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  • Original Runescape Player, Started Runescape in the original game under the username "Obi1250" in 2005.
  • After being hacked the account was lost and replaced with "Jlayton1".
  • The account became totally inactive after the Runescape 3 update.
  • FiveyFriday created his account in October 2014 but didn't start playing frequently until 2016, August.
  • FiveyFriday runs his own Clan titled Fashionscape in which he recruits players he considers to be 'Genuine' and he buys them anything which they ask for (Eg, Trimmed sets, Capes and weaponry) His greatest buy for a clan member to date was Bandos Tassets which he gave to the player free of charge.
  • FiveyFriday has an apprentice that he's been training since she started the game, her current username is 'Sonla'
  • The players ultimate goal is to achieve level 99 in all skills, unlock all music, complete all quests and minigames and own the best of all items.
  • FiveyFriday considers the Amulet of Fury to be the amulet of his clan and every member (Including those who only recently created their accounts) receive one. If the member is not yet a member they first receive an Old School Bond.