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Hello, my name's Crow653, or Crow for short. This'll just be a short bio so you can get to know me! I like playing OSRS and eating chocolate. That's about it to be honest. I undo dumb edits, I fix things if I know how to, and I do grunt work. I'm horrible with wording things properly, so you probably won't catch me creating descriptions of a brand new item or monster, or changing strategy guides beyond the gear template on em.

Players can achieve exactly 880 points by killing the six brothers, three bloodworms, and one crypt spider (656 + 3(52) + 56 + 2(6)) = 880.

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I do not think, you have any right to command me, merely because you are older than I, or because you have seen more of the world than I have; your claim to superiority depends on the use you have made of your time and experience.