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History[edit | edit source]

The runecrafting altars were created by the Fremennik god V during the First or Second Age after he ascended to godhood using the Stone of Jas. The creation of these altars allowed mortals to create runes, which they haven't been able to do before. The first altar created was the Astral altar on Lunar Isle, close to where V discovered the Stone of Jas. Afterwards V ventured across Gielinor and created the other altars concealed in pocket dimensions. However with little to no access to rune essence, it was still difficult to make runes.

In the year 2,000 of the Fourth Age, the discovery of rune essence, and thus the ability to create runes was announced to the world, thus ushering a new age: the Fifth Age, where humans would become the dominant species of Gielinor with their rediscovery of Magic. However in the years 42 - 62 of the Fifth Age, a group of Fremenniks led a crusade against the use of magic, which they felt defied the will of the gods. They assaulted various magic-using civilizations and destroyed the temples surrounding most of the runecrafting altars, though they could not destroy the altars themselves.