Slayer level of 1488 to be damaged by players. D..."
Runecrafting minigame
Created page with "make a minigame for runecrafting jagex."
Mystery quests
Mystery Quests of Osrs
Black ingot
Created page with "It's not here anymore..."
Created page with "Jethick assembles a squad against the bad nigg."
Ranged melee
Created page with "Idk but i wish i did."
Central America St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Why OK
Created page with "skrr bip bop"
Average Drop Value by Monster
Sins of the Father glitch
Created page with "Jagex f uped lmfao"
Sins of the Father glitch
Created page with "this is g a y"
Vampire (Thieving)
Created page with "Idk what i'm doing to create this wiki page but here goes.   Various vampires can be thieved in darkmeyer following "The Sins of Our Father" quest.   Xp per sucessful attempt..."
Cooked Mystery meat
Darkmeyer drop
1632124+6513246516546516542484120ZKJHGAhb GD XHSB N.ÑZKLDHHJSND,LKHFSGJKBCNZ
Grand Hallowed Coffin
Created page with "Ayayaya"
Grand Hallowed Coffin
Created page with "ggggggggg"
Mysterious Hallowed Goods
Created page with "pippelipappeli"
Mysterious Hallowed Goods
Created page with "yes, it is there"
Maria Gadderanks
Created page with "this is my runescape gf"
Maria Gadderanks
Created page with "shes a top bloke"
Xz team
Created page with "Xz team es un clan de jugadores  por renn7game"
Not receiving an email from Jagex to disable authenticator ( Can receive password change mail ) After the game account is hack and retrieved set authenticator.
Created page with "Not receiving an email from Jagex to disable authenticator ( Can receive password change mail ) After the game account is hack and retrieved set authenticator."
Guie magic 96 a 99 lvl
ice barrage
jugador pro
Hlwys is an ugly redneck woman
warning: if they don't use it well the girls may turn yanderes and kill them
Created page with "el harén es un súper poder que viene de Japón desde 1913, el harén es el poder de atraer chicas"
Created page with "Everyone"
Pot is bad
Created page with "One of Old School Runescape's biggest tryhards."
George Floyd
Redirected page to [[Jungle savage]]
Salmon (ubicacion)
Created page with "estan en  un rio"
Created page with "McShmoopy is the greatest player ever to touch Oldschool Runescape. His unbelievable tick-perfect skilling and impressive boss killing make him the best Asian lad to play OSRS..."
Socialist beer
Created page with "Scocialist beer is located at the blu moon inn for 2gp. You can really taste the bernie sanders in it."
Add content
Created page with "skills:99 all"
How to get more than 99 hitpoints
Created page with "Dis is how to get 102 hitpoints, you eat the angler fish."
Socialist beer
Created page with "The socialist beer is a masterful brew of the ages. It was made with the finest ingredients (The soul of Bernie Sanders, The souls of the innocent, Strawberries, etc) It has a..."
Dragonite armer
Double garce
to duplicate the mark of grace
Requerimen thermonucear smoke devil
sadmaksmdk xd
Account haccked jexex emailadree
Created page with "sajidh"
Using Strength potion and ultimate strength
Created page with "does the ultimate strength prayer work alongside strength potion additions or your actual strength?"
Pavel Studio
Created page with "Art of the city pavel studio online services"
Charcoal or Ground Charcoal
Mejor pico
mejor pico cual es para minar oro?
World 535
okey gfdgfhcfdudsetrdfytfgufdyxrteryuooiuygtrdesewrtydrukiujuyrdyhtfgutfgurdyhrfgvjgyikuhjpñ
Created page with "very cool"
Elemental dragon weapon
Created page with " a powerful dragon weapon that can be dropped by dragons of any kind  that bale 100 million coins being  being weird to drop"
Give me 11 million in currency
denme 4 m de monedas
Give me 11 million in currency
denme 4 m de monedas
suomi perkele
Dragon dragon
Dragon dragon is a very rare metal dragon
Militar rope
Created page with "ekgkls"
Created page with "Amy is nice"
Mossy rock
Created page with "Mossy rock is the powerful the most powerful character in the world of Old School Runescape. It can be found in many places, mostly forests. if you find the very rare item, Bu..."
Mi culo
Created page with "es mi culito jajajajaajjajajjaajaja y hace pupu jajajajajajajaj"
Jess (client)
Shows direct link to Jess, stub page should redirect
Kyle Rittenhouse
Redirected page to [[Hero]]
The Arrest of George Floyd
Redirected page to [[Monkey Madness I]]
The Arrest of Jacob Blake
Redirected page to [[Monkey Madness II]]
A demon who is hot for Gertrude
Created blank page
Food, Monkfish or better
Piggy Dungeon
Created page with "oink oink"
legendary player
Fastest player in game
Created page with "a big noob"
At what level you stop burning swordfish
Created page with "i have no idea sorry"
Island roblox
Created page with "ww is kasksks ksksl wlwlwlwlwllwlwlwwpw"
AnVzdC kaWUh
Created page with "An anagaram created for a unreleased Master clue. Seen In a very special event."
Solomans general store
more info needed
Hola por que rason bloquearon mi cuenta no e cometido ningu delito
Created blank page
One two ten
Created page with "This man is the RS Legend."
tonka tonka fort ellis n change
Growlithe pokemon
Created page with "Growlithe es un pokemon de tipo Fuego  que aparecio por primera vez en 1 generación (pokemon rojo,azul,verde) y es la preevolución de Arcanine   Vete a otra wiki si quieres..."
Location Distances
Created page with "This table contains distances between common points used in quests, training locations, travel locations, etc.  {| class="wikitable sortable" |- ! Group !! Start Tile !! End T..."
Teak biirdhouse
Created page with "hjgjgjgmkknnlklnknkjlkm. cooooock in my asss"
Broken boots
Trailblazer League/Guide/Thieving
Created page with "my name jeff"
Created page with "retards stop typing in #achievements :4weirdbuff:"
2020 Halloween event
Created page with "P00p00p333 sr8 wuz here"
Magical pumpkin
Halloween event 2020
Rick (2020 Halloween event)
Big plant space
White candy
Created page with "hehe candy"
Black candy
Created page with "tehe candy"
Created page with "poopy pot"
Created page with "ËÌÍĤĎĎì"
Queen forest
Created page with "Very bad gamer, but tries her best, should try more. Domp idot"
Created page with "you're mom"
La encuesta 73 y cambios en las ligas
Created page with "+       0'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''"
Lord Valzin
Created page with "{{external|rs}} '''Lord Valzin''' was a wealthy [[Varrock]]ian nobleman and follower of [[Zamorak]]. In the late [[Fourth Age]]/early [[Fifth Age]] he allied with King Radda..."
Quees lunar diplomacy
Created page with "ayuda en baba yaga"
Ranger path starter kit
Created page with "jughkjuyikjhkhjkhjkghjkhjkkggkhjkghkghjkghjkjhkhjkghkhjgkghjkuygjghkg ghj khllkjklkjl kjk kljklklkll"
Created page with "This user is the best, makes great pizza rolls, and does the most good in the community hands down deserves gold gnome for community chef"
Created page with "A term used to describe, someone who steals PVM kills or hoards one NPC to themselves."
Perdió su Autenticador
Demonic gorrilas /strategies
Created page with "adsasdas"
Bloodveld ubicacion en wilderness
Created page with "?"
Created page with "Herbalink is what some refer to as a link of herbs that subliminally create exotic exoteric familiars with cohesion capabilities in their arsenals"
Tharmons staff
Created page with "boi was dis a sword, da best sword. never to be got again"
Wutta beast
newb, look at my druidic robe top
Talk:Little nightmare
Created page with "nigger faggot"
Talk:Ikkle hydra
Talk:Crystal body
Created page with "jkbhbhbkjhbjh"
Talk:Mouse keys
Created page with "d d"
Created page with "56 year old Newspaper or Periodical Editor Kevin Ciaburri from Earlton, really likes hunting, how to start search engine marketing and bringing food to the. Feels travel an en..."
Created page with "My name's Ismael Fontenot but everybody calls me Ismael. I'm from Denmark. I'm studying at the college (2nd year) and I play the Dobro for 9 years. Usually I choose music from..."
Created page with "47 yr old Florist Mosby from Victoriaville, loves body building, сколько можно заработать на англоязычном сайте and greyhound racing...."
User:Kanes Main
Created page with "bn<br> nbv<nowiki><br> Insert non-formatted text herevnb<br> vnbv<br> <br> <br> vbnvbn<br> vbnnvvn<br> vbnvbn<br> vbn<br> vbn<br> vbnxdsdfds<br> sd<br> ds<br> fd<br> sd<br> x<..."
Created page with "bruh"
Created page with "do you suc diks?"
discord the one stop for everything
Created page with "Hello! My name is Latashia. <br>It is a little about myself: I live in France, my city of Dunkerque. <br>It's called often Eastern or cultural capital of NORD-PAS-DE-CALAIS. I..."
Created page with "57 yrs old Help Desk Operator Elise Portch, hailing from Etobicoke enjoys watching movies like Bright Leaves and Reading. Took a trip to Redwood National and State Parks and d..."
User:Ornlu avra
Created page with "gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg"
User talk:
/* SCAM By Trade */ new section
User talk:(Bot2Pla)
Created page with "==AWB shutdown== <span style="float:left">[[File:Stop shield.png|left|40px]] </span>This message is placed here to automatically halt any RuneScapeqtsri Eiqo :AutoWikiB..."
RuneScape:Grand Exchange Market Watch/Adjustments
la cuenta enemiga que no ha podido ser baneada
RuneScape talk:Signatures
File talk:Arvel.png
Created page with "WE WUZ ELVES"
File talk:Lunar spells.png
Created page with "hi"
Template:Guardian drake superior
Created page with "big boy drake"
Template:Ourania Altar
Template for computing GP/ess at ourania altar
Template:Helper module.default
Created page with "price(item)"
Forum:Id: Santiemman por favor necesito ayuda urgente
ayuda urgente
Forum:Online earn much money not scam payout proof
Created page with "{{Forumheader|Redwood Grove|name={{subst:PAGENAME}}|subject=|notes=|closure=|archive=|date=|user=|type=}}  <!-- Please put your content under this paragraph.  Be sure to sign..."
Forum:At how can i buy stocks Tradizionalle price $3.00
Created page with "{{Forumheader|Redwood Grove|name={{subst:PAGENAME}}|subject=|notes=|closure=|archive=|date=|user=|type=}}  <!-- Please put your content under this paragraph.  Be sure to sign..."
Calculator:Other/Magic dart/Template/doc
Created page with "{{documentation}} {{Calculator template|Calculator:Other/Magic_dart}} {{:User:Faison/Template/Invokes|Magic_dart_calculator}}"
Calculator:Other/Magic dart/Template
Created page with "<noinclude> {{/doc}} </noinclude> <includeonly> {{#invoke:Arceuus_library_book_calculator|invoke_main}} </includeonly> [[Category:Calculator_templates]]"
Calculator:Magic Dart
Created page with "== Magic Dart Calculator ==  This is a calculator to figure out how much damage [[Magic Dart|Magic Dart]] will do at the specified magic level.   {{Calc use|Calculator:Other/M..."
Transcript talk:Aubury
Module:Magic dart calculator
Created page with "local Addcommas = require( 'Module:Addcommas' ) local Paramtest = require( 'Module:Paramtest' ) local Yesno = require( 'Module:Yesno' )  local p = {}  -- -- The main function..."