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Gnome Child[edit | edit source]

  • Dialogue 1
    • Gnome Child: In the depths she has sealed them. Their power becomes hers.
    •  ???
  • Dialogue 2
    • Gnome Child: The father lives on. Alas, he's not the man he once was.
    • Sins of the Father, Vanstrom Klause formerly King Ascertes Hallow
  • Dialogue 3
    • Gnome Child: A door will finally open. A body lies within.
    • Elemental Workshop III - Door with the symbol of body rune
  • Dialogue 4
    • Gnome Child: The fate of the future, it lies in the past. He will save us all.
    •  ???
  • Dialogue 5
    • Gnome Child: A new evil rises in an unlikely place. But the rhythm will be her undoing.
    •  ???
  • Dialogue 6
    • Gnome Child: Before sacrificing to the mighty Zulrah, comes the dawn.
    •  ???
  • Dialogue 7
    • Gnome Child: When they say you're going off the rails, they're jealous that you can fly.
    •  ???
  • Dialogue 8
    • Gnome Child: So many symbols, so many signs. What do they mean? The answer is written in blood.
    • Blood rune altar, possibly
  • Dialogue 9
    • Gnome Child: The city of gold they call it. Alas, the gold is that of fools.
    • Menaphos, the Golden City
  • Dialogue 10
    • Gnome Child: Long he has waited. At last, the most loyal servant will make his move.
    • Return of Zaros? Azzanadra?
  • Dialogue 11
    • Gnome Child: A horn was hidden in the sand, sealed away by the forgotten four.
    • Elder horn? Desert Pantheon gods? Quin? Guardian beasts of the east?
  • Dialogue 12
    • Gnome Child: Those things which I am saying now may be obscure, yet they will be made clearer in the proper place.
    • Future