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Profit/loss[edit | edit source]

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit/Loss
Onyx ring.png Onyx ring> Ring of stone 20Earth 20Fire 1Cosmic Onyx ring.png 1,347,071 -320,705
Onyx necklace.png Onyx necklace> Berserker necklace 20Earth 20Fire 1Cosmic Onyx necklace.png 1,527,087 -233,312
Onyx bracelet.png Onyx bracelet> Bracelet of regeneration 20Earth 20Fire 1Cosmic Onyx bracelet.png 1,534,592 -184,474
Onyx amulet.png Onyx amulet> Amulet of fury 20Earth 20Fire 1Cosmic Onyx amulet.png 1,437,041 -78,609
Topaz amulet.png Onyx amulet> Amulet of fury 2Astral Topaz amulet (u).png 284 -113
Topaz amulet.png Silver Bar + Topaz > Topaz Amulet 2Astral Topaz amulet (u).png 284 122