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Hi there dear reader,

my name is Yasin, I live in germany, and am 15 years old. My hobbies are programming, playing basketball and of course listening to music + gaming. I mostly am using Java to program. I've been recently trying to get used to C# through Unity, but this would take some time I guess. I started off with RuneScape remakes made by other people all around the world (educational purposes only of course). From that point I've learned how the protocol of these work (like how things were being built up), and started to develop content to expand my knowledge in Java programming. Did that for the past several years, to gain a little understanding on how things work in programming. But I had to move on since that was not an efficient source to continuesly extend my knowledge. So I started developing softwares like a browser or even games like RPG's. Yet I didn't release any of these, but I might look forward to in the future. That to programming. My preferred genres are Rock, Heavy metal and Rap, I like Yashin. Linkin Park, 2pac, Underachievers and some other song artists. I love battlefield. I played all parts of the battlefield series, from Battlefield 1942 up to Battefield 4). Not to say that I dislike Call of Duty; no, really, I also like Call of Duty, especially black ops I). I'm also playing oldschool RuneScape, else I wouldn't be here to help maintain the articles :-). I've been playing RuneScape since 2009-2010, so I'm pretty much a veteran when it comes to that time-span (2009-2015).

If you have any questions related to me as a person, or if you might want to build a cool friendship with me, contact me on skype: yasinouha. Please have in mind that I DON'T support rs-ps's, as they're illegal to host and make win off it. Not to forget that this is an act of copyright infrigment, I mean, you also wouldn't want someone steal your work and make profit off it.

Have a good one ~ Yasin