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This is my userpage. Happy to have you here :). I'm findanegg on here and Reddit, but foundanegg on Runescape. Why? Who knows...

How I Improve The Wiki
Things What? Why? Notes
WikiGnoming Fixing minor spelling and grammar errors Benefit wiki readability Self explanatory. Putting text here so the table looks nice.
Player-vs-player Documenting the PVP side of Old School Promoting PVP I am not a PKer. Any edits I make are gathered from PKer friends, videos, and personal common sense.
Update pages Copying Jagex blog updates to the Wiki Because Spineweilder isn't up yet This seems like a very macroable task.
Search Digest Redirecting or creating the pages for commonly searched terms Improving Wiki usability One of the best and easiest ways to improve the Wiki.
findanegg is...
RSW Logo This user edits the Old School RuneScape Wiki when bored.
Strength This user's highest skill is Strength, with a level of 99.
Agility icon.png This user is currently active on the Old School RuneScape Wiki.
Postbag from the Hedge - Postie Pete stamp.png This user collects stamps. Isn't that neat?
Gnome child chathead.png This user is a WikiGnome, and damn good at it.
Graceful top.png Cry emote icon.png This user lost their full graceful over level 40 Wilderness and had to spend forever at Canifis getting it back. What a choob!
Burthorpe Games Room logo.jpg Telekinetic Grab.png This user listens to ska, in current year. Pick it up pick it up!