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Avid efficiency-scaper, aspiring wiki-tidier.

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Daily Checklist[edit | edit source]

Collect resources from the kingdom of Miscellania and Etceteria).
Buy Zaff's battlestaves (7,000 each, noted).
Convert 13, 26 or 39 bones directly into bonemeal and buckets of slime by speaking to Robin in The Green Ghost inn in Port Phasmatys.
Purchase 15 herb boxes from Nightmare Zone Reward Chest.
Fruit Trees and Hespori

OSRS Progress[edit | edit source]

Nightmare Solo PB - Previous 19:43, Current 19:34

Nightmare Solo PB Jan 2020 + Gear

Oct 2020 Gallery

Inactive February 2020 - September 2020

Dec 2019 Gallery


Character Progress 12-12

Boss/Clue/Pet Unique's 12-12

Barrows Loadout 12-12

2k+ Hi-Scores 12-17

Current Goals:

Resources[edit | edit source]



Slayer Dungeons


Watch List[edit | edit source]


External Resources[edit | edit source]

[GE Tracker]

[Gear Table]

Discussion[edit | edit source]

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