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Name's Sebastian.

I've played RuneScape for a long time (2006+)when I was getting 97-99 Archery {Ranged} it was when E.O.C. happened. After I accomplished it I partied for a little while on RuneScape 3 before coming to OldSchool RuneScape to become a proper Player Killer. I've accomplished 99 Firemaking prior to a Quest Cape, then attained 99 Fletching after abandoning my kingdom- I acquired Gilded Dragon Body/Chaps & Vambraces for a photo in my Firemaking Cape of Accomplishment out in the wilderness to the West; where there is an anvil in a ruined lot of land.

I took a photo of myself in Rogue gear at the Rouge's Den with a scythe for my Fletching Cape of Accomplishment.

I took a photo of my Kinshra armor and my Prayer Cape of Accomplishment and then returned to RuneScape 3 having earned Captain and Lieutenant in the clans: Reapers of RuneScape Community & Mercy.

Where I joined Rogue Ninja Civilization and turned my Archery Cape of Accomplishment into a Master Cape of Accomplishment of Archery without acclimating 99 Constitution.

{In the OldSchool RuneScape Deadman World 345 I accomplished 99 Attack}