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Not to be confused with #someone smart or User:SlapChoppe.


{{Uses material list|{{subst:PAGENAME}}}}
|step1 =
|step2 =
{{Subject changes header}}
{{Subject changes
|date = 
|update = 
|poll = 
|change = 
{{Subject changes footer}}
{{Subject changes header}}
{{Subject changes
|date = 
|update = 
|poll = 
|change= * 

{{Subject changes footer}}
Hyphen Joining words
Minus Math or negatives
Ndash Ranges
Mdash Used in place of paren, ellipsis
Find insource:// Replace with
Floating tweets insource:/\<ref\>https\:\/\/twitter/i
2+ periods (without png) ([^\.]\.{2,}[^\.(png)]) .
{{Clearleft}} {{2,}[Cc]lear\|[Ll]eft N/A
Section Headers with spaces (\={2,})([ \[]+([^\=\[]*?))?(([^\=\]]*?)[ \]]+)?(\={2,}) Remove spaces on ends
Quest icon point)[ _]icon {{SCP|Quest}}
Skill icons instead of SCP File\:().png {{SCP|}} with level or link=yes
Underscores in links \[\[[^\[]*\_.*\]\] a space
html apostrophe & #39; to a real apostrophe
Floors not using FloorNumber {{FloorNumber|}}
"You" [Yy]ou reword
a/the player player reword
update in prose not in changelog an update Subject changes template
Remove "level ## skill" [Ll]evel [\d]{1,2} #Skill ## <Skill>
==The Teapot Saga has come to an end==
As announced in the Discord, the Teapots are ceasing all war efforts. The saga is over. Thanks to Choppe, who has shown humility and kindness to me. He has saved Teapots and wiki members lives for bringing peace. For this he is an honorary teapot and is now name Choppe, Chief Teapot of Peace. He will be a liaison to all peoples. This is a final good bye my new friends. I will always be in the Discord, but the Teapots must rest now and serve the tea we were made to serve. Farewell good friends.
Chief Teapot Warlord, Teapotty Prime - 02:04, 4 January 2020 (UTC)