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Monkey Madness I (#65)
Monkey Madness I.png
Released 6 December 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Gnome, Monkey
Official difficulty Master
Lead developer(s) Rahul V

Monkey Madness I is a quest in the Gnome quest series and the sequel to The Grand Tree. It involves helping King Narnode Shareen once again by tracking down the missing 10th Squad, an elite unit of the Royal Guard. The majority of the quest is set on Ape Atoll, a tropical island inhabited by civilised but unfriendly and militant monkeys.

This quest is uniquely divided into four chapters, each of which is introduced on a stone plaque interface.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.
Official difficultyMaster
DescriptionThe King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommissioning of the Gnome owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they have been deemed missing in action. It will be up to you, should you decide to help, to find out what fate befell the 10th squad and if possible, track them down.

If only it were so simple. Sinister forces have begun to spread through the Gnome hierarchy and threaten to unleash an unknown terror upon the world. Far across the land, the fires of vengeance are being stoked once again. Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you separate the truth from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?
Official lengthLong
Items required
Enemies to defeat
Ironman concerns

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Warning: Ape Atoll is one of the most dangerous areas in the game until you obtain a monkey greegree. When going to Ape Atoll, bring plenty of food, antipoison potions, and an emergency teleport, in addition to other required items. Switching off Auto Retaliate and utilising protection prayers will greatly improve your chances of survival. There is no necessary combat until Chapter 4: "The Final Battle," but there will be many dangerous monsters to avoid.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Items required: 3 free inventory spaces. It is also recommended to bring the items from the next section so that you can save time of having to go back to the bank: lockpick, high-healing food, a form of poison protection, a knife.

In which our hero/heroine finds himself/herself drawn back into Glough's web of deception and deceit.

Looking for the 10th Squad[edit | edit source]

King Narnode Shareen chathead.png

Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. He asks you to investigate Glough's old shipyard on Karamja for any trace of the missing 10th Squad of the Gnome Royal Guard that he had despatched to decommission it. He gives you the gnome royal seal to mark you as his envoy and remarks that the squad would have flown there by glider. Make sure to keep the seal, as you will need it twice during the quest.

Go to Karamja. You should take the glider at the top of the Grand Tree to Karamja (Gandius). If you do not have monkey bones (or a monkey corpse), kill a monkey to obtain some. Enter the Shipyard, which is north of the glider landing site, by showing the shipyard worker your seal. The workers all redirect you to the G.L.O. Caranock, who is located in the building in the southern area of the Shipyard, by the fence. He acts very suspiciously upon being informed of Glough's arrest and states he has not seen any Royal Guard gnomes, suggesting strong southerly winds may have blown them off course. He advises you to return to the King.

Go back to the King via glider and report what Caranock said. He gives you Narnode's orders to pass to the new High Tree Guardian, Daero. There is a bank within the Grand Tree on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. Use this opportunity to bring some food, antipoison potions, and any other items to survive Ape Atoll (see recommended items above).

Talk to Daero on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Grand Tree, near Blurberry Bar to the east. He needs a moment to decipher the orders, which say that you have been assigned to travel to the south of Karamja to investigate Caranock's claim about the winds. Go through all the chat options in order to continue.

Daero says there are reports of a monkey-populated atoll south of Karamja and you are assigned an agent of his as a travel companion. He instructs you to make contact with the 10th Squad's leader, Sergeant Garkor. Once you've asked everything you can, tell him you're prepared to leave.

Departure to Crash Island[edit | edit source]

Daero chathead.png

Daero blindfolds you for security reasons and take you to an Underground Military Glider Hangar. It is full of special military gnome gliders, a refined version of the usual ones. You are introduced to Flight Commander Waydar, your companion, who declares that the hangar has problems reinitialising (a security measure of Glough's) because Glough's code is too hard. If you wish, speak to Waydar to ask some questions.

The solution to the reinitialisation puzzle.

You now have to solve a "reinitialisation" puzzle. Do this by clicking on the panel to the south-east by the southern glider. You can take some spare controls from the nearby crate to view the solution. If you close the puzzle interface to check the solution, your progress is saved. Solve the sliding puzzle. This is similar to the puzzle boxes from Treasure Trails, so if you have done those before, this sliding puzzle will be easy to complete.

  1. Begin by manoeuvring the 1, 2 and 3 into their proper positions in the upper left corner.
  2. Position the 4 in the upper right corner.
  3. Manoeuvre the 5 under the 4
  4. Now slide the 4 to the left and the 5 up; the first row is done.
  5. Repeat this process with the next row, leaving the row above intact.
  6. The pieces in the last two rows then need to be solved together, working left to right, completing the last rows as 2 tiles high columns.

If you cannot solve the puzzle or do not want to spend your time with it, bring 200,000 coins and go to Glough. He still resides where he did during the Grand Tree quest: in a treehouse just east of the slope leading up to the Grand Tree. To leave the hangar, use the teleportation device by the southern wall. It will send you south of the Gnomeball pitch. If you pay Glough, return to the hangar via Daero; Glough will have left you one tile to slide to complete it.

The power is turned on again, rendering the military gliders operational.

Talk to Daero, who instructs Waydar to fly you to the south of Karamja and accompany you. Speak to Waydar: he warns you that the local fauna is dangerous and that you should bring food. Once you are ready, the two of you take off and make landing on Crash Island, where the 10th Squad also appear to have crash-landed. Your military glider is fine, however, allowing you to fly back. Waydar recognises the other gnome on the beach as Lumdo, a member of the 10th Squad.

Flight Commander Waydar instructs Lumdo to sail you to the atoll.

Talk to Lumdo and introduce yourselves and your mission. He wants proof of your claims, so show him the King's royal seal. (You will not need the seal, nor the king's orders, from this point onwards.) Lumdo explains that his squad's gliders were indeed blown off course before they could even land on Karamja at all. They were forced to crash-land in the treetops here and built boats to sail to the large atoll to the west. Lumdo remained behind to guard their broken gliders. You convey Daero's orders to make contact with Sergeant Garkor on the atoll, but Lumdo has conflicting orders from Garkor to stay.

Talk to Waydar (watch out for poisonous scorpions just to his left, and do not click "Travel", as this will bring you back to the Grand Tree prematurely), who grows tired of your person and agrees to intervene. Reluctantly, Lumdo now agrees to take you to the island, although Waydar will not join you, instead remaining at the crash site to guard the gliders.

Caranock speaks with the foreman.

A cutscene then starts showing the Shipyard foreman conversing with Caranock on an unfinished ship. He explains that his men are losing morale because of Glough's replacement and fears a revolt if something isn't done soon. Caranock assures him he is working on something and that 'the human' investigating will be 'removed' if necessary, as Glough has left agents amongst the airforce. He concludes that they should keep looking for the 10th Squad and that the men should continue work on the war fleet.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

All the routes you'll need to take on Ape Atoll during the quest.
In which our hero/heroine finds himself/herself engaging in severe quantities of monkey business.

Note: At any point, you can teleport or flee from Ape Atoll to restock items. (To get back to the bank, you can talk to Lumdo to go from Ape Atoll back to Crash Island. Then talk to Waydar on Crash Island to go back to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the Gnomeball pitch. Then you can use the bank in the Grand Tree. To resume the quest, talk to Daero on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Grand Tree to go back to the hangar, then talk Waydar in the hangar to go back to Crash Island, then talk to Lumdo on Crash Island to return to Ape Atoll.)

All native creatures of Ape Atoll other than the green level 5 birds will be aggressive regardless of your combat level as long as you are in human form. They do not have yellow minimap dots, can poison you through prayer, and hit much higher than their combat level suggests.

Inside the monkey village, you will often be targeted by ninja monkey archers unless hiding in tall jungle grass or behind buildings. They have a large attack range but the ones on platforms remain stationary (on upper storeys of buildings, there are roaming ninjas). Whilst prayer blocks their damage entirely, if you are out in the open for too long, several larger monkey ninjas will be summoned to arrest you. Whilst they can be killed by Karam (see below), the best way to avoid them is to run away and trap them. Having some food and antipoison on your person is vital for survival at all times until you become able to transform into a monkey at the end of this chapter.

Onto Ape Atoll[edit | edit source]

Items recommended: High-healing food, a form of poison protection and a knife for free healing from pineapple plants.

The layout of the jail.

Travel to Ape Atoll using Lumdo's boat. Once on the Atoll, start going west, sticking to the southern coastline, until you reach a mahogany tree, at which point you should run north. Aggressive level 24 snakes, level 38 scorpions, and level 42 jungle spiders, all of which are poisonous, will attack if you are within their vicinity. They are much stronger than their combat level suggests, so be careful. Hugging the southern coast of Ape Atoll, heading west, is the surest way to encounter only one or two animals. Alternatively, you can run directly through the jungle with protect from melee activated, but this is not recommended as the animals may poison through prayer.

Activate Protect from Missiles whilst you travel north past the mahogany tree, as a volley of poisoned arrows starts pelting you as you approach the Ape Atoll gate. You are knocked out and placed into prison.

You awake in a cell guarded by Trefaji and Aberab, the two prison guards. Speak to Lumo, one of the captured 10th Squad members. Stay one square away from the northern cell wall (near the patrolling guards' path) if the guards are in front of it, or else they will punch you for 10-20 damage. He explains that the three soldiers there, Bunkdo and Carado alongside himself, have been captured and are content to stay in their cells for the time being, adding that the guards are dense as bricks but throw very painful punches. He suggests that you pick the cell door lock and make use of the guards' confusion when they change shifts.

One guard gorilla will patrol twice throughout the prison, then leave to rotate shifts. As the guard moves away from your cell door on his second patrol, pick the door's lock until you succeed. Once out, as the guard joins his companion to switch, walk behind him to reach the exit. Note that this may take several tries. If caught, you will be knocked back into your cell. Beware of tiny, dark level 1 spiders that can poison. Pray against missiles when out of the prison as a ninja monkey archer will attack you. Immediately hide in the tall jungle grass to the north, then switch to praying against melee. Monkeys will not be able to spot nor attack you (or even retaliate if attacked themselves) in the grass; if you are under attack for too long, you will be apprehended and thrown back into prison. Watch out for small, level 38 scorpions north of the prison; despite their level, they hit up to 15 and can poison you.

Travel north of the jail, then east. If you want, you can speak to Karam, a member of the 10th Squad north of the crafting shop (chisel icon). Karam is mostly translucent and can be difficult to spot, being invisible when stationary, so look carefully. He does have a yellow minimap dot. He introduces himself as the High Assassin of the 10th Squad and says he is trying to figure out how to free his friends.

Garkor's location.

Travel south between the crafting shop and the large building to the east, keeping in the jungle grass. When you are in the grass, the monkey archers do not fire, but activate Protect from Missiles as a precaution. (Not all tiles with grass on them allow you to hide; make sure to right-click them to ensure they are labelled Jungle Grass.) Keep hugging the large building, going east until you are north-east of the smaller white building just south of the large one. To the east of this smaller building is Garkor, the Sergeant of the 10th Squad. Beware the dangerous snake slithering to his south.

Meeting Sergeant Garkor near Awowogei's residence.

Speak with Garkor. He is glad to see you and already aware of your mission and says Karam is operating around the monkey village whilst the squad's mage and sappers are working underground. Garkor himself has been eavesdropping on Awowogei, the atoll's self-proclaimed ruler, in the nearby building and concludes that the fewest casualties will be incurred by having a monkey on the inside, which rôle he suggests that you play. He instructs you to find Zooknock the mage to obtain a monkey 'disguise' so that you can infiltrate the monkeys.

Make sure to get all the way through the dialogue before proceeding to seek Zooknock underground.

Preparations to becoming a monkey[edit | edit source]

Blue: Door
Red: Dentures crate
Green: Banana crate
Yellow: Sleeping guard monkey
The location of the M'amulet moulds.

Items required: Monkey dentures, m'amulet mould, gold bar. Recommended: 1-2 antipoison potions, stamina potions (or other energy-restoring items such as the Explorer's ring), 4+ prayer potions (none will be necessary if flicking the zombie monkeys), some food, a plank (not actually necessary, but can be obtained during the quest anyway), and an emergency teleport (Ardougne cloak is recommended, or use a dueling ring to go to the Duel Arena, near a bank and glider).

In preparation for meeting Zooknock, you may save effort by gathering some items in advance. The actual journey to the mage is marked with the Monkey dentures.png icon below.

Sprint west through the grass with Protect from Missiles on. Continue west (south of the buildings) in the grass until you reach the doorway to your north, the blue square on the map to the right. Beware of scorpions between the door and the ninja monkeys to the east. Walk through the door marked by the blue square to enter an enclosed area with a Sleeping Monkey guard (who is not actually sleeping) and various crates containing junk, bananas and magical monkey dentures.

When inside this enclosure, stay on the dark brown ground near the walls or you may be sent back to jail. If you cross the light brown ground, you will be attacked by monkey archers and a larger ninja monkey appears to arrest you. Avoid him by going back through the door or climbing the ladder to the first floor, which is safe. Karam, who is wandering around this area, may assassinate the monkey, allowing you to pick up his monkey bones for later use in the quest. The spiders inside are aggressive and poisonous, but their poison only hits 1 so it would be wise to save the antipoisons. There are bananas in the southwestern crates next to the ladder for emergency healing.

Staying on the dark brown, step east and north and search the stacked crates towards the middle of the room to acquire monkey dentures. You have to confirm you wish to take any item from the crates in the chatbox, so make sure you are not under attack from spiders. (If necessary, they can be easily killed, but respawn quickly.) The sleeping guard is a non-threat so long as you don't talk to him, otherwise he will call for guards.

Search the south-easternmost crate to reveal a passage to a cave below. You will take damage if you drop down into the cavern below, so heal up if necessary before entering. Your Agility level also has a chance to negate this damage. Travel to the north-west part of this spider-infested cavern and search the crates indicated in the image to acquire a m'amulet mould.

If you need to resupply, you can exit the village by going to the south-east corner, south of Garkor. Run past any guards that may come after you and go up the ladder south of the graveyard. Jump off the bridge and go back to the boat to Crash Island. Note: It's recommended to teleport out and bank at this point in preparation for the trek through the long tunnel described below.

Ironman chat badge.png Ironmen: If you don't have access to energy potion or prayer potions but have completed Recruitment Drive, you can wear initiate armour to reduce the Prayer drain while travelling through the cave.

Monkey dentures.png The underground place to search for Zooknock is a dungeon accessed from the southern half of the island. Restock at a bank if necessary as this tunnel (Dungeon icon.png) is quite dangerous. A plank can be obtained in a run-down shack further west on the island and is useful for traversing the dungeon.

Once within the dungeon, you must travel through a long, winding underground path (see the image of the map). It is suggested to activate Protect from Melee as you make your way toward the north passage, flicking it off when not near any enemies to save prayer. Poisonous level 1 spiders are ubiquitous within this area, along with level 98 monkey zombies and level 142 skeletons. The zombie monkeys pose a significant nuisance as they will hit you while you are running past. They hit somewhat accurately and can deal moderate damage (max of 7). The whole dungeon is a multicombat area. The real threats are the gorilla skeletons; they are densely packed and hit accurately and quite hard (up to 12).

You will occasionally be hit by falling rocks, indicated by the screen's shaking and a rumbling noise. The rocks can be avoided by sheltering under the numerous overhangs (grey areas on the map above), but can be largely ignored as the damage dealt is quite low. There are copious floor spikes in the latter half of the dungeon but these likewise deal fairly low damage and most of them are bypassed by using the minimap to walk. The claw traps near the end of the dungeon can be easily avoided by stopping one square in front of them and then running through; the plank is not actually needed, but can also be placed on the flat rock to mitigate all damage.

At the end, you will find the mage Zooknock along with two sappers, Waymottin and Bunkwicket. This end of the tunnel is safe; there are no monsters nor falling rocks. Talk to Zooknock to exchange introductions. You explain your mission and briefly recount what has happened thus far. The mage explains how the 10th Squad split up after sailing to Ape Atoll in order to search for glider launch sites and were surprised by the militancy of the monkeys, after which some of the squad were captured. In an attempt to free the gaoled gnomes, Zooknock and the sappers are tunnelling towards the prison.

Zooknock reveals you had been specifically chosen by Garkor.

He also reveals the monkey 'disguise' is actually a plan to turn you into a monkey. He explains that there are two parts to the operation: you must be able to speak the monkeys' language and your body must be shapeshifted. In order for the spell not to be permanent, Zooknock will enchant items to carry them. He suggests using a monkey amulet to carry the language spell and a monkey talisman for the transformation spell.

To make the amulet, Zooknock says you need a monkey amulet mould, a gold bar, and something to do with monkey speech. If you have not collected the gold bar, the mould and the monkey dentures yet, you may ask him where to obtain them. The mould is in the village but he does not know where to find the speech item. For the talisman, you require any monkey remains and an authentic talisman from the village.

Collect the items for the amulet if you have not done so yet (see the section above) and hand them over one by one. Zooknock enchants the gold using the dentures' magic and tells you to smith an amulet using the mould in a place of religious significance to the monkeys somewhere in the village. After a moment's effort, he gives you back the mould and an enchanted gold bar. Make sure you are actually given an enchanted bar before leaving the tunnel. (If the enchanted bar is not given, use the monkey dentures, m'amulet mould, and gold bar on Zooknock.)

If the bar is lost, you must inform Zooknock of this before giving him more supplies. Do not use the m'amulet mould on Zooknock when you already have the enchanted bar, otherwise he will keep it and you will have to obtain another!

Getting a monkeyspeak amulet[edit | edit source]

Items required: Enchanted bar, m'amulet mould, ball of wool, five free inventory slots for the bananas. Recommended: 1-2 antipoison potions, lockpick (optional), a teleport (Ardougne cloak or dueling ring recommended), and food. If you are going to do Recipe for Disaster, kill a Monkey Guard for a gorilla greegree. (This requires ranged/magic at lower levels as Monkey Guards heal 25 health when under 20% health in melee range; they can easily be safespotted, and an altar is present nearby.)

Exit the dungeon by walking back or teleporting and banking if necessary. The former should only be attempted if you have supplies to spare. Return to Ape Atoll afterwards and escape the prison as before. Travel east towards the entrance of the Temple of Marimbo (north of Garkor) that you passed earlier; it is flanked by monkey statues. Activate Protect from Melee to negate attacks from the powerful monkey guards. Most of the guards can be run through, but the ones with beards near the trapdoor by the eastern wall cannot. If necessary, there is an altar near the northern wall as well as a small safe haven up a flight of stairs next to the altar leading to the head priest Hafuba. If you use your enchanted bar on one of the large Sacrificial Pyres at the eastern end, it will not become sufficiently malleable to make an amulet.

The trapdoor is directly next to the ladder.

Therefore, you must descend down through the trapdoor to the east in the temple (see map). The easiest route is to go upstairs using the southern ladder, go north-east, then climb the ladder down on the east side, near two small priests, to get close to the trapdoor. (If you do not, you should wait until the guards walk away: hide in the north-east corner of the temple until there is enough room which you are able to descend.) Be careful not to get surrounded or cornered by the monkey guards, or else you may be unable to escape (if you happen to get surrounded, go up the stairs and hop worlds). The ladder near the trapdoor can only be climbed up from the EAST side.

Go down the trapdoor, still praying against melee. Ignore the monkey zombies (or kill one and pick up the bones in case you want to do Recipe for Disaster (see below)), and swiftly use the enchanted bar on the wall of flames sourcing the sacrificial pyres. Ascertain you actually obtain an unstrung monkey amulet! Travel back up the ladder or find a safespot to get away from the foes. Be careful! You will most likely be trapped again when you ascend the ladder, so be sure to activate Protect from Melee if you haven't already done so. Teleport away from Ape Atoll if you need to replenish supplies. Use a ball of wool to finish the amulet.

After you have created a strung m'speak amulet, you can continue on to the next step.

Getting a talisman[edit | edit source]

It is now time to collect a monkey talisman to carry the transformation spell. Head to the building west of the jail (make sure you either sneak around in the grass, or use Protect from Missiles to run directly there, avoiding any ninjas come to arrest you). To the west of that building, there is a small banana farm that has a Monkey Child in it. The farmhouse is being patrolled by the Monkey's Aunt. She follows a predetermined path that loops around the wooden house by the garden. Do not enter the banana garden when the monkey's aunt is present or she will call for guards to arrest you (if this happens, you can escape by quickly climbing up the ladder in the building beside). Wait for the aunt to walk away, then speak to the monkey child. At first he is scared of you, thinking you are a stranger, but his fears abate after a conversation or two.

Tip: Using the ladder in the monkey's aunt's house nearby can help you escape the guards if the monkey's aunt catches you, but do not speak to the Monkey's Uncle upstairs or else he will call the guards too.

Coaxing your simian nephew into giving you his toy.

Tell the monkey child that you are his uncle. He believes you and says that he is supposed to collect 20 bananas for his aunt so he can get a new toy from the magic store. He promises to let you borrow his toy if you help him gather the bananas. Fortunately for you, he cannot count to twenty. Search and pick at least five bananas from the nearby trees; give them to him, claiming there are twenty of them. Make sure to keep avoiding the aunt's gaze.

Return to the monkey child when the aunt is away and ask to borrow his monkey talisman toy. To obtain multiple talismans, speak to the monkey child again, telling him you have lost the talisman. (You need not actually lose the talisman for this.) Then wait or hop worlds as the monkey child will start to cry for a minute or two until his aunt gives him another. Alternatively, talismans can be purchased from Tutab's Magical Market for 1000 coins. The shop can only be accessed if you have previously made at least one greegree, for you must be in monkey form. Get one talisman for each greegree you want (see below for Recipe for Disaster preparations).

Warning: Using teleportation of any sorts that take you out of Ape Atoll while wielding a greegree will forcibly unequip it to your inventory by the destination. If your inventory is full, the greegree will be lost and you will have to make a new one.

Recipe for Disaster: You will require four greegrees in total. Each of these requires one talisman for a total of four, plus their respective monkey bones. You will save yourself some trips if you get all of these before going to Zooknock at this point. For all of the bones, you must kill one of each of the following: Karamjan monkey for the current quest, and a Monkey Archer, Monkey Zombie and Monkey Guard for Recipe for Disaster.

A Monkey Guard can be killed quite easily by safespotting it, as they will only heal in melee range. The easiest ones to kill are located upstairs. Go through the front entrance (have Protect from Melee on then turn it off once you get up the ladder) then head for the southern ladder. You will find yourself in a corridor where you can safespot the guard. Zombies can be killed below the temple (where there are hoards of them) or inside the tunnel, where you can easily fight one at a time. Monkey archers can be fought with any combat style on their platforms or on the upper floors of the monkey houses, but being out of the tall grass for too long will summon larger ninjas to arrest you, so be careful.

Once you have all of the required bones and talismans, take all bones and talismans to Zooknock to create them. To get multiple greegrees, you have to first talk to Zooknock after getting one and ask him if he can make another.

Restock if necessary and return to Zooknock through the tunnel again. Make sure you have a monkey talisman and a set of bones (or a monkey corpse in the Karamjan monkey case) for each greegree that you wish to acquire. You have to obtain a Karamjan monkey greegree in any case, so make sure you have the necessary remains.

Use the monkey talisman and the monkey bones (or corpse) on Zooknock. Beware that the left-click option for all bones is 'bury'! He takes a moment to cast a powerful spell; it will only work within the range that Zooknock is able to sustain the magic. He therefore cannot guarantee that it will work outside the atoll, nor are you able to fight whilst under its effect. You will get a greegree corresponding to the bones you used on him.

The liaison officer and the Flight Commander plotting the 10th Squad's and your own demise.

A cutscene ensues, showing GLO Caranock and Flight Commander Waydar conversing in a cavern. Waydar reports to Caranock, who says it is up to the two of them to continue Glough's plans. The GLO proposes that the 10th Squad die so that their fate could be blamed on the humans. The King would at the very least raise the defences if not declare outright war, ensuring more shipyard orders and hence money for Caranock. He concludes by instructing Waydar to dispose of you when the time is right.

To make another greegree, you have to first talk to Zooknock again after the cutscene (and each new greegree thereafter) and ask him if he can make another. If you cancel the conversation or the cutscene accidentally, ask how to make the monkey talisman and it will restart.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Items required: Karamjan monkey greegree, m'speak amulet, 1 free inventory space. Recommended: Ardougne teleport and run energy saving items. Bring a hatchet, tinderbox and big fishing net if you want to complete some achievement diary tasks.

In which our hero/heroine finds himself/herself contending with life as a monkey.

Note: In this chapter, you are to speak with Awowogei and retrieve a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo. You can retrieve the monkey beforehand (skip to the Monkey (Monkey Madness I).png icon below) if you want to bank or resupply. You can then speak with Awowogei when you return to Ape Atoll (the preceding steps).

Leave the tunnel in any way you see fit. Wield the Karamjan monkey greegree on Ape Atoll to become a monkey! In this form, you will not be approached or attacked by any of the monkeys or wildlife on the island (though the tunnels remain dangerous). Instead of being arrested when approaching the gate to the monkey village, you can now simply walk through as a monkey. Return to Garkor and speak to him in monkey form. You must be using a Karamjan monkey greegree for this: he explains that his plan is for you to pose as a Karamjan monkey envoy and propose an alliance with Awowogei. Then, with the m'speak amulet equipped, talk to the Elder Guard near Garkor. He tell you to speak with Kruk, Captain of the Monkey Guard, to be allowed inside.

Head west out of the village, until you pass the main gate into Marim and reach the western shore of Ape Atoll (do not exit the gate). Head south and follow a path up the western hill, then climb up the bamboo ladder at the top and cross the bamboo bridge. Descend the ladder on the east side and speak to Kruk. You tell him you are a Karamjan envoy and he personally escorts you to Awowogei's chamber.

Speak to Awowogei and offer an alliance between Karamja and Ape Atoll. He is not interested initially but when his advisers Uwogo and Muruwoi chime in, he proposes a test of the Karamjan monkeys' alleged resourcefulness. He asks you to rescue a captive monkey from the Ardougne Zoo.

IMPORTANT: If you have a full inventory, DO NOT TELEPORT while wielding the greegree, as it will be dropped and potentially lost if you do. Otherwise it will be placed in your inventory.

Monkey (Monkey Madness I).png Travel to Ardougne and enter the zoo. The monkey minder says the monkeys have been multiplying and trying to escape and he cannot be convinced to hand over one of them. Wield the Karamjan monkey greegree to become a monkey and speak to the monkey minder again, who then places you in the cage. Speak to any monkey with a "Talk" option (make sure you have your amulet equipped) and offer to help it escape, supposedly to Karamja. The excited animal hops into your inventory. Unequip the greegree and speak to the monkey minder again. He is confused and lets you out of the cage.

You now need to travel by foot to the Gnome Stronghold and climb up to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] to talk to Daero and travel back to Ape Atoll as usual. IMPORTANT: Any method of teleportation (including random events) will result in the monkey leaving your inventory, so that you have to collect it from the zoo again. Being put into the monkey cage also completes a hard Ardougne Diary task.

Medium clue scroll: your new monkey friend supplies you with some humorous dialogue if you poke him. If you have any bananas in your inventory, he will periodically eat one. There is also a 1/256 chance that he will give you a clue scroll (medium) if you use bananas on him directly. Note that you must go through the entire dialogue for this to occur. Only one clue may be obtained per player.[1] This is not part of the quest and may be done at any point during or after the quest (though you will have to obtain a new monkey for this).

Head north, cross the bridge, and exit the city north of Ardougne Castle. Go west past the apple orchard and then north into the Gnome Stronghold. The monkey will occasionally make remarks about the journey. Return to Ape Atoll by talking to Daero, Waydar and Lumdo and equip your greegree to make the island safe. If you skipped the previous steps to get the monkey in advance, return to Garkor and follow the instructions from the beginning of this chapter. Otherwise, speak to the elder guard to be let into Awowogei's room.

Caranock, Waydar and King Awowogei plotting.

Speak with Awowogei again. The monkey automatically leaves your inventory and the atoll's ruler will consider the alliance with his advisers and contact you later. Exit the building and speak with Garkor. He praises you but then reveals a conversation overheard by the gnome sappers Waymottin and Bunkwicket. A cutscene follows showing Caranock and Waydar speaking to Awowogei. The gnomes suggest that the gnomes be killed so that King Narnode will declare war upon man, while Awowogei may share in the scheming gnomes' profits. Caranock adds that his superior will allow Awowogei to summon all 10th Squad members to one location as well as granting him access to one of his 'pets'. Waydar enquires about you, but Caranock suspects you are already dead. Awowogei agrees to the plan and the cutscene ends, starting the fourth and last chapter.

Achievement diary: For the medium and hard Western Provinces Diary, you are required to chop and burn a teak log and mahogany log each on Ape Atoll, as well as to catch a raw bass. All of these things can be done in the southern jungle of the island with a greegree equipped. Teaks are found just south-east of the entrance to Zooknock's tunnel, mahoganies are south of the gate to Marim and on the western beach, and bass can be netted in the very south-west of the island.

Completing a lap of the Ape Atoll Agility Course is yet another task but requires a small ninja monkey greegree and 48 Agility (although you are likely to fail at the minimum level).

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

The Final Battle

Items required: Greegree. Recommended: 1-2 antipoison potions, food and combat equipment to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon.

Speak with Garkor one more time (as a human or monkey). He and Zooknock have devised a plan: the teleportation spell Caranock mentioned is linked to the 10th Squad's sigils and will teleport all of the 10th Squad to one place. Therefore, Garkor gives you a sigil, welcoming you into the 10th Squad. He is confident that with your help, you will be able to overcome whatever Glough throws at you. Do not equip the sigil until you are ready for the final battle! (There is a warning message when you try to equip it.)

Note: If you lose your sigil, you must speak with Garkor again, who will send you to Waymottin at the end of Zooknock's tunnel for a replica. Therefore, make sure not to lose it.
The 10th squad and you fight the demon.

Bank in preparation for the fight. Ensure you have full prayer points and health. When you are ready to fight, wear the sigil and confirm you wish to teleport. You can teleport to the fight from anywhere in Gielinor, except for the Wilderness, by simply equipping the 10th squad sigil. You are teleported to a bamboo arena whilst the screen is shaking, along with the entire 10th Squad. Garkor tells you to get ready; after this dialogue (and not before you click anywhere to continue) you are met by a large Jungle Demon. Defeat the Jungle Demon to advance. The 10th Squad gnomes are nearby to help you, but you must deal the final blow yourself, or the demon will heal for 25% of his max health.

The demon attacks with melee or powerful elemental spells when you are outside melee range, but these can be entirely blocked using protect from magic. You may also hide at the edge of the arena by crossing one of the bridges to let the gnomes weaken the demon for you to finish it.

Note: This is not a safe battle. If you die during the battle, you will respawn with your three most valuable items. Go to Death's Office to retrieve your sigil and greegees, as well as many other items for free. If you teleport back into battle immediately, you can recover any other lost items.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Potential strategies for fighting the Jungle Demon include the use of a dwarf multicannon, by ranging/maging, or by luring the demon into the midst of 10th Squad gnomes. Bring prayer potions, good food (lobsters or better), and a one-click teleport just in case. Protect from Magic is crucial and should ideally be turned on just before you teleport. Bring an antipoison as well for the post-battle sequence.

Other strategies include:

  • Strategy for Ranged/Magic: Attacking with Magic or Ranged as well as having 37+ Prayer is recommended. There is a safespot in the arena across a bridge on the outside edge. From there, you can either range him, or lure him into the 10th Squad gnomes, who can weaken him. Once the Jungle Demon is within lethal range, with Protect from Magic still activated, run up to the Jungle Demon and Melee it once and run back. This will prevent the Jungle Demon from using his Melee attack while he continues to hit you with Magic which you protect from. Standing still once you are teleported to the arena will keep distance between you and the Jungle Demon. The demon will not move, and thus will not be able to approach you and use its Melee attack, which will result in you taking no damage throughout the fight as long as you keep your prayer up.
  • Strategy for Melee: Using rings of recoil will help, especially when he hits hard. When the Jungle Demon reaches 1 HP from the gnomes, there will be a period of a few seconds before it regenerates its health. You can use Melee with this method. Another possible safespot is to block him on the middle area of the arena then walk over to him while he is still stuck (make sure to stay touching the wall while walking over or he will leave the wall and run at you) pray magic and you can get into halberd range without being hit by melee attacks.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Once the Jungle Demon is slain, speak to Garkor, who is indicated by an arrow. He tells you to speak to Zooknock to be teleported out. Speak to Zooknock to be teleported to Ape Atoll. If you decline the offer and stay, you are free to explore the banana plantation. However, the gnomes then all leave so you have to teleport out yourself or seek out the mysterious priest (see below).

The north-eastern and south-western corners of the arena each have a trapdoor leading down into the plantation. Be careful as there are many poisonous small spiders here, but also copious banana trees to heal if necessary. Monkey greegrees cannot be used here. In the base of the large gorilla statue is a crack, which you can go through to enter a small cave. There, speak to Bonzara. Unlike other monkeys, he is friendly towards humans and offers to teleport you out of the arena. If you decline, he says you will meet again.

Warning: Both Zooknock and Bonzara will teleport you into the jungle in the north-west of Ape Atoll near poisonous and aggressive monsters, so be sure to have antipoison! It is advised to simply teleport from the island as quickly as possible (unless you're a level-1 Defence pure; see below). If you want to stay on the island, you should equip your greegree immediately after being teleported by the gnomes. Thisis not possible when in combat, in which case you should seek a safespot until you are able to equip your greegree.

Escape the island however you like and go back to the Gnome Stronghold.

Notes for 1-Defence pures: Before returning to King Narnode, it is recommended that you do the achievement diary tasks highlighted previously.

Talking to the king and completing the quest will result in you no longer being able to return to Ape Atoll without claiming an experience reward that will raise your Defence to at least 33. Do not finish the quest if you intend to make use of Ape Atoll in the future, for instance by training on skeletons with chinchompas. As a pure, you can kill the Jungle Demon and still return to Ape Atoll after its death, but if you talk to King Narnode, you will be unable to return without getting the Defence experience.

Speak with King Narnode in the Grand Tree to inform him that the 10th Squad, now including yourself, have survived and that Garkor will soon report to him.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Narnode will then redirect you to Daero for your training as a new 10th Squad member, so go have a chat with Daero for the experience rewards.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Monkey Madness I reward scroll.png

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Technology Unlocked in the glider hangar
Marooned Unlocked on Crash Island
Suspicious Unlocked during cutscenes
Island Life Unlocked on the southern half of Ape Atoll
Monkey Madness Unlocked inside Marim
Anywhere Unlocked west of Marim
Find My Way Unlocked in Zooknock's tunnels
Temple (music track) Unlocked below Marim
Showdown Unlocked during the final battle

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

"Fswe1/Desertbin" is not a recognised quest name.

Plot synopsis[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Following the thwarting of Glough's plans to engender a gnome-human war by killing the Grand Tree, King Narnode Shareen tasks the human adventurer who had become involved in this plot with seeking out the 10th Squad of the Gnome Royal Guard, its most elite unit; they had been sent to Glough's warfleet shipyard in eastern Karamja to oversee its decommissioning, but have been lost since. The adventurer investigates the shipyard but none of its workers have seen the gnomes and they meet Caranock, the Gnome Liasion Officer, who is surprised to learn of Glough's arrest and informs them that the 10th Squad never arrived and may have been blown off course by strong winds. He announces that he will oversee the shipyard's decommissioning himself.

The adventurer reports back to the king, who is not familiar with Caranock and redirects them to Daero, Glough's successor as High Tree Guardian. Daero conveys Narnode's orders that the adventurer is to travel south of Karamja with a companion in order to verify Caranock's claims about the winds, adding that there are reports of a monkey-populated atoll there. He instructs them to make contact with the 10th Squad's leader, Sergeant Garkor. When asked about Caranock, Daero declares he has likewise not heard of him and that the GLO position was introduced by Glough. The adventurer is blindfolded you for security reasons and taken to an Underground Military Glider Hangar, commissioned by Glough in case his attacks on the kingdoms of men by land and sea would fail. It is full of special military gnome gliders, a lighter yet stronger version of the usual gliders that can fly farther. Daero introduces the adventurer to to Flight Commander Waydar. The latter Waydar declares that the hangar has problems reinitialising (a security measure of Glough's) because the code is too hard.

The adventurer successfully breaks the code, reactivating the military gliders. They fly off with Waydar and safely make landing on a small island, where the 10th Squad also appear to have crash-landed. Waydar suggests trying to get to a larger island to the west and recognises another gnome on the beach as Lumdo, a member of the 10th Squad. After being shown the king's seal, Lumdo explains that his squad's gliders were indeed blown off course before they could even land on Karamja at all. They were forced to crash-land in the treetops on this island and built two wooden boats to sail to the large atoll to the west. Lumdo remained behind to guard their broken gliders with the smaller boat. The adventurer conveys Daero's orders to make contact with Sergeant Garkor on the atoll, but Lumdo has conflicting orders from Garkor to stay; Waydar, who outranks Lumdo, interferes, ordering the latter to sail the adventurer to the atoll whilst remaining on the island himself to guard the gliders.

Meanwhile, the shipyard's foreman is conversing with Caranock on an unfinished ship. He explains that his men are losing morale because of Glough's replacement and require their jobs to feed their families. He fears a revolt if something isn't done soon. Caranock assures him he is working on something and that 'the human' investigating will be 'removed' if necessary, as Glough has left agents amongst the airforce. He concludes that they should keep looking for the 10th Squad and that the men should continue work on the war fleet.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

After arriving on Ape Atoll, the adventurer traverses the dangerous jungle only to be knocked out and gaoled by the local ninja monkeys. They awaken in a cell where Lumo, Bunkdo and Carado of the 10th Squad are also held. Lumo explains that the gnomes are content to stay in their cells until a solution is found and helps the adventurer escape. Having successfully evaded the prison guards, they meet the elusive Karam; High Assassin of the 10th Squad who is trying to figure out how to free his friends.

The adventurer continues to the other side of the monkey village Marim, avoiding the hostile monkeys, where they encounter Sergeant Garkor. He is already aware of their mission, being in sporadic contact with the king, and explains that he specifically requires a human, continuing that his three soldiers in prison have to be rescued before resuming the original mission. He says Karam is operating around the monkey village whilst the squad's High Mage and sappers are working underground. Garkor himself has been eavesdropping on Awowogei, the atoll's self-proclaimed ruler, in the nearby building and concludes that the fewest casualties will be incurred by having a monkey on the inside, which rôle he suggests that the adventurer play. He instructs them to find Zooknock the mage to obtain a monkey 'disguise' to infiltrate the monkeys.

After going through a very lengthy underground tunnel filled with many traps and undead monkeys, the adventurer meets Zooknock and the two sappers, Waymottin and Bunkwicket. The mage is distressed that Lumdo abandoned his post and notes that the name of Waydar seems familiar. He then explains how the 10th Squad split up after sailing to Ape Atoll in order to search for glider launch sites and were surprised by the militancy of the monkeys, after which some of the squad were captured. In an attempt to free the gaoled gnomes, Zooknock and the sappers are tunnelling towards the prison.

He moreover reveals the monkey 'disguise' is actually a plan to turn the adventurer into a monkey. Moreover, King Narnode had been in contact with Garkor, who specifically requested this adventurer to be sent to the gnomes' aid. The sergeant had conceived the monkey insider plan a long time ago and required a human for Zooknock's shapeshifting spell, as the gnomes' evolutionary connection to monkeys is too weak. He explains that there are two parts to the operation: to speak the monkeys' language and to transform the adventurer's body. He suggests using a monkey amulet to carry the language spell and a monkey talisman for the transformation spell. The adventurer returns to the surface and successfully retrieves the required items for the amulet from around the village. Zooknock helps them make to enchant it to become an amulet of monkeyspeak by crafting it in the sacred flame pits beneath the Temple of Marimbo. Now able to converse with monkeys, the adventurer convinces a local monkey child to give them his new toy, a magical amulet that Zooknock infuses with the remains of a deceased monkey so it may carry the shapeshifting spell.

At the same time, GLO Caranock and Flight Commander Waydar secretly meet in a cave beneath the atoll. Waydar, who turns out to be Glough's agent in the airforce, reports to Caranock, who says it is up to the two of them to continue Glough's plans. The GLO proposes that the 10th Squad die so that their fate could be blamed on the humans. The King would at the very least raise the defences if not declare outright war, ensuring more shipyard orders and hence money for Caranock, whilst Waydar would receive a promotion. The latter adds that it may serve to remind Narnode of King Bolren's war with General Khazard's human army as well. Caranock concludes by instructing Waydar to dispose of the adventurer when the time is right.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Unaware of Waydar's true colours, the adventurer returns to Garkor, who explains his plan for them to pose as a Karamjan monkey envoy and propose an alliance with Awowogei. The adventurer transforms into a monkey and is granted an audience with Awowogei by Kruk, a ninja monkey chief. Awowogei and his adviser Uwogo are against the idea of an alliance, but his other adviser Muruwoi sways his ruler, who then proposes a test of the Karamjan monkeys' alleged resourcefulness: the adventurer is tasked with rescuing a captured monkey from the Ardougne Zoo.

They successfully obtain an Ardougnese zoo monkey and deliver it to Awowogei. The monkey is quite impressed, allowing the adventurer to freely roam his domain, and says he will consider the alliance with his advisers. The adventurer leaves his chambers to reconvene with Garkor, who fears the effort was in vain, revealing a conversation overheard by the two sappers. They had heard Caranock and Waydar meeting privately with Awowogei and suggesting that the gaoled gnomes be killed so that King Narnode will declare war upon man, and Awowogei may share in the scheming gnomes' profits. Caranock said that his superior would allow Awowogei to summon all 10th Squad members to one location as well as granting him access to one of his 'pets'. Waydar enquired about the adventurer, whom Caranock suspects was already dead. Awowogei agreed to the plan, rendering the alliance pointless.

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

Garkor and Zooknock devise a plan: the teleportation spell Caranock mentioned will teleport all of the 10th Squad to one place, effectively breaking Lumo, Bunkdo and Caramdo out of prison. Zooknock had also deduced that Glough's magic is linked to the 10th Squad's sigils, wherefore Garkor gives the adventurer one, welcoming them into the 10th Squad. As the squad's newest member equips their sigil, they are all teleported to a banana plantation and ready themselves for battle. A massive, powerful jungle demon appears to kill the gnomes, but with the adventurer's aid they manage to vanquish the foe.

Zooknock teleports the 10th Squad to safety and the adventurer returns to report to King Narnode. The king sends them to Daero to undergo combat training as a member of the 10th Squad, whilst the rest of its members remain in position on Ape Atoll to keep an eye on Awowogei.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 October 2021

The Jungle Demon in the final battle of Monkey Madness now drops the correct ashes.

Date unknown

The quest was renamed from Monkey Madness to Monkey Madness I.

26 November 2015

Typo correction: ‘to’ was used rather than ‘too’ in Monkey Madness.

2 July 2015
(update | poll)

Added a fairy ring midway through the Ape Atoll agility course. Using this fairy ring requires completion of Monkey Madness and Daero's training.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you talk to Zeke, the scimitar seller of Al Kharid, and ask him for a Dragon scimitar, he will respond, 'The banana-brained nitwits who make them would never sell any to me. Seriously, you'll be a monkey's uncle before you hold a Dragon Scimitar.' Obviously, this is a reference to this quest.
  • If you have started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, completing this quest and receiving Daero's training unlocks a new fairy ring location in the Ape Atoll agility course. In order to leave the small area where the fairy ring is located, you will need a ninja greegree and 48 Agility to continue through the remainder of the agility course.
  • If you wear an m'speak amulet and listen to the enchanted bar, it says "I'm stuck in this horrible gold bar!"
  • The chapter cards and cutscenes in this quest are references to the adventure game series Monkey Island.
  • Upon first talking to Awowogei, Uwogo says 'never [to] trust a northern monkey.' This is in reference to the friendly rivalry between the north and the south within the UK (Northern Monkeys, Southern Fairies).
  • You can pick up the Karamjan monkey that Awowogei requests after bringing him to the island. If a player picks up the monkey delivered to Awowogei after the delivery, travels to Karamja by foot and drops the monkey, the player will receive their level in Thieving experience multiplied by two.
  • Karam may be a reference to Kalam Mekhar (a character from Steven Erikson's Malazan book of the fallen) and the 10th Squad in general could be a reference to the Bridgeburners 9th squad from the same series.
  • This entire quest was created by one intern at Jagex during her summer internship.
  • Before the release of the sequel, Monkey Madness II, this quest was known simply as Monkey Madness.
  • Following the quest, the 10th Squad's members remain in their original locations on Ape Atoll, stating they are doing undercover work to find out what Awowogei is up to.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 9 March 2016. (Archived from the original on 30 May 2020.) Mod Ash: "1/256, and it's once only per player."