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About Me[edit | edit source]

Hello and welcome to my profile o/

A noob gamer, weeb, and motorsport fan. I am the one and only Elit3Blaze. All results on Google should be about me and me only!

Games I currently (mostly) play:

- Oldschool RuneScape

I watch a lot of anime, so I update my anime list on a daily basis. Feel free to add me over there at MAL if you have an account as well.

---> Line ID: elit3blaze

---> YouTube Channel: click here

Main Info[edit | edit source]

First played Runescape: end of 2004

Active Runescape years: 2004-2009, early 2015-2015 Halloween Event, 6/16 - 12/16, 2018 January - current

fav skill: Mining

First ever pet: Pheonix (94kc ironman)