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Welcome to the Destined Few Oldschool Runescape Wiki page, here you will find a range of information that will assist you on all aspects of clan life within Destined Few whether you are a fresh potential recruit looking for their newest clan experience, all the way to senior members who want to recap aspect of their knowledge to how the clan works.

For those who are new to Destined Few, a warm welcome from all of us here! We are Destined Few, a community clan that is built on the foundations of an inclusive community clan. We are a mature adult based clan based in the regions of US, UK and Europe. We welcome all members into our clan who share our values and have a valid pay-to-play Runescape membership.

Whilst in Destined Few you will experience a whole new level of community as we believe in helping one another and to eliminate the aspect of elitism, you can grow within the clan ensuring the advice you get whether it be, but not limited to: PvP, PvM, PvE, skilling, minigames and questing is up to date and of a high standard.

If you have Discord come and join our discord server managed by Destined One, our custom coded discord bot, where we have all sorts of discussions, that is bound to peak your interest.

So what are you waiting for? come and join the clan chat (Destined Few), if you aren't 100% set on joining now, come and guest with us and when you feel you are ready to join, ask for a rank!

We hope to see you soon!
The Destined Few Team