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Incomplete quests[edit | edit source]

My list of incomplete quests, missing requirements, if applicable, and notable item or XP rewards (if there are no missing requirements or I’m close to having them all)
Priority quest(s) right now:

  • Legends’ Quest (a milestone/checkpoint. Also need it for RFD)

Cabin Fever

  • Rum Deal

Clock Tower

  • Filler quest.

Cold War

  • 19/34 Construction
  • 9/10 Hunter


  • 2x 7000 combat exp lamps, Thieving icon.png 7000 Thieving

Started it but nothing done yet.

Desert Treasure

  • 49/50 Magic
  • 45/53 Thieving
  • The Temple of Ikov

Will probably do this one soon after Legends Quest.

Devious Minds

  • 46/50 Fletching
  • 9/50 Runecrafting (very low priority at the moment, I've not even touched that skill yet...)
  • 54/65 Smithing

Dream Mentor

  • 65/85 combat
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • Eadgar’s Ruse

Eadgar’s Ruse

  • Herblore icon.png 11000 Herblore

Started it while I was doing One Small Favour, but didn't do anything else.

Eagles’ Peak

  • 9/27 Hunter (Another skill I've not touched)

Enakhra’s Lament

  • 46/50 Crafting

Enlightened Journey

Fairytale II - Cure a Queen

  • 32/49 Farming
  • 46/57 Herblore

Family Crest

  • 49/59 Magic

Fremennik Isles, The

  • 19/20 Construction

Great Brain Robbery

  • 18/30 Construction
  • 43/50 Prayer (can this be boosted?)
  • Cabin Fever
  • Creature of Fenkenstrain
  • Rum Deal

Grim Tales

  • 32/45 Farming
  • 46/52 Herblore
  • 42/59 Agility
  • 45/58 Thieving
  • 56/71 Woodcutting

This quest has heavy reqs, at least at this point in time. It's about when Jagex started adding higher level reqs to quests.

Hand in the Sand, The

  • 46/49 Crafting

Haunted Mine

  • 22000 Strength - I don’t want it, which is why it’s notable

It was one of my hardest boss fights back then, no joke. A full inventory of sharks almost didn't cut it.

Hazeel Cult

  • Another clocktower...

Horror from the Deep

  • Prayer books, which I definitely want

King’s Ransom

  • 52/65 Defence

Legends’ Quest

  • 49/56 Magic - possible to boost, but you need a mind bomb every time you go through the orb door
  • 42/50 Agility
  • 46/50 Crafting
  • 45/50 Thieving
  • Family Crest
  • Underground Pass

Note: There is also a 50 strength requirement, but I can boost it. I think Haunted Mine will force me to have 50 strength anyways.

Lunar Diplomacy

  • 49/65 Magic
  • 46/61 Crafting

Mourning’s End Part I

  • Roving Elves
  • 45/50 Thieving
  • 43/60 Ranged

Mourning’s End Part II

  • Mourning’s End Part I
  • High agility level recommended

I will get 70 Agility, you probably know why.

My Arm’s Big Adventure

  • Eadgar’s Ruse
  • Play Two Bannai Cleanup game up to a certain point? Well, I need to get 100% favour for the diary anyways.

I won’t do anytime soon, the boss is very, VERY powerful... arguably the hardest boss in old school RS

Olaf’s Quest

  • Defence icon.png 12000 Defence

Parchment? It's something completely forgotten, I believe there was supposed to be mammoth lands or something at some point but it never happened.

Rag and Bone Man

  • Falls in the same category as Clocktower

I should start this and just gather bones here and there while I do other things.

Recipe for Disaster

  • 176 quest points

- 'Monkey ambassador (Awowogei)'

  • 42/48 Agility

Started and got the greegrees, all I need is the 48 agility - 'Sir Amik Varze':

  • Legends’ Quest (only have to start it, but I'll finish the whole thing)
  • Ability to defeat a Black Dragon


  • Underground Pass
  • 42/56 Agility

Roving Elves

  • Regicide

Rum Deal

  • Zogre Flesh Eaters
  • 32/40 Farming
  • 43/47 Prayer

Slug Menace, The

  • 23/30 Runecrafting

The req isn't too bad, especially after I finish Eyes of Glouphrie.

Soul’s Bane, A

  • Yet another filler like clocktower.

Swan Song

  • Garden of Tranquility
  • 49/66 Magic

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

  • Lots of rewards, but nothing that stands out. Therefore, another clocktower.

Tail of Two Cats

  • Mouse toy!!!

If I remember right, you don't need to stroke your kitten anymore with this toy in hand, but I could be wrong. But either way, I want this.

Temple of Ikov

  • Ranged icon.png 10500 Ranged, Fletching icon.png 8000 Fletching

Tower of Life

  • Construction icon.png 1000 Construction

Every bit helps when it comes to Construction

Troll Romance

  • Agility icon.png 8000 Agility

Underground Pass

  • I could do it now, but strong recommendations are to have 50 Thieving and 40+ Agility. And from my past experiences with this quest, I’d say 40 Agility is not enough. So I’ll get 50+ in both before I start this quest.

What Lies Below

  • 23/35 Runecrafting

Zogre Flesh Eaters

  • Required for Rum Deal, which is required for Cabin Fever, which is required for Great Brain Robbery

Quest log[edit | edit source]

November 7, 2013:

Started Horror from the Deep since it was in my way from a Clue scroll.pngclue scroll I got from a Sea Snake Hatchling while doing Royal Trouble. Had to leave and come back who knows how many times just to enter the Lighthouse. In order to enter, I did the Barcrawl, completed Scorpion Catcher (wasn't necessary), talked to Gunnjorn for the Lighthouse key, raced a bot for the plank respawns, found out I needed Steel nails to repair the bridge, then returned only to find out I needed 60 steel nails and not the 30 I had brought. And the clue scroll reward was... adamant axe, fire battlestaff and 7 red firelighters. But it's okay, I was prepared for disappointment. On the bright side, I did get some more questing done.

December 5, 2013:

There are several quests I've done inbetween, just look at the goals page for details.

  • The Rooftops update motivated me to train Agility a little bit and I've got the Agility level to save Awowogei. Gained another agility level in the process. Now I only need to save Sir Amik Varze before I can get to the final part of this quest.

February 8, 2018:

So it's been a very long time since I've done a quest, let alone anything at all in 2007scape. But I shouldn't call it '2007' anymore. Many more quests have been added, which are exclusive OSRS content. I am a little demotivated by this, but perhaps I will find this content more enjoyable than I think. I'll update this page with new quests later.

  • Completed Ratcatchers. This was really not as painful as I remembered. Just lengthy, mainly because of the traveling. It would have sped up things if I had thought of using the Dramen Staff and Ardougne Cloak I tend to wear all the time. Some normally inconvenient quest items were conveniently, somehow, in my bank, which helped reduce the length of the quest a bit. And the mansion part is just waiting (and more waiting) for guards to move in the right spots. Gained a Thieving level from all this (46).

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